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Root Achieved for Snapdragon-Powered Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Devices

Root has been achieved for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, appearing to be stable on all carrier variants. Just to be clear, if you own a Galaxy S7 (SM-G930) or Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935) featuring a Qualcomm-made Snapdragon processor, and not the Samsung Exynos processor, you may proceed.

The letters that follow the model number, such as A (AT&T), T (T-Mobile), or V (Verizon) indicate which carrier variant is being referred to. At this time, root is achievable for what appears to be all carrier models, which is a big time win for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge owners who love complete system access. 

Since we don’t dive deep into root and custom ROMs like we used to, what we will say is this. Over on XDA, instructions and links for file downloads have been compiled, making the process as easy as possible. However, I would only suggest these actions to those who are comfortable working with the software on their devices. Flashing custom software and rooting can be tricky business, leaving some phones dead forever. So, if you are cool with that, read below and I will go over the basics of what is going to happen when you begin the process.

The seemingly simple process involves using Odin, flashing a rooted boot.img, and then gaining root access. Once all is said and done, your phone will be running stock Samsung software, but you will have gained root access. Most of the programming has been automated, so on the user side, only a few commands will need to be inputted for the process to be completed.

This is only the first step towards developers bringing custom ROMs and everything else to the devices, meaning this should be an exciting time for those interested.

If you are at all interested in rooting your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, follow the links below, then locate the proper instructions for your carrier variant. And please, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully, as we shall not be providing tech support to those who brick their phones. Those days are over for us.

Have fun, hackers!

Via: XDA [2]
Cheers Houston!
  • Josh Hines

    Honestly to me custom roms or firmware just hasnt been as appealing as the days of flashing the moto razor flip phones … 🙂 Nostalgia .. Love my S7 Edge but #1 Moto Razor #2 LG Chocolate Touch #3 Xperia Play PSPhone still my top 3 even to this day

  • Hặršh ḾặḯShḙrḯ

    Will the rooting help to unlock the sim lock or company lock of s7 edge?

  • My rooting days are done. I just got the Verizon Galaxy S7 edge and I have no plans to fiddle with it beyond custom launchers and eye candy.

  • Brandon puntin

    And to be clear “stable” is not quite accurate until the kernel can be forced permissive. If you do this dm verity is going cycle in the background constantly failing the image check and your device will get hot lag and loose battery life.

  • Rooted Successfully after reading this thread on xda forums.

  • Nicholas Black

    where are the links?

  • Chris Foley

    How about the Japanese J variant?? would it work??

  • Daistaar

    Some notes for people if you haven’t visited the XDA thread:

    * Will Not trip Knox.
    * Seems to introduce a small amount of lag (an acceptable trade-off for some).
    * Breaks Samsung Pay while rooted (you can go back to stock and it’ll work again).
    * Can install Xposed framework.
    * OS flagged as Custom instead of Official

  • I rooted my Moto X Pure and wish I hadn’t. I lost my original nandroid on a corrupted SD card and getting back to stock is too difficult without it. Rooting and flashing a custom rom lost some of the proprietary features of the Motorola proprietary kernel.

    • icase

      Rooting and installing a custom ROM are 2 different things. Root allows you to do a LOT on the stock ROM.

  • Synacks

    Thanks for the credit Tim!

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    Meh, I don’t want to lose Samsung Pay.

  • seattle tech

    Reading the comments most of you guys are out of touch with rooting today. Scarred from installing broken custom roms of yesteryear. Rooting today allows you to install xposed which can tweak your phone to new levels. You can gain volume boost dual speaker surround sound. Even the samsung roms today are just highly debloated touchwiz roms with all the new features +some and are daily driver better than stock stable. Not to mention never having ads anywhere.

  • MH


  • Allyn K C

    Two years ago, this would have been big news to me. Today? Not so much.

    Oh well, at least it’s available for those who still crave root access. Maybe some custom ROMs will come from this as well, for those who want it.

    • Averix

      Custom ROMs just aren’t as appealing to me as they used to be. The only time I like them typically is to update beyond what the manufacturer is willing to. Like my old Samsung Note 8. That was stuck in 4.1 land from Samsung. Now he’s running on 5.1 thanks to custom ROM.

      • Art Holguin

        This and also to get rid of all the bloat on verizon phones at least.

