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Video: SIM Swapping on the Moto X Pure Edition

moto x pure edition on verizon

How easy is it to get your new Moto X Pure Edition up and running on your carrier of choice? As easy as swapping in a nano SIM from that carrier. Have activated service on AT&T? Just put your SIM in. Same thing with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or a variety of prepaid carriers. Remember, the phone is fully unlocked with supported bands for all of the major US carriers, so it should just work out of the box.

Because we wanted to show how easy it is to get your new Moto X Pure Edition working with your carrier of choice, we put together this quick video of a SIM swap from no SIM to AT&T to Verizon within a matter of minutes. It’s amazing how quickly you can get from one network to another with this phone. 

That’s actually one of the biggest selling points for Motorola with this phone. Since they aren’t selling it through carriers, they can sell it directly to you and tell you to go with the carrier you want. There aren’t any tricks or gimmicks – you buy the phone and then decide where you want to take it.

You guys know how big we are into unlocked phones. If not, read this post I ran earlier this year on why I will forever buy them to catch up on the benefits. With Motorola giving you a flagship-level phone at just $399 that works everywhere, I get the feeling that more and more of you are going to start going this route. A few years ago, I would have laughed at you if you told me Motorola or another major phone manufacturer was going to make a phone at $400 that I could use on AT&T and Verizon and T-Mobile and Sprint. Oh how far we have come.

Anyways, enjoy the video and your new Moto X Pure Edition.

  • Alex Givens

    Anyone have problem with Verizon sim working on restart then it says no sim 5 minutes later ….did swap sims to t mobile

  • Andrey_V

    You don’t need to power off the phone to change the SIM. Moto X should change the carrier on fly when you insert new SIM in it.

  • Sporttster

    This phone is looking more and more like the next OG. The bootloader is unlockable, it has a SD slot, you can take it to virtually any carrier, how can you beat that price and it’s Moto. The unlocked BL is simply huge. This means developer attention and it being future proof. Been awhile since I’ve been excited over a phone, but this one’s getting me there….

  • McGillicuddy

    Can someone confirm Verizon on the new moto x will allow simultaneous network data access while on a call? I have seen the aforementioned available as a software update. That would be a deal breaker for me.

    • g

      VOLTE works out of box. Source: i have one

    • SmartMobile

      Yes, if you enable VoLTE call enabled.

    • michael arazan

      You do have to turn on VoLTE on your MyVerizon page. And there is a handful of devices using them , so don’t expect VoLTE to work with everyone’s device that you call. My friend says he has VoLTE on ATT but I do not connect with hime from VZW to ATT, still learning about it myself

    • McGillicuddy

      Is having voice and data simultaneous a problem for GSM networks like ATT and Tmobile? I don’t remember this as a problem.

  • SHunter

    You dont need to boot cycle it to swap sims though..

  • Matthew Galea

    Does anyone know if you could connect the Moto X Pure to the fi network? I know that if you connect the sim through the N6 and the transfer the sim to an N5 it works. Will this work for the Moto? Inquiring minds want to know. Theoretically it should since its running stock android or is there software that moto has that would inhibit it from connecting?

    • yankeesusa

      i guess the possibility is there since it has bands for all networks. but i think it has to be activated based on the fi app which will not work on this phone. Maybe at some point, to compete they will open it up to unlocked phones like this one

  • Godzilla

    Still so tempted. I have one sitting in my cart and it says delivery on the 16th.

  • Papasmerf73

    I am currently on the t-mobile $30 prepaid plan but want to switch to Verizon. I assume I just go into a verizon store to get a sim card. What is the process? Will they give me a sim card and transfer my number to my Moto , and all data off my N5?

    • Godzilla

      Set up service first, then pop sim in, thats all

  • Cliff

    Would this work if I’m on a 2 year contract with same sim as moto x. The last time I tried they said I had to get a new sim for it with activation fee. But im not sure I can do this I kinda wanna switch from my nexus 6 cus it already haven’t problems with screen burn and battery.

    • Godzilla


      • Cliff

        So if I get the moto x I’ll be able to swap my sim card from my nexus 6 to the moto x and it’ll work?

        • Godzilla


          • Cliff

            Yay finally I’m so tired of my phone dying out at 50% I tryed the android 6.0 preview to see if it stop it but it didn’t and void the warranty unlocking the phone.

  • HammDroid

    It’s worth nothing that out of the box it will not support FULL VoLTE. It will not support VoLTE, in particular on T-Mobile’s newer 700mhz, band 12, thus it will not work on T-Mobile band 12, or AT&T’s very limited band 12.
    This is confirmed by Motorola, however, they have stated that they do expect to add support for FULL VoLTE, and thus, band 12 in a future software update, as it a hardware capable of doing so.
    Just noting it, in case you’re like me, and T-Mo’s network is worthless without it. Might be wise to wait until it is added.

    • Godzilla

      TMO was nice, but i got tired of it and moved to ATT. So much better.

