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5 Android Wear Watch Faces to Try: 70s, Minmo, Mustache, SpecOps, and Candy Shop

Moto 360

When I look for an Android Wear watch face, I try to find those that remind me of traditional watch faces or at the very least, fit nicely onto a round display to make the device on my wrist feel less futuristic and more classic. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the technology behind a smartwatch, it’s just that I want the watch on my wrist to look like a watch first before getting to all the extra notification, fitness tracking, and other stuff.

Once I find a watch face I like, I tend to stick with it for a while because I feel like there are few really classy options out there on Android Wear. I don’t know why, but watch face makers seem to want to cram as much crap into these things as is possible, when they really should be doing the opposite. A watch, at least an analog watch, should show you the time and date, and then maybe a battery percentage to keep you informed throughout the day. The rest of the stuff is just getting in the way of a great looking watch.

So after spending some time recently to see what’s new in the Android Wear watch face world, here are five I think you will appreciate. 

android wear watch face-5

This watch face is called 70s, and it is without a doubt, my favorite watch face of the moment. There aren’t a bunch of fluffy options to tweak, it just looks great as an analog watch. It has hour, minute, and second hands, along with right placed day-date ticker. There are no digits on the markers, as this is a true analog experience where you actually have to know how to tell time.

It comes in orange, green, blue, or purple, but I keep finding myself settled into this orange version. It’s 100% free.

Play Link (free)

android wear watch face-3

Mustache is probably the most feature-rich of the watch faces I’m listing here today, but those features are all actually quite good. Mustache shows you both digital and analog times (though I wish you could turn the digital clock off), along with battery meters for both your phone and the watch. You can change it to a light or dark theme, or even have it automatically switch from one to the other depending on the time of day. You can select from a number of badges (I went with the anchor), chose a 24H clock, and tell it to show bigger digits when in ambient mode.

This is a great minimal watch face that still manages to pack in the right kinds of features for a smartwatch.

Play Link (free)

android wear watch face-2

This watch is called SpecOps because I’m assuming it is based off of a military-style watch. I like it because it’s clean, has hour and minute markers to help you quickly tell the time, but also includes a day-date ticker. It has dark or light skins, but I prefer the dark based on the location of the day-date. Like the 70s clock, this doesn’t have a bunch of special features, it just tells the time and shows you the date.

Play Link ($0.99)

android wear watch face-4

MinMo has been a great watch face for months now. It has both dark and white themes, though the white faces on the Moto 360 never seem to look great to me, so I tend to stick with the darker options. This is a minimal analog clock, but does show you battery percentage and day-date to add some depth. You can also tell the second to hand to sweep or tick, depending on how you like a watch to look.

Play Link ($1.49)

android wear watch face-6

Candy Shop is kind of a silly, but some times you just need some color in your life. It has both digital or analog faces, dark or white themes, and options for battery and day-date. As colorful as its markers and hands are, it still looks really clean.

Play Link ($0.99)

Any other favorite watch faces we should try?

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  • M3tr1c

    Seeing these really makes me want to pick this up. Just waiting to see what the I/O will say about the next 360….

  • Micro

    Not sure anything beats the quality of this watchface.


  • 70s’s looks good. On the 360, you have to go with a dark watch face to hide the flat tire

  • BoFiS

    It seems absurd to install an app just for once watchface when Facer allows you to load many faces from your phone onto the watch at will…

  • Shawn Spring

    That TYLT green silicon band is the hotness – got the same one meself

  • trevorsalienarms

    Do all of the second hands on these faces “tick” like a quartz watch? Are there any that sweep like a watch with an automatic movement?

    • Raven

      I do not know about any of these, but there are plenty of watch faces out there that sweep on Watch Faces and Face Repo.
      Shameless plug: most of the free ones that I have made for Watch Faces sweep or can sweep by simply changing a toggle:

  • NexusMan

    The “kind of a silly” one is the only one I like.

  • Raven

    I am still surprised that anyone bothers with individual Face apps with apps like Watch Faces, WatchMaker, and Facer where you can download literally thousands of different faces from sites like Android Watch Faces and Face Repo for free from an easy to browse/search interface.

  • I like this one…

  • Jack Bauer

    Haven’t changed this face since I’ve had it (last year)… Golden Beauty


  • GJV

    There are tons of awesome faces for free on facerepo.com, you just have to buy watchmaker. And that flat tire…lol.

  • Nexusfan

    I have this on my watch now..

  • nick

    Those are some nice looking watch faces but I would never wear a watch face that makes the chin of the moto360 so obvious.
    Try Wear Time Circuit instead 🙂

    • NexusMan

      Exactly. The whole point of a “great” watchface for the moto 360 is that it ACTUALLY looks great on the Moto 360, ie, works well with the black bar on the bottom. Only 2 of these 5 accomplish that.

  • Alex

    I like Led Clock Watch Face. Simple, easy to read, and I like the color choices.

  • Marco Studenski
  • imHOWIE

    Secret Agent Watch Face is where it’s at! Brings back great memories of all the hours spent playing Goldeneye on the 64.

  • Joel

    These are actually some of the better watch faces I’ve seen. Good tip!

  • Will P

    That 70s watchface is hot

  • John Clausen

    My problem with analog watch faces on my 360 is that I find it incredibly hard to see the hands and actually tell the time. I have several regular analog watches that I can read just fine. When those hand become digital, I feel like a 4 year old trying to read time for the first time.

    • T_Dizzle

      That’s funny, I can actually picture myself doing this.

  • Droid Ronin

    Good read. You should make these Android Wear faces a regular post!

  • cgalyon

    Calendar Arc Watch seems interesting. I think it’s a nice concept. I like being able to see weather on my watch though

    • hackthis02

      I tried it for a few days. Was good on battery. Only issue was AM/PM were on the same loop.

  • jdbarn

    How about some square faces!

  • rodney11ride

    I want a minimal face like Calendar Arc… but please give me my agenda on the face! anybody know of anything minimal with an agenda.. no digital please

  • Xious

    I would recommend Pujie Black. It has so many options and you can customize it like crazy. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones and always come back to Pujie.

  • MichaelFranz

    Damn that flat tire….

  • The black bar ruins most of these watch faces, except maybe the last one.

    • Jprime

      oh yeah, looks awful I agree.

  • Droid-Life seems to be all about the times today…