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7 New Apps Gain Casting Support Today: Comedy Central, Encore, Nickelodeon, and More

The Chrome team announced that it has added casting (previously Chromecast only, but casting is everywhere!) support for seven new apps this morning…or developers of these apps have now built in support for casting…whatever, you get it. The list of apps includes Comedy Central, Sesame Street Go, Nickelodeon, TuneIn, EPIX, YuppTV, and Encore.

The list grows. Get to casting!

Don’t have a “cast” capable device? Amazon has a $3 discount on the Chromecast. Or there is the Nexus Player through Google Play for a more robust solution. 

Via:  Google Chrome
  • Shantaram

    Big Yawn for me . . . wake me up when AUDIBLE audiobook software becomes Chromecast compatible!

  • Guest
  • AngryBadger

    Heads up… 10 dollars off at Costco beginning the 28th of November and ending the 30th.

  • ◀Kaneki▶


  • Pakmann2k

    Would like to see a new Chromecast article recapping everything that has come along since launch. My sister bought one at launch and unlike me, she doesn’t keep up with this stuff and I would like to point her somewhere that can show here everything the Chromecast can now do. It was pretty limited at launch and I don’t think she uses it at all anymore.

  • jasenm

    I believe WalFart is having Black Friday deal on these at 25 bucks. Such a good investment.

  • JT3

    IS the Nexus Player a more robust solution? I honestly can’t even imagine doing without my Chromecast any more, but I still can’t think of a single reason to buy a Nexus Player. Am I missing something?

    • AngryBadger

      same here… it is not like it included hdmi pass-through. I don’t get it, but then again I am not ‘up’ on the entire spec list.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      My Nexus Player just arrived today.
      Some apps like food network and hgtv only work on nexus player. cable cutter here with access to logins so I can get the content and now can finally put some on the big screen. Yes, I could have casted a browser and I have. But the player is a better solution.

      Also, could be mistaken but I believe the player supports 5ghz where chromecast didn’t.

    • michael arazan

      Nexus player has access to a whole lot of games in the Play store with the controller support which makes it a lock for me just for all the First Person Shooter games I have bought and have not played yet.

      Android Central wrote up 2 different reviews/ hands on with the Nexus Player that really goes in depth on it

  • Yay Finally Tunein… my life is complete.

  • Michael Graef

    Great. Now would it be too much to ask for Google’s own Slides app for Android to support casting? They’ve had, what, a year and a half to make that happen? Major Google fail to easily support a business use case in my opinion…

    • JSo

      Can’t you just cast your screen? Unless you have a device that doesn’t support it.

      • Michael Graef

        Only a very limited number of devices support screen casting. Alas, Moto X 2013 is not among them.

        • Chris M

          that should come with lollipop…no?

          • Michael Graef

            Not sure if screen casting is built into Lollipop or not. However, to be a highly useful business tool (at least in my setting), this functionality ideally needs to be platform-agnostic — staff members running Google Slides on iOS devices or last year’s Android devices need to feel the love, too.

  • I unplugged my Chromecast and switched to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, not bad for $19

    • seems archaic controlling your tv with a remote 😛

      • I love it! If I’m on the computer and streaming something, I don’t have to take my phone off the charger to pause a show, I just take the remote on my desk and press pause. 🙂

        • Chris M

          If that’s your only benefit I’ll pass. I can cast from multiple device with ease using cc. No brainer imo.

  • Monty C

    silly me – i thought those were tv channels..

  • WAldenIV

    They need support for NBC Live Extra so that Premier League matches can be cast.

    • Monty C

      the tennis channel airs those don’t it? or is that rugby?

      • EnterTheNexus


    • Andy Stetson

      Same demand from me, but for golf.

  • Inquizitor

    Still waiting for current Chromecast apps to be ported to Android TV. At least HBO Go plz, since I’m about to replace my 360 with a PS4

    • Pakmann2k

      My 3yo Sony BlueRay player with Google TV has HBO Go. Just saying.

  • morgan boyle

    took a year but the developers are really coming around.

  • Daeshaun

    Banana Rep is doing something with google. It says “60 days free google play” it has to be music but it doesn’t clarify. Will drop a tip when i know more.

  • Chris B

    Just sold mine. Couldn’t get over the “Brain Freeze issue” that popped up a month ago. Plex, YouTube, gMusic. NOTHING WORKS.

    • JSo

      The Chromecast didn’t work or you didn’t know how to use it?

      • Chris B

        I wish it was that. After an update was push out over the last 20 days or so, it made my ChromeCast unusable. Every service I cast to it would come up with the “Brain Freeze” error; even Google Applications. I spent a good amount of time playing with different things, nothing worked. Roku it is. .