      • yankeesusa

        Yea, depending on where you live that might be better. For me it was the opposite. Got tired of 6mbps speed on LTE with att. Switched to T-Mobile and i get 20 to 32 regularly and when i travel i hit 80 to 100 sometimes. It was bumpy at first but ever sine the switch from 2g to LTE almost everywhere i live,work and travel has LTE and i can’t remember the last time i hit a 2g spot. And with band 12 spreading things will get even better.

      • jer85008

        Coverage-wise yes – especially in rural areas where I live (Southern Cali).
        However, for the price they aren’t even close. I have four lines with 10GB EACH for $120 per month with TMO, which would cost $300 on ATT.

    • jbdan

      Great to know thanks

    • LTE4G

      So no VoLTE on verizon then? That sucks!

      • HammDroid

        I didn’t say that anywhere.

      • patt

        Volte works on verizon

    • m_a_r_t_i_n

      Yes, and T-Mobile is banking on Band 12 providing much better coverage. They’re marketing it as Extended Range 4G LTE and it’s the basis of their new Lifetime Coverage Guarantee. Phone manufacturers tend to make a lot of promises when it comes to future features. As a Tmo customer dealing with occasional spotty service I hope that Moto keeps this promise.

    • yankeesusa

      Yes it will. People are getting this mixed up. The reason some phones have band disabled is because the phones AREN’T VOLTE CAPABLE. So without volte and no other bands the phone will not work. So they disabled it on these phones to prevent this from happening.

      • HammDroid

        It does not support FULL VoLTE out of the box, Motorola confirmed it,and you can even read it in the specs, which they updated to correctly reflect that it has support for band 12 LTE (not VoLTE). Head on over to their forums and you can read about it. Don’t confuse what I’m saying though. It IS VoLTE capable and supported on some if not most bands. Its just important to note, as I mentioned that it does not support VoLTE for band 12 yet. The phone is “LTE capable” on band 12, but since T-Mobile doesn’t allow a device to access band 12 if it doesn’t support VoLTE on that band, Motorola doesn’t turn band 12 on. This is due to e911 regulations.
        So, essentially, NO band 12 at all, until they add VoLTE support for band 12. This was made evident with the Moto E/G devices, which unfortunately never received VoLTE support.
        Motorola is stating that they will add support for it in a software update. I’m just saying, be careful if you’re counting on it, because it may be a little while, and not that I don’t feel like we shouldn’t trust Motorola, but I don’t really trust any big company’s to fulfill their promises.
        Not getting mixed up, this is coming from Motorola. Also, I’d note that the forum manager over there, while he couldn’t give a time frame basically said it would be months, not years, before receiving VoLTE support for band 12.
        And hey, if you don’t care about band 12, you’re still fine.

    • TylerCameron

      “T-Mobile’s network is worthless without it”
      Because band 12 is soooooo commonplace.

      • HammDroid

        Actually said ” in case you’re like me, and T-Mo’s network is worthless without it”. So yeah, for me, in my location, it is worthless without it. And it is now commonplace where I live, and will become more so in many more as they continue to get approvals to open it up. Before they added it here, their service was good where it worked, but there were too many places it would lose signal, and in building signal was horrible. Band 12 expands on what they have, extending range to those outer lying areas, and giving a much better signal inside buildings.

  • worldclassflame

    Wonder how the screen is on this, battery life etc I use my phone (gs6 edge) to play mc5 a lot and YouTube and couple of games that are graphics intensive, to be honest im already tired of the s6 yes it lags sometimes a lot, I’ve always preferred the clean stock experience over tw or sense so I think this will be my next phone for sure, just waiting to see what the nexus has to offer.

    • Not sure if you are ever near a charger but with the quick charge abilities I found having a large battery isn’t as much of a necessity. Especially now that you can get these for your car.

      • Sporttster

        Yep. 15 mins and 10hrs of life. Pretty darned incredible, really. You can also buy external batt packs. Lots of ways around a smaller batt nowadays, thankfully….heck, even on my Note 3 I’ve had to use the external I’ve got and it has a nice sized batt, so this will be no diff…

    • yankeesusa

      They said battery isn’t that great but it’s also not bad. But with quick charge and android M on the horizon, which has battery optimization things are going to get better.

  • jerbanumbi

    Motorola phone series are stilling the Nexus party away as the are cheap and well build and can still get the latest Android version as quick as almost the Nexus brands device does. You can’t afford the Nexus then cheaper Motorola will give you the some feeling buy the Moto X Play or even cheaper the Moto G3.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Stilling? And don’t say it was a typo

      • Godzilla

        Pittsburgh Stillers

        • Josh Flowers

          Down by the Crik

    • Sporttster

      Plus, for me, it has a sd card. Latest Nexus didn’t, which I really don’t understand.

  • Geoff__W

    What are the chances it will work on Google Fi? What with all the domestic carrier bands supported

    • erikiksaz

      Apparently it will work on Tmo or Sprint separately with the Fi sim, but it will not jump between the two.

    • steve0617

      Can it? Sure seems like it. Will Google add it alongside the N6? Unknown since they can’t control the firmware like the N6.

    • Tom Z

      My guess it would need a software update to work properly with Google Fi. Google Fi is different than normal Cell Service, with it’s WiFi and two carriers.

