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LeEco Le Pro3 Review

LeEco is now a thing in the US smartphone and television set market, so you should start getting used to seeing its name around. To get a sense of what LeEco is offering US consumers, we took its flagship phone, the Le Pro3 (and a Super4 X55 TV), out for a spin. 

To recap, the device costs $399, coming with a 5.5″ FHD display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage, 16MP rear camera, USB Type-C, fingerprint Reader, and Android “Marshmallow.” By all accounts, these are high-end, flagship-worthy specifications.

On top of specs, LeEco also built in its EUI platform, which is also found on its TV sets. EUI is the general access point to things like EcoPass (TV and movie streaming), cloud storage, and plenty of other goodies.

Check out our complete video review below.

  • Kurt Kaufman

    I believe this phone _does_ have stereo speakers, one on the bottom and one next to the earpiece. Am I not correct?

  • James Webb

    Still no review of the regular Axon 7? Shame on you!

  • ChrisI

    That stupid camera ring alone kills it for me. it makes no sense to me.

    Add some battery depth, make the back flush.

  • Arty McBert

    If this phone were to win any awards, I would for sure nominate it for having the worst name for a product.

  • gokusimpson

    LeEco bought Vizio so maybe the Vizio remote code would work?

    • Tried those, didn’t work 🙁

      • T_Dizzle

        The Comcast remote doesn’t have a learn feature?

  • sinfoman

    OK, so I’ll chime in: I am accustomed to the settings drop down in the top (a la TouchWiz), but can see good use cases to putting it in one of the bottom keys, thus making it more easily accessed one handed. It would certainly be an acclimation period, but I think I understand what LeEco was going for here. Thoughts, @Timotato:disqus ? HA! I just listened to the next ten seconds… 😉 Nevermind. Leaving up post to not hide my shame… 😉

    • Yeah, like I said, not a deal breaker, but seriously, can’t we just leave the toggles in the pulldown like on almost every other Android device? Would save me so much effort in mastering all the different skins!

      • sinfoman
        • sinfoman

          Related: I LOVE this commercial!

        • Notice how each character has a set of eyes in the same place? To me, system toggles are the eyes. Always in the same place! 😀

          • sinfoman

            HAHA! #FTW

  • Jaymus Lonestar

    I guess I’m the only one that misses a good old fashioned written review.

    • Higher_Ground

      I appreciate the videos but would like some sort of transcript. I can get by with wasting my day on the internet but I can’t sit here and watch videos :/

      • Emily

        Not to mention many don’t have unlimited data anymore. I have to now choose between cat videos and this, and I’m going to choose cat videos over Tim’s face any day… I came to this link to find out about the LeEco Pro 3, I still don’t know anything about.

    • For the more expensive (high-end) devices, we will always write a review, as well as produce a video. There’s just some phones that won’t get that special treatment, LeEco Pro 3 included.

      • Guest

        Eh kind of a way to alienate readers. I’m curious about the phone but I don’t have time to watch a video. I like to read about it.

        • sonicyoof

          Yeah at least a summary would be nice.

        • You know what was even worse? When we didn’t talk about these phones at all. At least now all phones are getting coverage, so we’re getting there!

          • T_Dizzle

            I’m grateful for the review!

          • Guest

            You know whats even worse? When readers look for a written review, like that site layout, than stay on that site. I get ads and video views bring in revenue but a little paragraph summary would be nice touching on it. I dont expect a full blow review.

          • T_Dizzle

            Yes, many of us started out on Verizon but have migrated to carriers like Cricket for the value and freedom of phones. Keep the GSM coverage coming.

        • Emily

          Same don’t ever feel like watching videos, would rather skim through readings. But then Tim wouldn’t get to see his face all over the internet. So videos of yourself talking is obviously the better choice.

      • Austin

        Does the LG V20 qualify as a high-end device?

        • Yes it does! I know for a fact that Kellen has something in the works!

      • Emily

        So taking 45 mins to write a review and snap a few pictures takes more resources having a person film you in a video, cut and edit all the sound and video clips where you need a second person, sound equipment, video equipment, video editing software, 30-60 mins to upload the video after it took 5 hours to film and edit it.

        • LOL. 45 minutes to write a review? C’mon now. Takes us hours to write everything, get tons of pictures of and with the device, have other videos to accompany it (unboxing, software tours, etc). Trust me, both are time consuming, but doing the video reviews are much more fun to produce. Don’t you want us to have fun? 🙂

  • Michael Persico

    Good job Tim. Gotta say I’m enjoying your videos more than Kellen’s. He seems to be going overboard on the art house vibe.

    • We both have different styles, which I think is nice. We’re both still learning as we go, so things will change, improve for both of us. 🙂

      • sinfoman

        Indeed, be together, not the same (see above…). Great job by both of y’all. Thanks for the good content and not so much the “gotta be the first to post this whether it’s right or wrong.” Drive me NUTS to read “new articles” that areone sentence updates of yesterday’s news or COMPLETELY unverified rumors posted ASAFP just to say they were the first… provided they were right, of course.

      • MastermindDrew

        Is it shite or is it right? All we need to know.

  • MichaelFranz

    Outtakes are life…!!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Really Good Video. Longer than I expected with the TV aspect. I think Droid Life is the only tech site that has done the Phone/TV Review Combo too?

    • That’s possible. I wanted the 85″ model, but they declined. Meanies at LeEco.

      • sinfoman

        #firstworldproblems LOL

  • T4rd

    Needs more neck beard (like Kellen’s). But it’ll do. =p

    I liked how you were creeping around a vacant campus the whole time.

  • Mike

    What phone(s) did you guys use to record this review?

    • Austin

      Looks like it was shot with a full on camera based on the ability to blow out that background from such a far distance

  • Like the 60fps Video Format. Not everyone does it this way.

  • Tyler Durden
    • Thanks, Kim!

    • Mr.Bean

      Lol 😂

      • Stellarbrown

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