        • JSo

          Well I don’t think it’s been a wide spread issue. Maybe you just needed a factory reset. But too late now I guess.

          • Chris B

            …Factory reset…? Do you work at a local help desk…? Oddly, that doesn’t fix everything 🙂

          • JSo

            So you tried it? Well if it was really broken, you still sold it? Not cool. lol

          • Pakmann2k

            Just caught this too. Not cool at all.

        • Gr8Ray

          I wonder if this is what’s been happening with mine. Trying to stream All Access from my garage, so I couldn’t see the TV to see any error messages, but it would keep getting stuck at the end of tracks. I finally gave up and switched to casting Pandora, and had no problems, so it seemed app specific. Has also happened a couple times on my other chromecast in the living room.

  • Suicide_Note

    Still one of the best tech purchases I’ve ever made.

    • Enthasuasticalogocalism

      but why the hell chromecast dont support more devices for cast screen?

      • Suicide_Note

        Ask Google. I can cast from my phone, tablet, and PC, so I’m good.

        • Enthasuasticalogocalism

          so ur using all nexus devices

  • Keith

    This is great! Just the other day I was listening to Car Talk via Tune In on my TV sound system while doing some work in the living room, but I had to cast my phone’s screen to the TV when all I wanted was the audio. Now it’s just that much easier.

    • JSo

      Have you tried casting TuneIn yet? I was wondering if it had issues casting live streams. I switched to iHeart Radio when it added casting options but streaming live radio didn’t work. Only the custom stations.

      • Keith

        Not yet, I’ll probably give it a go tonight after work.

  • Nick281051

    The chromecast continues to be worth more and more than what it costs to buy

  • paticao

    staples is selling them now for $25, so you can use Best Buy to price match them.

  • jerflash

    i have had a chromecast for a long time now and it works great. I also have a nexus player now. i like the device but it make for a crappy chromecast in all of my testing. now i keep both connected

  • Matt Diroff

    Wait for Black Friday deals. $10 off.

    • gtredfee

      black Friday deal is $10 off and free $10 play store gift card

  • Steveo

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Spotify? Pls?

    • Pfffttt doubt they’re going to. But one can hope.

      • Guest

        Would be great if some of the Android sites would actually contact Spotify about this and get them on the record about why they refuse to respond to customers about this…

        • Chimera

          I’m sure it’s because they want to push their own standard – Spotify Connect. https://www.spotify.com/us/connect/

          • morgan boyle

            thats exactly it. i didnt even know this existed

          • YINGTsaoooo

            He­r­e i­s h­­ow t­­­o st­­­art ma­­­ki­­ng a de­­­ce­nt i­­nco­­me e­­ver­­­y mo­­­nt­­­h… Af­­­te­r be­in­­g w­­it­­­ho­­­ut wo­­­r­­k fo­­r s­­­ix m­­onth­­s, I fo­­­un­­d a j­­o­­b o­­ve­­r th­­­i­s we­­­bsi­­te i fo­­un­­­d, a­nd n­ow i a­m ha­­pp­­ie­r th­­an ev­er.I a­m ma­­­k­ing $­12­00­0/mo­nth n­ow. S­o ca­­­n Y­o­­­­u!

          • NastyEmu

            But they already support Roku and Amazon FireTV. Leaving out Chromecast support seems like bad idea.

        • MDGuest

          They just won’t answer. There’s a “feature request” part of Spotify’s forum, and CC support is the top voted request. http://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/Add-support-for-Google-ChromeCast/idi-p/482900

          Their only response “Hello everyone. Spotify here. We wanted to address a request many of you have made for Chromecast support. In order to keep improving Spotify, we are always testing new things on our different platforms. While we don’t have any plans to launch this in the immediate future, we are looking into it, and will let you know as soon as we have any more information to share.”

          I cancelled my premium subscription, and signed up for Play All Access, and no longer recommend Spotify to my friends

          • Gr8Ray

            It’s probably more of a licensing issue than a tech issue. I pretty much did the same as you due to Spotify’s lack of giving a cr4p, no regrets.

          • gpzbc

            I also cancelled my Spotify premium subscription, and signed up for Play All Access strictly because of Chromecast.

      • Why would they? Google Play Music does pretty much the same thing, with the added ability of storing/streaming your own library from the cloud. #GameOver

    • Ryan

      With their Sonos deal, I can’t see them bringing chromecast support anytime soon. I believe there was a third party work around for it though.

    • Nate

      Rhapsody has it all… Plus full Chromecast support.