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AppLock Brings Nexus Imprint Security to Any App of Your Choosing

If you are looking to bolster the security on your Android device, and have a device that features Nexus Imprint (Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P), you can utilize AppLock, an app that will place a fingerprint barrier between the outside world and your precious data. 

When installed and enabled, users can go through their entire list of applications on a device, and then choose which apps will be secured using Nexus Imprint. For example, if you want Hangouts, Facebook and Instagram secured, simply enable only those apps. When enabled, and you attempt to open these apps, you will be met by a simple, blue lockscreen. To unlock, place your finger on the fingerprint reader to gain access. This allows you, and only you, to access these applications.

If you plan on using the apps often, and don’t feel like unlocking them each time, you can place a temporary unlock on all apps, meaning the lockscreen won’t pop up each time you open them. Overall, if you have sensitive data on your phone, this app is a great way to help secure that data even if your usual lockscreen is somehow bypassed.

The only downside I see at this time is the non-existence of an in-app purchase to remove the annoying banner ad you see inside of the app and on the lockscreen. It does not impede functionality, but it looks bad. In the future, we hope that the developer will either release a paid version with no ads, or will include an in-app purchase to remove them. Other than that, it works flawlessly for me.

If you have a device that features Nexus Imprint, go check it out.

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  • Amamiya Hotaru

    I use an app called “AppLock”, excellent app and easy to use.

    It does a good job at locking down everything I don’t want my nephews or nosey friends going through. Sometimes it fails or freezes up but not often.

  • Armaan Modi

    This should be an OS feature and there should be an option which when enabled would also hide the app’s screen in the recents menu.

  • Lupe Arismendez

    This is very poor app. First when you click lets say messages and its app protected. Al the person has to hit is the recents button and they can read your new messages!!!! Needs to be fixed

  • Brushrop03

    Why does Google now have this baked into some of their apps already? Like Google Wallet or Android Pay?

  • As nice of an idea as the app is, it has a fundamental flaw; it can be uninstalled.

    If someone gets hold of your unlocked phone and happen to run into the protection provided by this app, they can simply uninstall the app itself bypassing the protection entirely.

    • Shelgo

      Not entirely true. When you first open the app, it makes makes you give it permission so that only an administrator can uninstall the app. When you go to uninstall the app, it brings you into the Settings app to make sure you don’t need administrative access first. All you need to do is lock the Settings app as well, and no one will be able to uninstall the app but you. Hope this helps anyone who way confused ☺

      • Yes, but if someone has access to your unlocked phone they are the Administrator (in most cases). But agreed, if you where to lock the Settings app it would be a different case entirely. Ideally that should be part of the setup wizard.

        • Shelgo

          I guess they haven’t figured out how to do it in a presentable way so this “loophole” is the only way they can get it to work for the time being. I’m personally not going to be using the app because I’m not very comfortable with all the permissions it needs including your fingerprint (even though I know it needs these to be able to function properly), and it’s just not snappy enough for what I would like. In the future I’d be happy to use a stock integrated app lock feature

          • Agreed. It’s a nice proof of concept, but I would prefer this functionality to be baked into Android as a core feature.

  • George

    Can applock be bypassed by uninstalling the app through the launcher?

  • Sinistar83

    Is it safe to trust 3rd party apps like this with our fingerprint data?

    • Ryan Cavitt

      Third party apps don’t actually have access to the fingerprint data. It just uses the fingerprint API. Basically the app uses the API and the OS tells the app whether the fingerprint is a recognized fingerprint or not, the app never touches the data.

  • This is something that should be built into the OS.

    • Joshua Peck

      It kind of is. Any dev can build it into their app (just like on ios) . It’s just up to them to actually do it

  • Ian

    Have fun granting all the permissions this app wants. Device Admin, Monitor Usage, Draw Over Other Apps. No thanks! Not to mention it is fairly buggy and easily defeated.

    • Stabby McKnifington

      That doesn’t sound fun at all.

    • Ajmcnicol

      All of which is needed to make it WORK. Device admin to prevent an app from loading unless this app lets it. Monitor usage to check to see whats being run and intercept it with a lock screen, draw over other apps to let the pop up that tells you to scan your finger to actually show.

      Instead of seeing a long list, being lazy and assuming its a data grab, actually think about the app functionality and the list items.

      • Ian

        I downloaded the app, I ran it, I played with allowing different combinations of permissions. Android developer is my day job, I know exactly what those permissions are needed for as far as the primary use case. What I’m saying is that what those permissions also allow in terms of risk far exceeds any perceived value from using the app. Now that is purely an opinion, but Google would likely agree given the direction they are taking with restricting certain permissions and moving to a contextual permission prompting model.

        I never said or assumed it was a data grab, but it has the ability to be far worse, and for what? a lock screen after the lock screen?

    • MattBoan

      I didn’t realize there were still people out there who are overly paranoid about app permissions. How about that.

      Do you really think DL would be writing about an app if it were potentially harmful for our devices?

      • Ian


        Do you really think DL vets all of the code or even the developers?

  • JP

    Will this work on the Galaxy s6 and s6 edge when they’re updated to 6.0.1? They switched over to the native google fingerprint sensor api in 6.0.1.

    • Andrew M.

      Unless Samsung does something flagrantly stupid, yes. All the app looks for is the Android 6.0 fingerprint declaration/API, so it will work fine. It’s a requirement by Google though, so I’m pretty sure if the phone is on 6.0, it HAS to support it.

    • No it does not, I tried it yesterday and it told me my device was not compatible

  • Ben Murphy


    • VAVA Mk2

      First thing I set up after Root.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Amen to that. It’s a lifesaver.

  • MichaelFranz

    I think this should of been soemthing CM or some ROM dev baked into a ROM custom setting. If not google def should. its more added security and at sometimes might seem overkill but i would find it useful in certain aspects.

  • jonzey231

    Couldn’t I just go into settings on someone’s phone and disable the app though? Then it wouldn’t work anymore, right?

    • MichaelFranz

      nope, you can lock the actual settings app

      • jonzey231

        But if you didn’t lock Settings, would it be possible?

        • Ian

          It is possible, just did it

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I saw a video of something similar on a jailbroken iPhone. Pretty neat, I think something like this should be default in the os settings

  • Grayson

    If your phone is already locked with a fingerprint, what’s the point of locking individual apps with a fingerprint?

    • Jonathan Berry

      For when your phone is unlocked through SmartLock. Or if you don’t want to use a lock screen for your whole phone, only a few apps. Or you give your phone to a friend/family member/stranger to use for something (showing them a picture, making a phone call, etc) and you want to protect certain apps.

      • Guest

        Protect Captain Stabbin!

        • Bootleg Zani

          I wonder if Captain Stabbin still exists. They used to have great content.

          • VAVA Mk2

            He is probably 70 now

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          is… is that who i think it is? it’s been a while since i’ve seen them videos lol

  • evan brown

    Wish this worked for logins, rather than just app security. Then again Android should have already had login backup built in. (It does, but developers have to catch up, so essentially its not there)

  • Bionicman

    what no Samsung devices? boooo i will say it looks pretty cool if you have a nexus device. hopefully they’ll add support for other fingerprint hardware.

    • Paul

      Samsung devices don’t have Nexus Imprint. They use their own Knox API.

    • Chester

      Same reason that some banking apps *ahem*BofA*ahem* don’t support the native fingerprint APIs on the Nexus phones. It’s only Samsung right now.

  • Nase23

    Hopefully add support for Samsung devices with fingerprint readers as well