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Galaxy S6 Active Specs Reportedly Confirmed, Headed to AT&T

According to sources of SamMobile, specifications for the upcoming Galaxy S6 Active, the hardened version of Samsung’s latest flagship device, have been confirmed. On top of specs, availability is said to have been confirmed for AT&T, just like each previous edition of the S6 Active. 

As for specifications, the S6 Active is reported to feature the same 5.1″ QHD Super AMOLED display as the Galaxy S6, a Exynos 7420, 3GB of RAM, 3500mAh battery, 32GB of onboard storage, 16MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and water proofing. As for major differences, the dimensions are key. When compared to the Galaxy S6’s 70.5 x 143.4 x 6.8mm, the S6 Active will be 73.6 x 146.9 x 8.8mm. So to sum that area up, it’s a bit wider, taller, and thicker.

While it may be coming to AT&T, no date or price has been announced by Samsung. When the phone is made official by the company, those details are likely to come.

Anyone here rocking the Galaxy S5 Active? Interested in an upgrade?

Via: SamMobile
  • robertkoa

    Hoping Samsung also makes an intermediate Model called
    S6 Pro – exactly like S6 but about 7.5 to 8.0 mm thick which can support a 3000 to 3200 Mah Battery.

    Note 5 Compact would even be better at about 4.8″ screen .

  • jscheffer85

    I tell you what, granted it got overblown out of proportion, but that said….On the extreme bend tests people were doing on iPhone vs Galaxy phones, Galaxy won everytime, plastic flexes people. Yeah it might not look “ooh pretty, shiny” but it’s durable.

    To answer the question of being interested in the Galaxy Active, i have the Droid Turbo atm b/c i like the stock android experience, debating on getting the Nexus 6 but being as its close to 6 months old…i’m hesitating to burn $200-300 on it.

    If Samsung can actually remove the bloat like they claim to be doing, i might give them a second look but after being with them since my Note 2, it’s nice to be on a mostly stock android experience. Smooth, clean, open to customize without loosing performance.

  • Rusty

    Why is the storage so low? Only 32 GB!

  • AngryBadger

    Do the active variants get updates just the same as the regular versions?

  • pyro74boy .

    i’m still saving up my penny’s for the S-6 Edge on T-mobile.

  • r0l

    Will this have the same styling and materials just larger size? Maybe I missed something but I don’t get if this will be plastic like the old one or glass/metal like the other S6s.

    • John Motschenbacher

      Metal is overrated. Gimme all plastic every time.

  • John Motschenbacher

    Now THIS is the specs the S6 should have had. Much better in my book.

  • ChrisI

    The no SD card is big enough for me to ignore it. With the sheer size that HD video, high-res pics, movies, and digital media take up, not to mention these GB+-sized Android updates, no SD slot is plain stupid. An absolute deal killer for me. I just simply don’t get why SD slots go away when they don’t up the internal storage substantially. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    • ferrari187

      they want you to fork over for the higher capacity versions

      • ChrisI

        Fine. Whether I fork over $50 for an SD card or $50 for a 128gb model, what’s the difference? We need the storage. I’m not using any cloud BS, and I’m not going to constantly be moving/transferrign stuff to my laptop.

        I went snowboarding a week ago, and took a 2min HD video on my Note 3. Two gb’s!! I did a month long volunteer project in Maldives and was taking video and pictures every single day with my GS3. Even WITH an SD card, I was constantly running out of space. An SD card slot is a must for me.

        • ferrari187

          sd cards are fairly cheap (on amazon, sandisk 64 gb, class 10, 33$) and the money goes to sandisk or whoever you buy it from not samsung/carrier. samsung can charge like 50/100$ for the 64, and another 100$ for 128$
          i agree with you, i want an sdcard slot, but just saying from a business side they dont care

          • ChrisI

            I think you prove my point, which is that I want an SD slot over a larger size phone option. Even 64gb isn’t worth it for me to pay more. But anyone who buys an ACTIV version of the S6 is likely an outdoorsy kind of person, capturing their adventures and excursions in both photo and video. For that very purpose, I was saying Sammy was stupid to not include SD slots NOR offer a higher capacity option.


          • ferrari187

            im agreeing with you bruhh

          • ChrisI

            yeah totally, sorry, didn’t mean for it to come off argumentative. We can agree to agree!

    • mcdonsco

      Because everything you mentioned can be stored in cloud storage and accessed easily anytime you want it.

      I use Google photos for my gallery app and it automatically sends all that content to the cloud and I can delete it from my device if I want to.

