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DROID Turbo Root Method Now Available for $20

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The DROID Turbo root method that was first teased a couple of weeks ago is now available for purchase. Yes, I said “available for purchase.” The root game is difficult these days and it takes an awful lot of time to find exploits, so if you feel like rooting, you need to pay for the opportunity. “MOFOROOT” is the name of the Turbo’s root method and it runs $20 per device. 

You can find out all of the details (including purchase info) about MOFOROOT at this dedicated page. The official XDA thread for it can be found here. Instructions are provided at the MOFOROOT page, but if it makes little sense, a lengthy video of the root method in action has been included above.

It sounds like hell. Enjoy!

Cheers Nate!
  • John Motschenbacher

    I’d say 20 each is a bit steep but if unwilling to pay wait a bit ..it will be public in a week for free. 20 would be OK IF it was guaranteed a one time fee and updated after future OTAs block it…cuz they will.

  • Cool

    I have no problem with developers trying to make a living on their work. In fact, I applaud it.

    But a small part of me misses the halcyon days of root techniques just being figured out and thrown onto XDA for the masses to use. Of course, exploits have become more and more difficult to find, so again it’s understandable.

  • bigdav1178

    Was considering it, but I think I’ll pass for now. I want to have the ability to modify the system partition without having to go to the hassle of re-flashing every time I want to make a change. Also, with Lollipop likely being released in the not-too-distant future, I think I’d hold out paying money for something that may no longer work before long. Might give it some consideration again once 5.1 drops… if it still works then.

  • romma

    I have the Droid Maxx.. I also have company phone so I get what I get. It has been frustrating to see Motorola lock their phones and block exploits the way that they have in recent years.. Yes it is Verizon ordering them to do it, but it stinks! Even of someone finds a way to unlock a phone eventually, there is little to no Dev support anymore because Verizon sends out a patch within a couple weeks of the exploit being published!

  • simeon tuoyo

    I’d actually pay the $20 voluntarily if I had this phone. Why? Because if hackers who have these kinds of skills see that people are willing to pay to have their phones rooted, maybe there’d be more of them doing this kind of thing. I know some of us donate, but I imagine that number is very small, and I doubt many of those who have the required skills don’t want to spend their time working on something like this for free, only to be rewarded with a bunch of bitching and whining from freeloaders, as so often is the case.


  • yummy

    When it mattered, it was free, now it takes the cake, but who needs it???

  • Kree Terry

    Would have been awesome if after root you could use sunshine to unlock the bootloader. Would suck to pay $45 for root but I’d easily pay $50 to unlock the bootloader on my 2014 moto x.

  • What happened to devs doing things for the community and being happy with donations? I mean it’s the dev’s right to charge, I get it. But $20? Just my opinion. *shrug*

  • セフィロス

    You forgot to mention that this current method of root grants root, but does not grant system write as that is still protected. Xposed does not work, nor will some apps like App Opt. The only positive about this method is that it opens a huge door for developers to go past what is given and improve it even further… perhaps even a door to a bootloader unlock.

    • wrkerr

      Shouldn’t you still be able to install and use Xposed, if you stick to soft reboots? I had to do that on my 2013 Moto X for a while, if I recall. Whenever I did a full reboot, I had to reinstall it from the menu though.

      • セフィロス

        Yeah, that is what some people are starting to discover now if they do soft reboots only. From the way things are looking now, we might have a full root once someone figures out how to get the wp to be off permanently.

  • The Dude

    So, Verizon found a way to charge people for that too. I’ll just wait till the root gets rooted, tyvm.

  • Synacks

    does this work on the Moto X 2014 as well? someone try?

  • FAL_Fan

    I’ll pay $20 for root for the note 4, I think this makes sense considering developers have to work hard to give us root

  • John

    No point in root right now, definitely not paying for it, with no cracked boot loader.

    • s0uth

      really? no point in root?

  • Ajmcnicol

    Or …wait for it to be analyzed and reverse engineered and then posted elsewhere…
    No matter your opinion of that being theft or copying or not….that is what will happen.

    So hopefully they make some great money on it in the impatient turbo owners that cant wait..cause it will dry up soon enough.

    As for charging for it….people say ‘devs spend time for it’. True… HOWEVER..most devs due it out of selfish reasons initially. They have that particular phone and want it rooted for themselves..so they spend the time. And once found, they are kind enough (and i sincerely appretiate it) to share it with the rest of us. Once thats done, some out of sense of community and love of the subject or challange continue to develop bug fixes etc..etc.. THOSE i support via VOLUNTARY donations.
    While these guys have a right to charge if they so choose, my business will go to the ones that embrace the community and simply are glad for the thanks and the donations if people so choose.

