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Video: LeEco Le Pro 3 Unboxing and First Look

leeco le pro 3

The Le Pro 3 from LeEco is the company’s first big push into the US market, and from the buzz we have seen so far in the community, I would say they are doing a pretty good job at getting folks excited. Leading the LeEco charge is this smartphone, scheduled to go on sale November 2 for a special promotion price of only $299, which is $100 off its list price of $399.

The phone competes with the best of them in terms of specs, with the Pro 3 equipped with a 5.5″ FHD display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, 16MP rear-facing camera, 64GB of built-in storage, 4,070mAh battery, fingerprint reader, and LTE bands for support on any major GSM network in the US. 

While the specs are killer, especially for such a competitive price, the software is quite different from a stock Android experience. On the Pro 3, you won’t find an app drawer, LeEco has built in a ton of its media sources for viewing movies and TV, plus you won’t find system toggles inside of the notification pulldown.

Check out the unboxing video, then share your thoughts below.

Le Pro 3 Unboxing and Tour


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  • Boomdizzle

    No pull down toggles? Yeah no.

  • Comediante

    Inverted capacitive buttons, why, chinese people? Why?

  • Person Dude

    No headphone jack = no buy.

  • Ricardo Leal

    The Le Pro 3 will be out Wednesday… Any chance you could review it before that?
    That would help a lot of people (including me 🙂
    I wonder how the USB to 3.5mm CDLA works… Sound quality is quite an important factor.

  • sinfoman

    Sooo. no headphone jack, a “metal” and glass body (sounded like plastic when he knocked on it?) and no app drawer. If I wanted an iPhone I’d buy an iPhone?

  • BrettW

    This is easily the best phone you can buy for under $300

  • Gekko
  • BrettW

    Is this a chinese company or a french company? I’m confused.

    • NexusMan

      A Chinese company that wants you to think they’re French.

      • di3366

        No actually it is a chinese character 乐. Means happiness. Learn some chinese bro

  • Samnang1705

    @timotato Thanks for the video, very helpful… Would you be able to confirm if this phone has Dual sim slot? The lemall website confirmed that the cheaper model Le S3 has dual sim but this one appears to be single sim. Much appreciated!

  • AvalancheRyder

    If they were really serious about penetrating the US market, they wouldn’t have left out half of US smartphone users when they omitted CDMA support.

    • Duffman

      GSM FTW! VZW will never let phones on their network unless they pay for it. Stop complaining to phone OEMs. It’s your d*ck carrier. Also, GSM makes up a much larger pool of phone users world wide.

      • AvalancheRyder

        Ok, a couple things here.

        I wasn’t complaining to OEMs as I couldn’t really care less about this phone, or most others. The phones I want are available (or work) on the carrier I use, I was just making a point.

        Secondly, there are numerous unlocked phones with CDMA support built in. Just pop your SIM card in and they generally work, save for a few non-critical features. Do you really think GSM carriers really want you bringing unlocked bloatware-free phones to their networks? I doubt it.

        And finally, the article started out by saying this phone was the OEM’s first major push into the US market, so I think a comment about how they’re leaving out a large portion of that market is reasonable.

  • MicroNix

    At least they put the back button in the correct place 🙂 Surprised all the purists haven’t jumped all over this.

    • Aaron

      Purist saw that it doesn’t have quick toggles and realized Nova can’t even help this phone. Didn’t look long enough to notice the nav buttons are backwards.

      • discopunkk

        The “Recent” button brings up the quick settings along with your most recently used apps.

        • Aaron

          That’s… different. Different makes for harder software development. Longer updates, if any at all.

          • Duffman

            Not much different from a Samsung device. Hardly any updates…

  • discopunkk

    All I can see when I look at that phone

    O — O


  • Ricardo Cornejo

    OMG first time ever a manufacturer has included a case in the box along with charger and other essentials. I’ve been trying to champion this at Verizon Wireless for years now. The days of consumers accidentally breaking their devices as soon as investing in them will finally be over. A case is an essential accesssory just like a battery and charger included i. The box are!!

    • TeutonJon78

      The Axon 7, which has been shipping since August includes both a case and 1.5 screen protectors (the shipping screen protector has no print on it and cutouts for the sensors, so it can be used short term even though it’s crappy).

      • Ricardo Cornejo

        Nice! I really hope eventually all manufactures can include these essential phone accessories. Think of those broken phones that will be prevented when people buy new phones and don’t purchase cases lol. I noticed the LG V20 and the LG Stylo 2V have a nice screen protector installed out of the box. 👍

    • Defenestratus

      I’ve never had a case on my phones and never had an instance where having a case would have saved the phone from destroying it.

      The only phone I’ve ever broken was my beloved nexus 6 and that was because I literally tripped with it in my pocket down a steep hill on a sidewalk. The phone broke in half.

      Cases are an unnecessary eyesore.

      • NexusMan

        I doubt it would have broken in half in an Otterbox.

      • Suicide_Note

        Cases help keep the resale value up for those who like to sell their devices when they’re done with them. Without a case, the phone is prone to all manner of scratches and other damage.

      • Person Dude

        A case wouldn’t have saved your Nexus 6? That’s literally a drop/fall scenario. Good god, you are so mistaken there. An otterbox would’ve saved it.

  • Romius T.