      • ChrisI

        No, it *cannot* be accessed easily anytime you want it. What if I’m on a mountain biking trip in Canada? Or white water rafting in Wyoming? Or driving through rural parts of China? And also, the vast majority of people have tiered data plans….they shouldn’t be wasting it by sending stuff to/from clouds. Or maybe people actually care about privacy/security and want to retain full ownership of their media and not hand it over to some digital enterprise?? And that’s not even to mention that cloud storage is routinely capped as well.

        I’m not going to be sending my 25gb of vacation videos to/from a cloud site. SD cards are the only freedom I choose.

        • mcdonsco

          And how often are you needing to access that stuff while white water rafting or driving through rural China? Probably not often, if at all.

          Listen, I know there are certainly lots of use case scenarios for needing an SD card for your phone, just saying for the majority of people its not an issue at all and oems are always going to cater to the majority of people, not you…its just the way it is.

          I personally don’t care because all the times I did have a Samsung phone with a 64gb SD card in it the most I ever used was like 1-2 gb’s.

          As such, I’ll be fine with a 32gb edge.

          • ChrisI

            “with a 64gb SD card in it the most I ever used was like 1-2 gb’s.”

            “but i doubt it will look anywhere near ad nice as the s6 std, so liking not getting that”

            You’re more interested in form over function, and that’s what’s frustrating me with recent crop of phones is they are catering to those types of consumers. Make it thinner, make it shinier, give it a fingerprint scanner, make the resolution so high the human eye can’t discern the difference anyway…..silly marketing gimmicks

        • Symbiotx

          I know what you mean. I live in Wyoming. If you even try driving across the state while listening to internet radio, you’ll be back to using CD’s.
          My 32gb Droid Dna is packed all the damn time. It is ridiculous to not have an sd card slot anymore.

          Yeah, maybe that doesn’t apply to everyone, but isn’t that why it should be optionally expandable? Even then, you run into the problem of data caps if you do everything via cloud. It’s unacceptable.

        • Sam_K

          Exactly Chrisl! The Galaxy S6 supports recording 4K resolution videos (and the S5 did as well) and each minute of 4K video can take up to 2gb so no expandable memory doesn’t make sense. Also unless you have an unlimited data plan and access to the cloud everywhere you go then constantly uploading videos to the cloud isn’t a viable option. Imagine you’re on a limited data plan like 2gb or even 5gb and you don’t have access to WiFi and then you unload multiple gb of video to the cloud, you’ll have a really nice large mobile phone bill waiting for you at the end of the month.

  • hkklife

    Should have gone with a 4000mAh battery, microSD slot and a 5.3″ screen….and availability on all carriers. It’s an improvement spec-wise as far as battery & waterproofing but only 32GB storage might be a turn-off for a lot of folks. It’ll be interesting to see if the physical keys make a return like the former Active models.

  • cdm283813

    Maybe this will shut up the people that want larger batteries and waterproofing. But I highly doubt it. People will say it looks ugly, no SD cards and lacks the curved display.

    • ChrisI

      The no SD card is big enough for me to ignore it. With the sheer size that HD video, high-res pics, movies, and digital media take up, not to mention these GB+-sized Android updates, no SD slot is plain stupid. An absolute deal killer for me.

  • Tomek G

    That sucks that it is exclusive to ATT, I would pick it for TMO if it was available.

    • monkeybutts

      It would probably have bands 2, 4, and 12 for T-mobile like the Note 4 does if you get it unlocked it would work, just no wifi calling.

      • Sam_K

        The Galaxy S5 Active have LTE band 12 so I doubt that the Galaxy S6 Active will have it unless AT&T and T-Mobile have reached some LTE roaming agreement.

        • monkeybutts

          The Galaxy S5 active was released before Samsung started putting band 12 in their new devices. Pretty much every US GSM device they have released since last August has band 12 in it.

  • Dale

    Are the internals exactly the same as the regular S6 (minus the battery)? That would help the slow upgrade issue that normal plagues active phones.

  • Me

    I hate when companies do this. Make a better phone and put it on 1 carrier. SMFH

    • cdm283813

      There is no such thing as the perfect phone so lets just forget that idea. Name any phone in the history of cell phones and I bet anything that I can find a problem with it. There is no magical formula for the perfect device. Some people actually want the S6 Edge because it looks bad ass. Some people want this phone because it’s rugged. It’s near impossible to have one phone rule them all.
      Below are some bad ass looking phones that most likely won’t be available. I would take these over a rugged ugly design.

      • Me

        At what point did I say the Active was the “perfect” phone? I’m taking about specs, specifically the battery.

        • cdm283813

          I would gladly give up 1000mAh for that Captain America paint job. It can even double for Superman.

          And if all I care about is battery life with looks and thickness not a concern I would just rock one of these battery cases for my Note 4. A big ugly bulky case that will give me 3 days of solid action. And battery case manufactures life Mophie have already confirmed that both models are getting the battery case treatment.

