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AT&T Pushes ‘McAfee Factory Reset Protection’ Firmware Update to LG G3

AT&T is pushing an update out to LG G3 owners, but don’t all start jumping for joy just yet. The update is listed as Android 5.0.1, meaning you won’t see Android 5.1 magically appear. According to the changelog, there is only one thing being updated, and it’s basically bloatware. 

As listed, AT&T is bringing McAfee Factory Reset Protection. Once updated, this should mean users will be prompted to enter in a password before a factory reset can take place, giving owners peace of mind that strangers can’t reset their phones without some type of protection.

Of course, if it was my phone, McAfee would already be disabled.

G3 owners on AT&T, be on the lookout.

Via: AT&T
  • jeff

    It’s fun to watch all the compaints. If you don’t like the updates, you could always root and flash a different ROM 😉

    I, for one, am OK with the update. Of course, I already had it, so no big deal for me

  • Peter Stover

    I got the same worthless update on Sprint.

  • krazyace35

    Update also solved the call forwarding issue

  • ClaritaCJarrell

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  • Cory

    Wouldn’t this only prevent a factory reset initiated through the Settings menu? What’s going to stop someone from entering stock recovery and doing a hard reset? This seems like a farce fabricated by AT&T to make some money off McAfee.

    • flosserelli

      It is like door locks on your house or car, only good for keeping the “honest” people out.
      But if you know what you are doing, it won’t matter if the door is locked or not.

  • schoat333

    McAfee and Norton need to disappear already. We don’t want that junk on mobile. All about the $$$$.

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    • Juzt

      The latest AT&T android update added Mc Afee Security. Of corse it can not be uninstalled or disabled, and it requires more permissions than any other app on your devise.

      Why, because AT&T is using it as spyware.

  • Does the G3 still force a reset after 10 failed attempts? My Verizon G3 had this with no way to disable it, and it forced me to just get rid of the security after some prankster failed 10 times on purpose to reset my phone.