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Nintendo Will Launch Super Mario Run for Android in the Future

One of the more exciting announcements during the iPhone 7 event was the introduction of Super Mario Run from Nintendo. To describe the upcoming game as plainly as possible, it looks like a horizontal Temple Run, but Mario. The game is to be made available exclusively for iOS at first, but Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku that Super Mario Run will indeed come to Android eventually. 

The statement, albeit brief, lets us Android folk know that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about us quite yet.

We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.

No word on exactly when or for how much, but we will keep you posted when we hear more from Nintendo.

Via: Kotaku
  • The simple fact that is IOS exclusive, and it will (maybe) come later (1 year?) on android makes me to not want to ever take it when it will be released.
    I mean, it’s like: “we made a game for IOS users. We don’t care of “others”, they are stupids they don’t have an iphone.”
    Ok, so we don’t want your stupid runner game.
    They categorize people regarding their devices. This is stupid.
    And the result will be that the hype will be dissapeared when it will come on the playstore.
    The same happened for Heartstone…
    I don’t understand why they didn’t want to release a game on the most used platform in the world and get rid of all these eventual customers.
    So much money lost…

  • Jona

    If it were a re-release of Super Mario All-Stars configured specifically for phones, I’d have been jealous.

  • CJ

    So Android is the Number One smartphone platform in the world with the most devices and they chose iPhone first? WTF Nintendo??

    • Ben Tapia

      Those Apple dolla$ make em holla.

  • BoFiS

    OF COURSE, no reason Nintendo wouldn’t want more customers…but why not take money from Apple for a timed-exclusive and free marketing first? 😉

  • Lucky Armpit

    “We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

    Loosely translated, that means:

    “We *might* release it for Android eventually but don’t hold your breath. And when we do, it will be a half-assed port from the iOS version that will run like crap, so again, don’t hold your breath.”

    • cincy-backpacker

      Well that should tell you something about the Android ecosystem if that is the case. Nintendo is a for profit company, if the profits are not there why should they invest the time/effort? Not saying that it will happen but if it does, who is there to blame?

  • Daistaar

    Where people confused by this? Tim Cook thanked Myamoto for bringing it to iPhone first. Pretty sure that was clearly understood as multi platform.

    • cincy-backpacker

      It’s more enjoyable for people to get angry at something they assume will happen. People just want to be angry about everything anymore it seems.

  • sc0rch3d

    I would be more excited to play Mario 64 on my phone than a side scroller

    • Mike

      And that’s where emulators on Android are life savers. You can play pretty much any Nintendo console and games on your Android phone with a Bluetooth controller and some ROMs (Really you don’t need a BT controller but without one it can get pretty rough).

      • philnolan3d

        Right, it’s not exactly legal though.

        • Mike

          It’s legal if you have a copy of the game. So for most people it isn’t legal but for some it is.

          Either way I doubt Nintendo is going to come knocking down your door for playing Goldeneye on your 6P, haha.

      • Captain Insano

        I use a super nes USB controller on my phone. It makes games a lot easier to play

    • philnolan3d

      Side scrolling would be fine by me. Just not another running game.

  • Anyone else not even excited for this, at all? If Nintendo would just release an emulator (free or paid) and then collection of ROMs or something, they would make a KILLING.

    • philnolan3d

      Yeah yet another running game. Not impressed.

    • alex

      Not excited even one tiny itty little bit.

    • Ben Tapia

      It should be enjoyable, but Ubisoft already did it so well with the Rayman mobile games.

    • SuperSam64

      The fact that it’s an iOS exclusive, even if only temporarily, kills any interest I otherwise would have had in it. It makes sense when developers release games as exclusives to drive sales of their own consoles and devices, or when third parties release games only for certain platforms due to hardware limitations, but exclusivity for the sake of exclusivity is ridiculous. This is happening in the music industry as well, making it so that those who want to be able to listen to any music they like have to subscribe to every music service under the sun and deal with not having all their music in the same place because of exclusives. This is a very anti-consumer approach, and while it may serve as a selling point for some, it will drive others away. Been a fan of Nintendo since I was little and I find this decision very disappointing.

      • I don’t know how big of a deal fragmentation is for game developers (for games that don’t use up a ton of APIs) but Android does have a larger user/install base. They might have the largest game IP of any console manufacturer (or even publisher). It makes no sense to release a running game (a genre that was big, what, 4 years ago?) when they could make SO MUCH by releasing an official emulator and sell each game ROM or in packs (all SMB games for a little discount if bought at once). They would only have to update the emulator with phone OD changes and not every game. It’s mind boggling how they refuse to do this. The mini classic NES is cool and all, but they would get SO MUCH love if they did the official emulator and game ROMs. I would spend money even if I didn’t end up playing that many of them. Hell I bought the Ducktales game but haven’t even messed with it for the past year lol.

        • SuperSam64

          Agreed, an official emulator (or “virtual console” if they want to call it that) would be a massive success.

  • inklenotrump

    Glad Nintendo didn’t screw up and make this exclusive.

  • Mayoo

    I thought we were over this, in 2016, to release things on one OS before the other.

    • Suicide_Note

      Money talks.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Me too, but it keeps happening. Did you see the headlines today? “BREAKING NEWS: APPLE ANNOUCNES IPHONE 7 zOMG” I really thought most news/tech sites were “over” Apple but apparently not. We didn’t see them do the same thing when the GS7 or Note 7 was release, did we? Stupid Apple.

      • cincy-backpacker

        Samsung is getting plenty of coverage now days, perhaps not to their liking though. Apple markets better, plain and simple.

  • MichaelFranz

    Figured this since there was no mention during the presentation of this being an iOS exclusive. I don’t even remember if they said that it would be first on iOS meaning that it would come to other platforms eventually. Even so i think it is only iphone and not ipad for the time being.

    • schwartzman93

      Tim Cook did say iOS first…but he didnt say it was exclusive

    • Mike

      They definitely said “First on iOS”. This is common for gaming companies to do when they do timed exclusives.

      No surprise that it will be coming to Android, the better question is who actually wants this game when it’s already been done a thousand times just with different art styles?

      Then again, Pokemon GO is basically just a rehash of Ingress and we all see how that worked out for them.