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Moto 360 (1st Gen) Marshmallow Update Seems to be Widely Rolling Out (Update: 2nd Gen and Sport Too)

moto 360 1st gen

Yesterday, we shared with you the release notes for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update that is scheduled to arrive on all Moto 360 variants within the next few weeks. Today, those may come in handy, as the update seems to be pretty widely rolling out to the Moto 360 (1st gen). Why we aren’t seeing it also hit the 2nd gen and Sport models is beyond me, but such is life some times. It’ll get here. 

The update is indeed Android 6.0.1 software build MEC23I, to be exact, and should contain new goodness like additional language support, Doze mode, screen dimming, controls over app permissions, manual date and time setting, Bluetooth headset audio improvements, and a bunch of new wrist gestures.

Update:  My original Moto 360 has received the update now as well. It does appear to be available to a much wider audience at the moment.

Update 4:27PM:  We were able to pull the update to our all of our Moto 360 (2nd gen) and Sport watches too. Looks like Motorola got it done this time around!

Let us know if you are seeing the update!

Note:  As you’ll see in the comments, your phone does not need to be running Marshmallow in order to receive Marshmallow on your watch.

android wear 6.0.1

Cheers Thomas, James, Alex, @zippyzapparo, and everyone else!
  • Friss

    I got the update but the process of updating is damn very too slow (I am using 500mbps fibre at home though) yet took the whole day to just download the firmware and still need to charge up again to 80% for installation.

  • nvsteve

    I just installed the update on the original moto 360 a few minutes ago. It was a long wait but worth it. The watch feels a bit faster and hopefully battery life improves due to Doze. The update seems to have fixed the Bluetooth connection issues I was having with my LG G4 (on marshmallow).

    • Justin Graeff

      I have been looking for an answer to this but I can’t find one. I am missing the Factory Reset option too! I don’t know how to reset this thing. It’s having problems and I can’t figure it out but I also can’t reset. Did you ever figure it out?

      • nvsteve

        Once you select the UNPAIR option, it will say FACTORY RESET AND UNPAIR? Just check yes. Not sure why Moto did this… Busy work for someone? 🙂

        • Justin Graeff

          Thank you! Not sure why they did that either, but seems counter productive. Appreciate the pointer.

          • nvsteve

            No problem… Hope that resolves your issues! If not, also try uninstalling and reinstalling android wear on your phone. I had to do that several times when the watch was on lollipop. Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, make sure your phone is on the latest version of Android wear and the Android OS itself. Sometimes, it’s not the watch but the phone that’s messing things up. Things seem to work best when both phone and watch are on the same Android version.