    It’s kinda cool Droid Life is reviewing this phone, but I was hoping for no buzz so there would be plenty of stock for me to buy. I may need to wake up early on Nov 2.

  • James Webb

    I wish you would review another Chinese phone, the Axon 7.

    • ChrisI

      Strange how they’ve completely ignored it. Or not. But maybe. Or not.

      Who knows.

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      ^THIS! I can’t help but wonder if this Le phone is getting the attention here because DL was given a freebie while they would have to actually pay for an Axon 7 in order to review it. Otherwise, if the reasoning for the no Axon 7 love is simply a “lack of interest”, well that is just nonsense. If you’re nonsensical about the Axon 7’s potential then you should feel the same about the comparable rest.

      • moew

        Pay to Play… I’ve heard this somewhere before.

      • I would love to see a Honor 8, Axon 7 and LePro 3 all around comparison video! Whose with me?

    • MichaelFranz

      I played with one at best buy this weekend. those front facing speakers were very loud over my 6P. Was an overall nice look and feel device.

    • Ming

      I mean its been out long enough, if you were going to buy it then you would already have.

  • BryceAlmighty

    I’m sorry, but I could never buy a phone as conceited as this. ‘Le’ everything? I get that being an ecosystem is their schtick, but I don’t need your brand to be plastered over literally every single feature you decide to bring to the table. This is disappointing, cause the device looks good and seems to be responsive enough.

  • bose301s

    I’d prefer the OnePlus 3 if only for having a much more stock Android experience, really can’t stand skins, especially skins that are so far from stock.

  • needa

    Toggles are in the overview/multi button. I kind of like that idea, especially on a large phone.

  • nickles96

    uggghh so frustrating. would have liked to see the thing actually boot up!

    • synplex

      I know i was hoping he would have left the phone in frame but to the side to see the boot up time/animation =-/

  • trixnkix637

    Cue the “if this company could make this for this cheap of price, why is the Pixel so expensive” comments.

    • Luxferro

      In a few months they will be cheaper… then current users will be butt hurt ;p

    • ChrisI

      Why is the pixel so expensive then?

      • trixnkix637

        Why is this so spec’d out but running Marshmallow (who knows what version btw)?

        • MicroNix

          What else would it be running? A phone isn’t created in a day. Do you really think that after months of testing on Marshmallow, that they’ll ram in Nougat and all of its bugs just before release?

          • trixnkix637

            That’s not a serious question at this stage in the game lol. Especially when we don’t know which exact version of marshmallow it’s running.

            The V20 is rocking Nougat with no issues (with inferior specs compared to this phone), obviously the Nexuses were made to adopt it with no issues… All it is is testing their skin’s compatibility against the new scripts in 7.0.

          • MicroNix

            Actually that is wrong. Nexus owners are reporting varying issues with N including BT and battery. And Nexus phones should be the ones that work flawless. Every major release since KK has had varying issues after release.

          • trixnkix637

            I said they were made to adopt it with no issues. Not that they had no issues. You reiterated my point basically.

          • Aaron

            LG managed to launch the V20 with Nougat. When was the Dev preview launched? April?

          • MicroNix

            And look at the bugs Nougat has. BT being one of the bigger issues.

          • trixnkix637

            I swear BT is an issue in every version of Android released since Lollipop it seems like. I haven’t had any issues with it on Nougat though.

          • NexusMan

            Haven’t heard anything about Nougat related bugs on the Pixel.

        • T_Dizzle

          Android 6.0.1 with October security patch.

          • trixnkix637

            Thank you!

        • NexusMan

          Because it’s LeTrash.

      • Daishi

        To recoup the advertising money they spent on Robert Downey, Jr. “Hold This Cat” commercials…

    • trevorsalienarms

      I’ve been told numerous times the Pixel is so expensive because it’s “built really well”, “offers the most pure Android experience”, and “it has Assistant”.

      (Wew laddy)

      • trixnkix637

        I for one try to never get into “price debates”. I don’t feel ripped off at all with my Pixel XL.

        • trevorsalienarms

          I played with one today. It’s fine. Just not personally interested.

  • Chris Hannan

    Sometimes I really hate being on Verizon and Sprint.

    • Guest

      Agreed but that Unlimited data is nice.

      • KleenDroid

        Now that’s funny

      • Chris Hannan

        Yeah, unlimited data on Verizon and free service on Sprint are both nice.

        • Aaron

          I see what you did there. 🙂

        • Daishi

          Unlimited Data on Verizon IS nice. I use it everyday. 🙂

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Indeed. Im not looking forward to the day vzw takes my udp from me but i will have a silver lining, freedom of getting any chinese phone i want on at&t or tmo

        • Emilyjhuggins

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        • Brittnythughes2

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  • thenew3

    Are you able to test if it works with Tmobile band 12 VoLTE and wifi calling?

    • If an OEM is not advertising they support VoLTE and WiFi calling, then you should assume they do not.

    • T_Dizzle

      I don’t know about T-mobile but VOLTE is available for AT&T providers.

      • Elizabethjvale2

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    • EarlyMon

      It does.

  • WCM3

    I’m honestly surprised you didn’t add “Le” to a bunch of nouns and verbs at the beginning of your write up based on your hangout earlier…

  • Paul Hansen

    The charger is made for charging!?!? WUT!?