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Instagram Adds “Saved Posts” Feature to Help You Keep a Locker of Favorites

instagram saved posts

Instagram just keeps on keepin’ on with the features these days. After pushing Instagram Live to all earlier in the week, the image sharing darling has another new addition that I’m sure we can all appreciate. Starting today, you’ll be able to save your favorite posts into a private locker. 

As depicted in the image above, you’ll now see a new bookmark icon under the right corner of images and videos. Tapping that adds items into the “Saved Posts” section of your profile. To access those saved posts, simply head to your profile page and look for the matching bookmark icon to the right above your pictures. Tapping that will take you to a page full of your saved items that are private to you.

The new feature seems to be live as long as you have the latest update. If you aren’t seeing it, try killing the app and re-opening – that worked for me.

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Via:  Instagram
  • Red

    Not a locker, as in somewhere you put something into. This doesn’t save the pictures, just makes them easily accessible. More like bookmarks with a fancy different name.

  • Yet still no repost feature.

  • Biga173rd

    Here is a simple feature which they still have not yet put on. Please add the a edit button to correct misspelled words in other people’s post. Everyone has a typo once in awhile just add it already in the comment section. FB has it why not IG?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    A feature to save all those “Instagram Babes” photos?… We know why you launched this, let’s not pretend.

    • selw0nk

      That’s what I have been doing with loving all the photos on my feed, now I can favorite them 😀

    • Ginnygtowle

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