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Google Maps on Android Will Now Show Your Calendar Events in a Special List of Places


Because most Google apps these days talk to one another, today’s feature introduction to Google Maps comes as no surprise and is most definitely a welcomed addition. For Android users, Google Calendar events will start showing up in Maps under Your Places>Upcoming to help you get to the places you need to get to. 

Google Maps, at least in recent months, seems to be adding all sorts of information from other Google places, like Contacts and Gmail. With Calendar, they are expanding on that close connection. All you need to do to get your events to show up in the Upcoming section is to make sure you put an address in the “Where” box of your Calendar entries. Assuming you are signed-in to the same account on your phone in both Maps and Calendar, the Upcoming list then is auto-populated.

If you need to get to a calendar event, jump into that Upcoming section, tap on the meeting or date or excursion, and the map will open to that location to let you quickly jump into navigation. If you don’t want something showing, you can tap the menu in that Upcoming entry and “Dismiss.”

Pretty simple, right?

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  • Gekko

    i never put the “Where” in my Calendar entries. too tedious and unnecessary!

    • Rubythogans3

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  • BoFiS

    That is amazing, thank you Google for making Maps better and better every day. I make sure to put in locations on all my calendar events, but usually just first open my calendar, and click on the location there, doing it in maps is much nicer!

  • mcdonsco

    Hopefully this will help make Android Auto automatically displaying the next appointment with a navigation icon less hit or miss. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes its not.

    Of course, Android auto is buggy as all hell so maybe it’s just that?

    • JohnW

      Not buggy for me, though my car came with it, maybe after market units are iffy? (Assuming you have an after market)

      • mcdonsco

        My first experience with Android auto was on an aftermarket head unit however my current vehicle is a 2016 Sierra Denali with it built in from the factory and it’s still buggy as hell.

    • Gekko

      or maybe the new Google self-driving car will know when/where you want to directly from your Google Calendar and it will pull out front at the ETA needed and take you where you need to go without you telling it. even better than Knight Rider/KITT. until the machines become self aware and sentient and turn on the humans.

  • Bradon

    Stop working on this stuff, bring back Latitude. Jerks!

    • You mean that thing hidden in G+? Yes…I need that back in Maps so I can get rid of G+

      • Bradon