  • Chippah
  • pilot25

    This is not true root. Droid Life needs to actually do some research before pulling people into a bad situation. Responsible reporting is in order.

  • Chippah


  • Chippah

    $16,100 Root Bounty for the goddam ATT/VZW note 4 and ZERO..
    Im tellin’ ya.. its a red flag operation.

  • Noah Foreman

    Note: this does not remove write protection in the system partition. You have to make a modified system image for ANY changes you want and then flash it.

    • tnt3

      This should be in the article honestly. People will be going into this with completely wrong expectations.

  • Boomdizzle

    I’ve paid $25 for Sunshine twice after a warranty return on my m8. Worth every penny.

  • MichaelFranz

    If lollipop update made root survive it would be worth it….however…

    Nexus 6 no problems

  • TurboDude

    wow that’s complicated. He should give us 20.00 🙂

  • tiev

    SOLD! Now if this still works when I get Lollipop 😮

  • Fake

    Seems reasonable but I don’t have one so don’t care

  • jdbarn

    Maybe for $5.

  • me

    Really??!! You mother fuckers after most of us already paid into the bounty on XDA you sorry greedy fucks want 20 bucks for root?? I think the 4-6k is more than enough already.
    All the more reason to get a nexus or HTC.

    • patt

      oh really did you pay? or just wrote you will pay?

      • Adrynalyne

        He wrote he would pay. Nobody ever collected. I guess the value if an I.O.U. has gone up.

  • Mr-Glass

    Price would be great for a bootloader unlock – but don’t bitch about it if you want root – you bought the phone knowing you wanted root – buy accordingly people! pretty simple..

  • If its an app i install and then one-click it, yeah, I’d pay for that. But i’m not gonna pay to do it myself.

  • Jonathan Ly

    This comment section makes me real sad. Android isn’t as “vulnerable” as it once was when it comes to root, and even the Nexi are getting harder to root.

    Asking devs to do this on bounties isn’t going to work, unless everyone is paying upfront and someone holds the money that is trustworthy, which isn’t going to happen.

    Learn, or accept that you’ll be paying to for this stuff moving forward.

    • Steve

      Nexi are getting harder to root? huh?

      • Patmw123

        I was about to say the exact same thing myself

      • Steve

        Non-Nexus sure… but not nexus devices…

  • Steve

    This is ONLY a system img hack… so when Android 5.0 hits… Another $20 buck perhaps… Pass

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Damn… This is what the root game has gotten to? I guess the donations weren’t enough. Good thing I’m pretty much over my rooting days.

  • myday

    How times have changed…

  • Detonation

    From what I understand this tool just lets you flash any firmware image – root is then available via a prerooted image. However, /system is still write protected, so doesn’t that severely limit the usefulness of root? Can’t install xposed, modify system apps, etc. Everything has to be done before hand on an image you flash

    • tnt3

      Exactly this ^^

  • tu3218

    Remember with the moto x 2013 and the “leaked” unlock codes? Everyone was paying like $40 for root for the moto x to some guy who in turn was giving them a bootloader unlock key. Slightly different but similar.

    • Ian Case

      I’d pay another $40 to unlock the bootloader on my 2014 X. I paid it on my 2013 too.

      • tu3218

        Yeah I never pulled the trigger the first go around, than the guy disappeared and came back. But when he came back, he only had the numbers for Moto Xs made after a certain date. I did regret it but it was pretty interesting what was going on.

      • wrkerr

        Yeah. I passed at the time because I had root another way, but since lost it to an OTA. I wish I had just jumped on the unlock code when it was available. 🙁

        • tnt3

          The 2014 X (on verizon) had a BL unlock method at one time?

          • wrkerr

            I was referring to the 2013.

  • Meh Meh Meh

    Why root at this point. Motorola doesn’t have bloat, it’s extremely close to stock, and all their apps only help improve the phone. This isn’t lg or Samsung that skin their phone. So really what’s the point?

    • raddacle

      Hotspot. It shouldn’t matter what device is using my data that I pay for, it certainly doesn’t cost Verizon extra.

      • MicroNix

        ^^^ +1,000,000,000

    • Ian Case

      XPosed, AppRadio Unchained, PushBullet Mirroring.

