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Nokia Unveils the N1, a Premium Android Tablet Running Lollipop

Without forewarning, Nokia unveiled the N1 today, a premium 7.9-inch tablet running Lollipop. It is constructed from anodized aluminum, packs a laminated display and Intel processor, weighing a mere 316 grams. It also comes pre-configured with Z Launcher, Nokia’s homescreen replacement on Android. And did we mention, it’s aggressively priced at just $249? In a word, it is compelling.

Nokia did not cut corners in designing the N1, which takes more than a few design cues from the iPad mini (down to the speaker and button arrangement). The tablet sports an entirely metal unibody, which measures a thin 6.9mm. Its internals are similarly uncompromising for a tablet of its class: a 2048 x 1536 resolution display, an Intel Atom Z3580 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera 5-megapixel front shooter, and 32GB of storage.

Uniquely, the N1 will be among the first devices to adopt the reversible USB Type-C connector, a feature we would not mind seeing other manufacturers adopt.

The N1 ships running Lollipop, but features Nokia’s Z Launcher. The launcher replacement, which debuted on the Google Play Store in June, tries to intelligently suggest apps and contacts based on your behavior. It also, like Google’s Gesture Search, allows you to quickly find an app by doodling the letter with which its name starts.

The tablet will launch in China around February 19 before rolling out to unspecified European countries. Nokia did not give a timeline for North America, so it is probably safe to say the N1 will not be appearing stateside anytime soon. Bummer.

Would a Nokia-made Android tablet interest you?

Via: Nokia
  • ScoobySnack

    Wireless charging?

  • Trysta

    Ok I feel bad saying this but… Does anyone else think that this level of hardware polish is what most were expecting from an HTC built Nexus 9? I wouldn’t be interested without gapps but the hardware looks really nice.

  • Seriously, why the F?

  • Kelvin Tso

    GSM Arena shows an Intel Atom processor…..last time I checked, those sucked. Not sure about nowadays.

  • Trevor

    Reversible USB connector: that is frickin awesome. It’s about time that starts happening.

  • Alex Niehaus

    Honestly, I’d probably buy this. I still think an iPad mini has a better form factor then a nexus 7. My galaxy tab 10 seems so tall and narrow at times also, and I always seem to be happy with the size and shape of an iPad. Plus, all metal? Yes please.

  • Droid 1967

    someone may of said this but i dont see it. Nokia also tweeted that they plan on it coming with an unlockable bootloader. now the “Planned” may be a problem but he stated that if you want stock lollipop you can have it as we plan on releasing with an unlocked bootloader. Just FYI.

  • JeffColorado

    Nokia will allow you to uninstall their launcher if you want…which is just so fricken awesome. No way would HTC or Samsung let you do that.

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Company has no plans for a US release…

  • shmigga

    I’m guessing that the F is for fail?

  • Matthew Merrick

    why the obsession with 4:3 nowadays? >_< If this had a 16:10 screen i'd be all over it.

    • hkklife

      Apple, basically. Also, a desire to squeeze the most usable space into a smaller formfactor. And smaller(ish) (7″-9″) Android tablets seem to be where all of the action is these days and 16:9/16:10 on a 10″ or larger makes it too “tall” when held in portrait mode.

  • Johny M

    Android with no GAPPS is like a post opp tranny. It might be technically a women/android but you will always know and wonder.

  • Apple be like…

    “Release the Lawyers!” [Horn sounds]


    • guest qwe

      Apple already lost their battle with Nokia a while back. . .

      • michael arazan

        Plus Apple and Microsoft, who owns Nokia, are buddies now. Working together to topple Google/ Android any way they can and defunk it. Except that MS seems to be hedging their bets by developing apps for Android ecosystem as fast as they can to get their own services people like from Windows on PC’s

  • hkklife

    WOW, I wasn’t expecting this from a licensed product bearing the Nokia name! I was thinking something just a notch or two above the no-name Chinese Android tablets you see at CVS. HUGE plus for Type-C and the screen size/resolution. Minor bummer that it doesn’t have expandable storage or at least a 64GB version available. Qi charging would be nice too, given Nokia’s prior support of the standard.

    • Wait. They sell tablets at CVS? You mean I can play Angry Birds AND buy hemorrhoid cream all in one place?

      • SilentPatriot

        `Droids and rhoids, lol!

  • ssl0408

    So it’s an iPad Air ripoff.