        • Averix

          For me, just disable or pm hide the bloat. Regaining a few MB of space but dealing with a ROM that has caveats, glitches, unsupported hardware, etc. just isn’t worth it to me. Everyone will have a different opinion.

    • John-Smith

      Agreed. Android has adopted many of the things that you could only do with root access years ago.

      I had the Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 7(2). I also had a couple other android phones before that and rooted them all and tinkered with all the settings.

      Nowadays, I don’t care that much. The thing I miss most is probably adaway and being able to remove bloat.

  • Guest

    Since this is rooted now can the build prop be edited to allow wifi tether? Yes I still have an UDP and Verizon wont allow me tether.

    • markwebb

      Based on XDA comments, build.prop can be edited.

      • Guest

        Sweet thanks. Ill check it out over there. Might try this phone out to see if it can pull me from my N6.

    • got556

      Foxfi works fine with Verizon UDP and Samsung phones. Worked on my and my fiancé’s Note 5, S6 Edge +, S7, and S7 Edge…..

      • grown n sexy Caillou

        🙂 thnks

  • TypoCorrecto

    Exclusive: this is what the 2016 Nexus phones, Sailfish and Marlin, will look like

    • Bob

      Good for Samsung users. Sadly DL has been falling behind for a few years now… AP really stepped up and as much as I used to enjoy DL… I enjoy AP that much more due to better coverage of the Android world especially on the weekends when DL goes dark.

      • markwebb

        I kinda agree. Lack of staff maybe?

      • JSo

        There’s a reason AP called it an exclusive though. I’m guessing they are the only ones with that info. Can’t blame DroidLife for that. Don’t know where AP gets their info from though

        • glimmerman76

          yeah they AP made the render themselves…. They have done this before

      • patt

        DL cares about Amazon referrals too much lol

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      it looks like the 5x and 6p combied… IDK how to feel about it :/

  • Trooper311

    Oh how I wish m VZW Note 5 was able to be rooted.

    • beatricebro

      Ikr, WTF, why can’t the VZW Note5 get root too if the S7 can?!?!?!?!

  • Lucky Armpit

    This is great news, because while I’d love to have an S7E, I hate TouchWiz.

    • Custom ROM’s aren’t available yet, and may not be at all, this is just root

      • Jay Koerner

        Just I thought but on a few devices I’ve now gotten Roms on with locked bootloaders via fireflash depending on how the phone is setup root maybe enough to get Roms at this point since we finally have a way to install Roms inside the os, just no bootloaders or nandroid backups 🙁 makes it much scaryer to mess up, though Samsung keys(or whatever they call it now) can likely restore it to factory

    • MicroNix

      I don’t. And the themes rock. But glad you like plain and boring.

      • bbplayer5

        Agree, I actually like touchwiz on the S7

    • Linx

      I hate this latest version of TW also, but I’ve since been using Nova Launcher & doubt I will ever use anything else again!

    • Jay Koerner

      @ lucky Just I thought but on a few devices I’ve now gotten Roms on with locked bootloaders via fireflash depending on how the phone is setup root maybe enough to get Roms at this point since we finally have a way to install Roms inside the os, just no bootloaders or nandroid backups 🙁 makes it much scaryer to mess up, though Samsung keys(or whatever they call it now) can likely restore it to factory

  • Sean Plantz

    Any word on if this trips Knox? I personally dont feel the need to root anymore, but would be good to know to those who do!

    • I was thinking a while ago about rooting my S7 edge. Cyanogen would run pretty smooth, right?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        This is just root, it is not a bootloader unlock so there are no custom ROMs at this point.

      • If it ever came out, I’m sure it would. Right now this is just root, no custom ROMs or custom kernels yet.

        • markwebb

          I am at the point where root is all I want: tired of flashing custom ROM’s, updates, fixes, etc. God knows how many hours of life I have lost from flashing. 🙂

          • John

            Same. Absolutely no desire to root or custom rom anything. TW haters will just keep on hating, even though they never used a Samsung phone since the S5 or earlier. TW is much more than tolerable, its actually quite good. Not great but good.

    • markwebb

      The VZW XDA thread says Knox not tripped.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      From my understanding it is a systemless root and does not trip Knox.

    • byron

      This does not trip knox and I made a video you youtube, just search for techbswift. Sorry about the quality but it does the job

    • While Knox isn’t tripped, Samsung Pay does not work.