      • Bigsike

        ARUnchained is now big, but again it’s really no one’s business why you need root. I can think of so many reasons but why should I have to even talk about yet defend my decision to do so. People are being blinded by what the providers are putting out but why? what reason would you ever defend someone trying to limit you in any way?

    • wrkerr

      Xposed alone makes it so so worth it.

      There are plenty of other reasons too though. Titanium, Tasker, DriveDroid, just to name a couple.

  • MI95SHO

    Though I am a fan of supporting developers for their time and effort, $20 per phone seems steep if they get the suggested $3,370+ bounty for root access promised on XDA, and it to all be lost in the coming months when lollipop drops.

    • Jonathan Ly

      Assuming bounty comes through in the first place. It’s been 5 month almost since the device was released, people change their minds.

    • tiev

      I follow the XDA thread and most of those people have bailed. They aren’t going to get the 3k on XDA unfortunately… I even pledged more than 20 dollars anyways but whatever.

  • tony solinan

    That’s great if you live in the american continent, as I would have bought the droid turbo if it was available in the UK or Ireland as I live in Ireland!

  • Gr8Ray

    And suddenly I’m interested in this phone.

  • Patmw123

    “The root game is difficult these days and it takes an awful lot of time to find exploits, so if you feel like rooting, you need to pay for the opportunity. ”

    or…buy a nexus

    • That is essentially restating the same thing.

  • jothen2002

    If this was a one click root/unroot ..You got my money!

    • michael arazan

      That would have been awesome and well worth $20

  • agentorange1985

    Wouldn’t be the first time somebody’s paid for root…

    • Nunya Bizniz

      I logged in just to upvote this – that was funny

  • tu3218

    I kinda wanna swap my note 4 out for this phone, particularly the new sapphire blue version. But I can’t find it anywhere. This isn’t related to root either. I’ve had my biannual dose of Samsung and what it has to offer, and I’m ready for stock android again.

    • Patmw123

      Look on swappa

      • tu3218

        Found one blue turbo…turns out it was already sold lol

        • Patmw123

          It appears to be available from both VZW and Best Buy. It is currently in stock on both websites.

          • tu3218

            Was hoping to buy used but I’ll check it out. Probably wait for used one but it always made me hesitant to buy used phones you can’t replace the battery on. thanks for the info though.

  • Detonation

    SunShine root, the popular root tool from jcase, has been charging $25/device for a while. Considering the amount of work and bricked devices that goes into these exploits, I’ll gladly pay.

  • Patmw123

    I stopped watching the video once the guy said “It’s turbo time!!” 12 seconds in.

  • TC Infantino

    I would gladly pay $20 for a Devs time if it means that I can finally get tether to work when I want it. $20 is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    • Kree Terry

      I was hurting for tether too until i remembered I bought a PDAnet license for my wife way back in the day for her OG droid. redownloaded the app and dug up the license code and it still works!!! Been using it when I need to, and if I need more than one device online at once I just swap my sim back into my old moto x i unlocked with sunshine and tether off it.

      Sucks to have to use such a cheat method but that is the price i pay for being a cheapy and not forking out the cash for a n6.

  • I know I would gladly pay the $20 if my device of choice needed root and this was the only way to get it. I might be in the small minority though. I still have VZW Unlimited and a hotspot hack, so paying $20 up front maybe once every 18 months is much better than another monthly $$$bill for a mobile internet connection which I rely on for work.

  • tnt3

    From the guy who rooted it:

    “$20 is to get the ability to flash. You can flash as many times/images as you want after that.”

  • DJ SPY

    When Verizon sends out a patch in a couple of weeks, do we get our money back or does that $20 cover all future root exploits?

    • michael arazan

      If he wants to make money again I’m sure he’ll try to find exploits. Verizon is a B&tch though once they patch up the exploit, it becomes exponentially harder. I doubt he will earn anything professional coders make just for this one project.

      • Michael Atkinson

        You also have to look at if from another side while yes the method could be located by verizon, the fact it has taken so long for ANYONE to accomplish this while making it paid also keeps the method safe. It’s hard to patch a whole that you don’t know is their, by making it required to purchase it keeps it from getting closed quickly thats why some dev’s wait till a update or something before posting root methods to avoid it getting patched quickly.

        What these guys are doing I see no problem with. It’s obvious that this was a very very difficult nut to crack no one else has been able to come along with anything. for the months of time they spent I think it’s worth it.

        It’s like a company coming in and getting it done and charging you service. Everyone is just expecting free because that’s what they get it for free usually. And there is a growing part of the android/xda community that feels their entitled to things and it is running off dev’s quick just look at PA gapps and how people reacted to a free service he offered and he completely got out of the community.