    • JeffColorado

      Yeah, because Apple totally invented 4:3 screens. Any tablet that uses that ratio must be a rip off.

  • Tom S

    Wait… I thought MS spanked Nokia for its Android efforts.

    • sagisarius

      Nokia is still around, they just sold their phone unit to MS. So this is, confusingly, Nokia the company, not Nokia the unit of Microsoft.

      • Tom S

        Ohhhhhhhh… I gotcha. Yeah, that is confusing.

  • Brian Ward

    I’m not familiar with Atom performance, but it looks interesting and like something I may consider.

  • Travis Erickson

    just turned off my adblocker…… holy balls with all the ads batman

  • Finire

    Put 4GB of RAM into this, keep the Intel Processor, and have it dual boot between Windows and Android, and you’ve got my interest. But as it is, with no GApps? No thanks.

  • subiedude85

    I’d rather have the shield tablet but this does look nice for the price.

  • Keith

    At that price it could be a huge candidate for ROM development depending on how Nokia does at locking down their stuff.

  • Stone Cold

    I like it

  • Looks nice..

  • Blue Sun

    Will GApps be available for it?

    • James

      That’s the question. So far, the answer seems to be no.

      • Wilsonian

        And without GApps, I have absolutely no intention of buying this. It would 110% be on the radar if it was essentially stock Android with the GApps.

        • James

          Yep, exactly. It could still happen, but until then…

        • schoat333

          Agree. Android is useless without GApps.

        • Matthew Rebmann

          Can’t you just side load the playstore? I haven’t looked anything up but you’d be set if you can. My caveat is this, we have no idea how Nokia will be with updating software. I’m pretty happy with my Nexus 9, but that is one attractive tablet.

        • Droid Ronin

          I’m sure that you will eventually be able to root, then flash GApps.

      • Blue Sun

        Take it for what it’s worth….

        “The N1 will also use the Z Launcher, which it launched in June, on top of Android “Lollipop” 5.0. And yes, that’s not a fork and it will include Google Play “in markets where Google Play is available”, a Nokia spokesman told me — in other words, probably not in China, where Google Play doesn’t handle paid apps and many Google services are in any case blocked these days.”

        From: https://gigaom.com/2014/11/18/non-microsoft-nokia-launches-android-n1-tablet-and-z-launcher/

        • Me

          So basically just wait till it gets to EU then import it.

  • Laymans Terms

    Good to see more Intel processors hitting android. Curious to see how power efficiency comes into play.

  • Lucas Johnson

    It looks like a well rounded tablet. There aren’t many of those out there in the android world, especially at this price point. I’d get one if it came to the states.

    • Maxim∑

      looked good until I saw it used an Intel atom and had a 5900mah battery…

      Since its basically an iPad Mini (lets be real here)

      • Matthew Merrick

        supposedly this is a really powerful atom. supposedly on par with the highest-end ARM chips. supposedly.

      • Allan

        Intel’s Silvermont Atoms are not to be underestimated. The Z3560 and Z3580 are quad Silvermont parts with a G6430 GPU, the latter of which is supposedly on par with that of the iPad Air, though at even higher frequencies.

        • dianne9836

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    • James

      Even with no access to Google apps? So far, it doesn’t look like this device will have them.

      • scastro87

        Why do you say that? They say it’s running stock Lollipop with the Z Launcher pre-installed.

        • James

          Many media outlets have reported the seeming omission. For example, Android Police: “Do you see any Google Apps? Uhm, neither do I. It isn’t confirmed yet, but it seems to us that this N1 hasn’t received Google’s blessing and you will have to rely on either third-party stores to get your apps, or wait for root to get your Gapps fix.”

          However, a report on GigaOm states: “The N1 will also use the Z Launcher, which it launched in June, on top of Android “Lollipop” 5.0. And yes, that’s not a fork and it will include Google Play “in markets where Google Play is available”, a Nokia spokesman told me — in other words, probably not in China, where Google Play doesn’t handle paid apps and many Google services are in any case blocked these days.”

          So in other words, it’s unknown. Either way, the question is worthwhile – assuming the hardware is great, are GApps a dealbreaker? They are for me, sideloading or not.

    • Blue Sun

      Would you still get it if it was missing GApps & the Play Store?

      • Lucas Johnson

        I would indeed. Sideloading apps would be easy enough on the off chance the tablet didn’t get root.

        • JeffColorado

          Plus, Nokia is making this tablet unlocked(!) by default. So rooting should not be a big deal.