      • Jonathan Williams


      • AngryBadger

        those are some nice renders. I’d buy that Ironman edition.

  • guest

    Come to Verizon with 128gb, I might consider..

  • The Doctor

    The S6 Active is what the S6 regular should have been. I have no idea why anyone would want the regular S6 after the reveal of the S6 Active.

    • sc0rch3d

      if it has the MST technology built in….agreed

    • T4rd

      It’s not as purrrrdy though! =p

      • The Doctor

        Seriously, only slack-jawed morons purchase phones based on aesthetics. The rest of us prefer functionality.

        • jnt

          You’re on the wrong site then, my friend. DL has a heavy bias if a device is aesthetically “hot”. (had to get that word in there)

        • T4rd

          No wai! Just look at all those people who by Apple products… oh wait..

          • The Doctor

            Apple products don’t even look good. They all have the same look to them.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, ok bruh.. GL finding another device with a backlit or shiny logo on the back so everyone can KNOW how awesome you are.

            /s for those who will undoubtedly take that seriously.

        • Sirx

          Which is why I want to punch Kellen, Tim, and company whenever I read them talking up how important “premium materials” are and how everyone should premium all the things! It’s truly maddening to see the market move in this asinine direction.

          @Kellen and Tim: Just kidding–I love your website too much to ever punch you! But I’m pretty sure I could take you guys B-)

          • The Doctor

            Aesthetics, to me, are a small part of the smartphone package. I care more about functionality.

          • James_75

            So you’re getting a Saygus V²?

          • The Doctor

            I would if I didn’t have the Nexus 6. The Saygus V2 is an amazing phone with amazing specs. I don’t care much for the 5″ screen, though.

          • James_75

            Right on, I’m waiting for my V² to ship still.. Hope it’s awesome and well supported.. I just can’t do the N6.. Just too big.

          • ChrisI

            Yep, I pre-ordered one, but it’s having it’s own issues….

    • William Kister

      I am waiting for the reports to come in about people dropping their phones if they don’t use cases onto pavement or rocks. They will find out very quickly that aluminum isn’t very forgiving. I can understand doing an internal frame to add rigidity much like camera companies use, but it looks as if the most exposed areas will take the a good scuffing.

      • The Doctor

        The S6 is made of gorilla glass 4 on the front and back with an aluminum alloy frame. That thing will never survive a 4 foot drop.

        • TC Infantino

          Hell, I doubt it would survive a pocket drop onto a hard surface.
          On a side note, Doctor. Why are you making us wait so long for your next season to be released on Netflix?

          • The Doctor

            This Doctor has no control over the show going on Netflix. 😀 Unfortunately, my TARDIS is a 2006 Chevy.

        • William Kister

          And it’s thinner. There is a cost that comes with that as well.

  • I hope it’s not exclusive to AT&T

    • Tyler Durden

      They almost always are. Maybe a Sport one for Sprint.


    Apparently AT&T customers are just a bunch of hard-core active people. Seeing as how they always get the “active” version everytime

    • El Big CHRIS

      Exactly. Why do they always get the exclusives is beyond me. Money I guess but man there are other carriers too

      • DanSan

        Because its the biggest GSM based provider in the country. much bigger of a standard (GSM) than using CDMA tech.

  • James_75

    This has me hardened… ATT exclusive, not so much.

  • Adnan Khan

    Why don’t they just stick to two models. S6 and s6 edge!

    • Jibin

      That’s Samsung for ya!

  • First

    • guest

      U suck

    • ChrisI

      Not that it matters; if I change my settings to show “Newest” or “Best”, then technically you are last.

  • MichaelFranz

    That battery makes it worth it. Nearly 1000mah better. as long as the design doesnt look like a tonka truck

    • Tyler Durden

      Now it seems very worrying that the regular version is only 2600.

      • MichaelFranz

        must of done some real world testing….lol

        let’s play ncie and say they packed a bigger battery because they would. You think this goes on par with Droid Turbo battery life or just compensates for the lack of in the S6/Edge

      • robertkoa

        Looks like about 4 to 5 hours of screen on time per charge but maybe more at lower brightness ..
        Trying to get a few who have the Device to post Stats- Pro Reviewers are being vague.

    • Allyn K C

      Didn’t Samsung claim they couldn’t include water-proofing in the S6 because it would have resulted in a bigger phone? I suspect they jammed in a bigger battery into the active version to force it to be bigger, just so they can say “see, told you waterproofing made the phone bigger” (all while hoping no one would point out the bigger battery like you did).

      • master94

        The active is all about durability, the s6 is about looks. More likely the active will be made of plastic according to android police. Plastic is a lot more forgiving than metal when it comes to thickness so Samsung was probably telling the truth. I’m just hoping the active has removable battery.