  • droidiac13

    I can hear the bitching in 3, 2, 1……

  • Suicide_Note
    • tnt3

      Aren’t you really paying for the work someone put into making it happen?

      • bluebanzai

        I think he’s directing that more at Moto/Verizon for not making it available out of the box vs other OEMs/Carriers.

        • tnt3

          Gotcha – that makes sense.

        • Gr8Ray

          I think it’s more of a Verizon thing, than a Moto thing, considering Moto offers Pure Edition and Dev Edition phones, but Verizon refuses to allow them on their network.

          • ali jawad

            Verizon does actually have a developer edition moto x 2013 out in the wild. Verizon maybe changing its tune regarding locking down the bootlace, as even the nexus 6 is now available direct from them.

          • Ajmcnicol

            And those developer editions intentionally get no warranty or real support from verizon because it is assumed the device is broke due to human error ..

          • t.dixon

            Well now you know what phone to get and under who’s carrier it is. But it is still better to have a highly rated phone in my opinion. /t.dixon from http://www.allreport.org/phones/

          • Guest
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        • MicroNix

          Who gives you root out of the box? Certainly no OEM on Verizon.

          • wrkerr

            I wouldn’t expect root out of the box (that would be a terrible idea for most users), but Motorola specifically makes their bootloaders wildly difficult to unlock. That’s the one thing I don’t like about my Moto X.

            Consequently, root methods are very tedious and complicated if they exist at all, and are generally broken completely with each OTA.

      • Steve

        Oh Nexus 6, let me count the ways…

      • Ajmcnicol

        maybe…but my money goes to devs that do it out of love of the community or the love of the challange and to show off their skill…
        THOSE i support and donate to VOLUNTARILY. These guys can charge…they have a right too..but i also have a right to not buy and simply wait for someone else to have a ‘free’ way

        • TylerChappell

          For something such as getting root, it should always be a “free, but donate or pay your own price if you wish” kinda thing. Expecting me to pay for something that does nothing but void my warranty to only be undone by a Lollipop update isn’t a good business model to be frank. Sure, I realize that devs take all the time to do that work, but what they CHOOSE to do in their free time is their financial burden, not mine.

          • Ajmcnicol

            Um…i think you misread what i wrote. I agreed with their right to charge..i dont agree that they however should.

          • Drivel2787

            I don’t think oil companies should charge me for gas.. I should be able to pull up and pump for free even though they spend millions in equipment, time drilling, refinery process. .. oh wait this is the world of entitlement everything should be free!!!! Wait a second doesn’t that sound idiotic? IF you agree then that’s because it is. .. Ajmcnicol concept applied in a different light.

          • j

            So, you work for free too, right… and would pass up a good opportunity to make a little cash, right. right


          • Ajmcnicol

            “I agreed with their right to charge”
            Never said they shouldnt be allowed to. They chose to charge…i chose to not buy. All about choice. Its amazing when people can have a choice.
            Thanks though…

          • Smooth

            So by what you have said, You would then also think that a band should not charge for their music? Why is this different. And how do you know that they do not do this for a living?

          • devaddict

            and whether you CHOOSE to root is yours for $20

          • TylerChappell

            Actually, it would be mine for free, when a better, less greedy DEV comes along and does the same thing.

          • devaddict

            Greedy? More like Generous.

            First: This DEV didn’t have to share what HE did with the world of Turbo owners, including you. The fact that he did is privilege enough.

            Second: This idea that you are entitled to root access is laughable, take it up with Verizon if you have a problem.

            Finally: It’s not the DEVs fault, he has the skills and knowledge you lack to provide the access you so desire at the price of what, date night at Panera bread? If you are worried about warranties or being undone, that’s a risk you take, and whether you choose to take it, is yours and yours alone.

            Simple economics here Tyler. There clearly is a demand for this access with 1 supplier, pay for it. If you want to wait for a less greedy DEV to do it, be my guest. I hope the next DEV and this DEV team up and sell it for $30 bucks. That would be less greedy right? Each get $15 for their time and hard work.

            Stopping whining already.

          • TylerChappell

            You’re the only one whining. I don’t even own a Droid Turbo, moron.

          • lgp187inc

            you pay 600$ for a phone you should be able to have root access. I dont even know why we would argue over who does what.
            If I bought a car and I wanted lower it and put hydraulics on its my car IDK why people think its cool for companies to do whatever they want… its not like they are paying for the android OS its Open Source, sure they have devs for their bloatware and some cool utilities, but the pizza is free all you pay is the toppings, i should be able to have a gluten free pizza if i so choose.

