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Video: ZTE Axon 7 Mini Unboxing and Tour

Right in time for the holiday shopping season, the Axon 7 Mini from ZTE is no longer available for pre-order, but ready for you to purchase through Amazon, Best Buy, and other outlets. Priced at just $299, the Axon 7 Mini is quite a device, although, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s mini.

Featuring a 5.2″ Full HD display, the smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 617 processor, 3GB of RAM, 16MP rear-facing camera (F1.9), and 2,705mAh battery with Quick Charge 2.0. Other specs include 32GB of onboard storage, microSD support, USB Type-C, a fingerprint reader, plus Android 6.0+ with a minimal skin on top.

All of that for $300 isn’t bad at all.

We have an Axon 7 Mini in-house at last, so to kick off any type of review process, let’s unbox it. After you are done watching, if you are interested in taking one for a spin, we have added the retailer links below.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Best Buy | ZTE

Unboxing and Tour


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  • Shott3r

    Seriously, please let us know if it’s only the very first boot that takes that long? Phone is powered on at 1:33 and at 4:30 is STILL on the splash screen. WTF.
    3 minutes+ boot time is just ridiculous.

  • steadymobb

    Deal alert: Axon 7 mini on Bestbuy for $100 off – not bad phone for 200$$

  • blindexecutioner

    These ,manufacturer’s need to start getting onboard with T-Mobile’s wifi calling. I would like to try some of the phones out but require WiFi calling. HTC, Google and Apple know how to do it on their unlocked phones so I know it can be done and these companies have to know that a lot of the people who would buy these are going to be using T-Mobile.


    Holy hell that took forever to boot up

  • Andy

    So no Verizon?

    • steve30x

      best buy said yes it will work for Verizon and the same guy said the Axon 7 (the big one of course) will not work with Verizon only gsm which we all know that, take that with a grain of salt and I would call if I where you or do more research.

  • Dave Bell

    $199 on Black Friday at Best Buy I think?

  • John

    Now China has all of your data for however long that you used the phone

    • trevorsalienarms

      So does Google…even across devices.

      • blindexecutioner

        At least with Google you gave them permission and know what they are doing.

        • trevorsalienarms

          True dat.

  • iOSh8er

    I can’t help but laugh because the original Axon 7 has the hideous capacitive keys while the mini gets less bezel and on screen nav buttons. If they didn’t cut the specs so short I would pick one up. That size looked good.

  • don t

    I bought the mini, not as my main phone, but as a backup to my pixel and for music listening. I think it’s funny that the Axon 7 and mini’s best feature that no other phone can match, was the incredible sound system. With the Dolby atmos, it’s the best.

  • James Webb

    I have the regular Axon 7 and it is spectacular.

  • CoolSilver

    That box looks like it went to hell and back

  • dude

    You can’t call 5.2″ a mini.

  • Does it also come with that free service where my call logs, texts, and personal info are wirelessly sent to China? (heyo!)

    On the real, I’d really consider this as a solid back up phone – but can people for the love of all that’s holy put the headphone jack back where it belongs on the bottom of the phone? Even my beloved Pixel XL has this flaw and I loathe it.

    • Prototype

      At least newer devices will be able to push audio through the Type C port, but top mounted jacks are a deal breaker for me now as well. I feel like these companies don’t use their own devices.

      • James Bird

        I have an iPhone 6s for work and an Axon 7 (regular) for personal use. I loathe the bottom mounted headphone jack on the iPhone. Not everyone believes that it is the proper place for it.

        • Prototype

          You are more than in the minority on that one. There’s nothing convenient about a top mounted jack, it constantly gets in the way. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • Rahul N

            You’ve got to be kidding me, a top mounted headphone jack is the most convenient thing in the world! I think having it at the bottom is counter intuitive..

  • GreQ

    Damn u CPU!

  • Jaymus Lonestar

    So we get an Axon 7 Mini unboxing and a forthcoming review but neither for the original “flagship killer” Axon 7…

    I guess that’s the difference between having to obtain said device yourself in order to review it vs being given one for free for the purposes of a review.

    • Mariaddurr

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  • ChrisI

    Hey alright, an Axon 7 review!!!! Nicely done, DL.
    Oh how I wish all the specs of the Axon 7 were in the Mini. It really is too bad.

  • Some boot animation love! Thanks Tim for letting us see that. That was my only gripe last unboxing. It’s the little things. Thanks again.

  • Mike Dye

    The regular Axon 7 is 5.5 inches.