      • patt

        Active fi sim works but people reported it don’t switch to sprint so we need more people to test it, I would never get project fi. But that’s just me .

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      I was wondering the same thing myself. Hopefully one of the DL guys will try that out and post on the results. If not, I’ll give it a try myself as soon as the phone arrives. Current status is “being assembled”. Yea!


    • Geoff__W

      Bummer! If Google is serious about Fi, this seems like a phone they could get working, especially since it already supports both T-Mo and Sprint right out of the box

  • chris13417

    My contract is ending Sept 30th, so after that day I should be able to put in my SIM and be month to month without having to call Verizon and let them know?

    • steve0617

      Yes and since you’ve gone off contract, if you’re already a Share Everything user, you should call to get your per line discount of either $15 or $25 the $40 you’re currently spending (discount depends on data plan you already have.).

      EDIT: Everything, not Anything

      • chris13417

        I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan so I don’t think that applies to me. Thanks for the info, though!

        • steve0617

          Got it. Given that, and even though it’s supposed to be as simple as just swapping the card, you *might* want to keep an eye on your account so they don’t goof with it. The phone should work no problem, but they might mess with your existing account. I’ve read lots of people early on with the Nexus 6 had their discounts removed as VZW didn’t consider the N6 an authorized phone. It got fixed of course but don’t be stunned if that happens all over again with the new X.

    • Stephen Cox

      You can put your SIM card in any phone you want at any time even before the contract has ended. They don’t care if you keep the phone you got with the contract upgrade as long as you keep paying your monthly bill.

  • Tony BW


  • NeilOMalley

    Other OEMs please make note. This is how phones need to work in the future.

    • TheDave1022

      This is my main concern with the LG made Nexus 5X. If Moto was making it, can buy direct from them and finance. Would also get all the radios. Can LG get all the radios in there? Not sure. Will they sell direct? doubt it. Google play and not sure where else.

      • Johngi

        finance it thru bb if they offer it

        • tomn1ce

          That’s how I got my Note 3, 18 months ago it wasn’t that painful to pay full price for it.

      • Tony BW

        Amazon and Best Buy will probably sell it as well…


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        • TheDave1022

          They will sell at full retail price. Nice thing moto has is the option to finance if you dont want to drop the full retail. I’ll probably just go full retail either way, but it was a nice option. Moto also offers insurance directly as well.

          • Tony BW

            They’ve always sold at full retail outside of carriers…

    • Toby Leach

      Phones already work like this in other countries >_>

      • Aaron

        Other countries don’t use CDMA.

        • Bob


          • Aaron

            Really? If so they are the only other one.

          • CHRIS42060

            South Korea was largely CDMA at one point as well. Not sure about now.


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    • Skeptic Spartan

      This is how phones work now, in any part of the work except for us here in the US. Blame corporate greed, for not letting you leave to another carrier when you want. At any rate I thank Tmobile for starting the whole no contract thing.

      • Jérôme Besnard

        Amen to that. Thank you T-mobile.

      • TylerCameron

        I like and use T-Mobile, but the no contact thing is a lie. You don’t have a service contract, but you have a phone payment contract. And if you leave before paying the phone off, the full balance becomes due instead of just a $350 ETF

        • Skeptic Spartan

          I don’t have a payment contract, because I purchased my phone. I can leave at any time and pay nothing in terms of an ETF.
          You put your self in that position by allowing carriers to keep you under their umbrela with payment plans.

          But your own phone and go to which ever carrier you want. And don’t accept a contract, this is the only way we as consumers get to have a say in what why want. Take the power away from the carriers.

  • madduffy

    Is it necessary to power it down?

    • Renard Fiossa

      It wasn’t with the N6 and the N5 after updating it to 5.0… I feel like the answer’s no

    • nevermindhoser

      I was wondering the same thing

    • Godzilla

      not really no, airplane mode works good

    • SHunter

      Its not, You dont power off your phone when you put in or take out an SD card (Ram chip). A sim chip is basically the same thing. Its a rom chip that gets read. I guess a sim chip could also be considered a ram chip since you can store contacts on it as well. But who does that anymore…

  • Renard Fiossa

    Has Verizon whitelisted the IMEI blocks of this phone yet? r/MotoX hasn’t seen that to be the case

    • TC Infantino

      I am betting that if you have problems, you just go into a Verizon store and they will enter your IMEI into their system. DL had a post saying that Verizon confirmed that there would be no problem activating a new Moto X on their network.

      • TheDave1022

        People are still having issues in that reddit thread

        • TC Infantino

          Huh, well so much for Verizon’s reassurances. I am not surprised.

        • steve0617

          Reading the thread, it doesn’t seem to be a VZW activation problem as much as a store employee being just wrong/ill informed.

    • Godzilla

      I cant speak for verizon , but for ATT when they didnt have the 2014 pure inventory all I had to do was call them and tell them i need IMEI xxxxxx added to your LTE inventory. 2 minutes later I had LTE.

    • Stephen Cox

      They need to just get rid if the whitelist now that compatible unlocked phones are taking off. It will only make thing easier in the long run for them.