      • Ahku Droid

        There was already a $5000 bounty (last time I checked) that people put into a PayPal account to be awarded to the person that achieved root. Now they are milking it for more.

        It would be worth it if it included a bootloader unlock.

        • tnt3

          Wait, so people already donated to the bounty? Not just pledges? I’d love to see a link for that – that makes this a little worse IMHO, especially since this isn’t really a whole lot more than temp root access.

          • Ahku Droid

            You might be correct, it looks like the person managing the thread may have given up and pledges may never reached the collections phase (maybe the answer is in one of the 151 pages). It had been awhile since I tried keeping up with that monstrous thread. I thought I read at one point that an account was being set up.

            Still, as you said, it’s a temp root with the /system directory still write protected. I’m not entirely sure what limitations this entails. The method seems a bit excessive too. $5 would probably be more reasonable, $20 is more of a bootloader unlock price.

            I was going to go buy a Turbo as soon as the root method was out for all, but this makes me want to wait, especially with 64 bit phones being released so soon.

    • terrorist96

      Hey, I had to pay the Chinese middleman $40 to unlock my bootloader so I could root my Moto X.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Waiting to see all the comments about people complaining it costs money. Like people should work for free.

    • Tyler Durden

      If it includes all future root methods, sure, but one that is gonna be useless once Lollipop comes out, no, $20 is dumb. Maybe $10.

    • Kayungjoo

      I see this comment or similar, way too often. If you’re gonna complain about people not supporting your free lance work then get a real job.

      • MicroNix


  • verZion
  • Tyler Durden

    There’s something weird about the name…”Mofo”…lol

    • Killa

      At least the name isn’t infringing on any trademark rights of Motorola. Now it “might” be infringing a ton of other things….but at least he’s safe by not calling it MOTOROOT.

    • landon

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • NeilOMalley

    Tempting, but Lollipop will kill this off soon. And I would rather have that than root right now.

    • Good thinking. Lollipop > root.

      • Can’t tell if Sarcasm or Serious.

        • Patmw123

          He’s serious. Both him and Tim have been very upfront with the fact that they no longer feel the need to root their devices.

          • Oh that’s right. I remember reading about that a while back.

          • SirLance99

            You don’t need to root anymore. Rooting is no longer really needed.

          • Patmw123

            I never said root was necessary. However, while I may not need or want it, everyone has different desires/needs in their device so having the option to root is definitely a plus.

          • chaoslimits

            No longer necessary but, for me, definitely wanted for TWRP/Titanium backups and tasker and adblock 🙂

          • NeilOMalley

            Can’t install TWRP, bootloader is still locked. I would definitely pay for a bootloader unlock.

          • Bigsike

            You see this is exactly what Verizon wants is us arguing with each other, we all have to remember that none of us should have to explain to another why we would want/need root. Verizon wants to control what we do and people seem to dismiss this, but again this is exactly what they want is to hear “You don’t need it!” how come? why? what are you doing?. These questions are for us alone, what we do is no one’s business let’s all try and keep that in mind.

          • Amen. Root + VZW Unlmtd = no need for a separate bill.

          • Higher_Ground

            *if you’re on a family data share plan
            Verizon’s still got the gall to charge for tethering on everything else. i don’t see them relenting any time soon.

          • MicroNix

            I miss the days of DL reviewing roms and rooting. After thinking about possibly losing the ability to root once my G3 got LP, I decided to root and get TWRP installed. Found the Skydragon LP kernel and custom rom which I flashed and am soooo glad I did. This thing flies with no expense of the battery that I can tell of so far. It made a device that I really liked into something phenomenal!

          • Higher_Ground

            Seriously, I miss those days. Android has come a long way, but let’s not kid ourselves: it has ONE, maybe 2 major updates a year that add cool new features. ROMS were constantly baking in new features, even if that meant many of them were a mess, but you could usually find something stable that was an improvement over stock.
            The last few ROMS I ran were based on jelly bean builds for the gnex. Given how much nicer today’s phones are than the gnex, I can only imagine how much better they’d be if you could tweak them to your liking.
            You might not *need* to root anymore, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still make your phone a more complete and functional device.

      • EC8CH

        Oh how far we’ve come 😛

      • gdanko

        Stop using Verizon until they stop locking everything down.

      • gallen408

        Ad long as I can root for long enough to unlock every lte band I’m happy.