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Chromecast Update Available Now, Rebrands to Google Cast

As detailed earlier this week, the update that rebrands the Chromecast app name to Google Cast, is now available for all on Google Play. Beyond the name change, not much has changed, but Google did launch an updated Google Cast website to help promote the change. 

Inside the Google Cast app, users will still find support for controlling their Cast-supported devices, such as changing Backdrops settings and more. However, instead of only Chromecast dongles appearing on your supported device list, you should now see Android TV boxes and supported speakers.

The update is populating Google Play right now.

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  • The update that rebrands the Chromecast app name to Google Cast, is now available for all on Google Play.

  • Dt Bell

    I don’t see google keeping this, another failed “pez” dispenser

  • Raven65

    It’s Google. Don’t be surprised if they suddenly stop supporting it completely like they do some of their popular apps (Google Tracks, for example).

  • capncoad

    Something Google should have done in the first place. Chromecast just didn’t make any marketing sense.

  • chris_johns

    i dont like it….no ring to it…chrome cast had a nice ring to it…we know your google…you dont gotta throw your google in our faces

    • TC Infantino


    • bboyairwreck


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    • John Davids

      “you dont have to remind us of your name” he says to the advertising company.

  • jowaldo

    If only they would put some effort into making the youtube app cast correctly and not loop playlists, and all the other bugs with that.

  • A move to make sure people don’t confuse it with or distinguish it from ChromeOS?

    • person

      A move to indicate it works with more than just Chromecast now.

  • faganm24

    Got the update last night. However, I cannot make photos part of my backdrop settings for Android TV devices. UGH!

    • jowaldo

      Yeah that has never worked on Android TV.. lame..

      • faganm24

        I thought maybe since they are adding the ability to modify the backdrop settings for the Android TV now, that Google Photos would be integrated, but they left that part off.

        • Nw_adventure

          Complete fail – No Google photos integration. Seriously ?

    • BeerOnTap

      How do we set specific pictures on there, and keep it from randomly scrolling through All my Google photos album? I don’t want nudez popping up on my TV.

      • faganm24

        You select the album for slideshow, not everything…