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Nokia HERE Maps Beta Now Available for Download by All

After enjoying a brief period of exclusivity on the Samsung Apps Store, Nokia has made the Android version of its HERE mapping application available for everyone with a compatible smartphone.

Although HERE has not yet shed the “beta” label, the app seems quite polished; when we tested the APK that leaked last month, our favorite features – extensive offline support and speed limit monitoring, mostly – worked flawlessly.

Other HERE capabilities include turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic info, and public transport maps and directions. Not all function without issue, though. For instance, Nokia notes that “cache cleaning” apps wipe navigational voices. A few bugs clearly remain, but isn’t that what beta testing is for?

HERE requires Android 4.0+, and is available for download from Nokia’s website.

HERE Download Link

Via: Nokia
  • Masoud

    why I cant’t add my nokia account in my nokia x2 dual sim????
    it says: Somting went wrong – Can’t do this at the moment. Please try again later.

    please help me. give me guide in my email. many thanks

  • StalinVsPredator

    Excellent – finally, the maps that I’ve been using with all my Nokias ever since it appeared, and that I’ve been waiting for this year, after finally switching to Android.

    On an Xperia Z1 Compact, everything seems fine so far (although the installation can be sometimes slow, and it would be good if voice/maps downloads could be queued; a dark theme would also be perfect, especially to make the look better than Google’s hideous, eye-burning white backgrounds everywhere).

    Now, there are two most important updates that the application needs:

    – a Play Store presence, for security and popularity,

    – much more importantly… SURFER DUDE! The best voice from Nokia / Ovi Maps MUST return! 🙂

  • Esmail Beguwala

    I want to know how I can make here maps my default navigation app for android so that address links on web pages directly open in here maps instead of Google maps. Tried clearing defaults from Google maps and even disabling Google maps but here still doesn’t become the default navigation app.

    • Katzhuu

      This would be great.I want to use Here as my default map/navigation app, but still the Google maps tends to get launched.

      I got galaxy s2.

  • leo

    Another item for feedback, it would be nice if HERE showed nearby restaurants and gas stations on the map by default. This is really valuable while travelling through unfamiliar areas.

    • Hi, I’m Jere from HERE. Thanks for the feedback. We will keep that in mind for future development. It’s something that was already visible and customizable in drive mode on Windows Phone

  • Phillipe Viana

    I am having problems to use my HERE account on this app, anyone else seen this?

    • Hi, I’m Jere from the HERE team. You need to create a new account. The account you’ve used on WP8 applications is the old Nokia account and we are moving all the apps gradually to the new HERE account starting with HERE for Android. You can migrate your collections and favorites once you’ve created a new account. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Phillipe Viana

        OK, Jere, thank you for the reply. I eventually created a new account and everything is going smooth now.

      • Michael Christensen

        I have a ton of favorites saved in Here Maps on my Lumia 820 and I would love to migrate those to the android version on my G2, but I’ve not been able to find any how-to’s – ideas Jere?

        • Absolutely, we have a guide on our HERE Three Sixty blog, but I’m not sure what the policy of pasting links on the comments of DroidLife is 🙂 Below a short version:
          1. Make a new HERE account
          2. Sign up for beta.here.com
          3. Follow the import prompt
          4. Ask me if you have any further questions 🙂

          • Michael Christensen

            Thanks a bunch, I’ll get right on it! 🙂

          • Michael Christensen

            Is there a way to trigger the import prompt? I’m not seeing it… perhaps because I created an account using the app on the phone before requesting access to the beta using the website?

          • You need to have access to the website beta to import the collections. Once in the beta, you can manually start the import process from the right side menu by selecting “HERE Account”.

          • Michael Christensen

            It worked like a charm, thanks again! 😉

    • Andy

      Having problems with login too. I can succssfully log in to my account on here.com website but when I try the same on Android results with message that either username or password is wrong. Why? Can though log in with facebook account in phone but can’t sync maps between here.com and phone. Using ver. 1.0.220 beta on SG S5

      • HERE for Android synchronizes with (and uses the same login as) beta.here.com. You can create a new account there and import your old collections.

  • Spider210

    I can’t get it to install… Package installer error . I have downloaded it 6 times

  • RicoDelicioso

    Wow. That app is awesome. Downloaded and am impressed. Will probably be my default maps app going forward.

  • Time machine

    Nokia didn’t I tell you in 2005 that a map app would be a good idea.? Nice hustle on creating this and I believe it’ll be something no one has every seen before.

  • Alan Burnstine

    If the maps continue to be free after Beta, this will be amazing (and unfortunately drive Garmin out of the smartphone software business). HERE (formerly NavTeq) maps are the best there are. Google is catching up, but their off-line mode is a joke (must be online to generate a route). HERE not only has the most accurate maps in the business, but also makes really intelligent decisions in the routing algorithm (like trying to make more right turns than left, particularly on arrival at final destination).

    I do agree with the comment by Jason Downing that there should be no need to download voices. I already have perfectly good voices on my Android device with Google TTS, and there are other 3rd parties if I want a different voice. I want my phone to use one voice for everything. For some reason, all navigation apps I have tried have this same drawback, which is one of the things that keeps sending me back to Google Maps, but HERE will definitely see some use when I am traveling in areas without good data network coverage.

  • Dave

    I wonder how this compares to my $5.99/month Platinum VZ Navigator app.

  • athensjohn


    I have used HERE maps before on a Windows phone. I do like the speed limit notification. I thought the layout was fine and really didn’t have a preference there. I only used it a few times, but it seemed that Google had better points of interest as HERE seemed to mostly have gas stations.

    As others have mentioned, I think the social aspect of Waze is a tremendous feature. I usually use Waze when I travel by interstate for this feature to help with notification about traffic accidents.

    I’m glad you are porting HERE to Android as it has great offline use.

  • Matthew Toomey


  • Yumms

    Does HERE maps support lane assistance?

  • Pitahson

    anyone know whats the best offline maps? I have 40GB free in my one plus one so map size is of no matter.

    • Alan Burnstine

      HERE are the best offline maps available, at least for the US. Same maps in this app as either of Garmin’s offerings (Navigon and ViaGo). TomTom, used by most of the other vendors are pretty good in Europe, but far worse in the US than HERE.

  • David Tyler

    Everyone should have an offline gps store on their phone even if you many never use it. Even the great Verizon Wireless lose data signal sometimes.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    HERE absolutely OWNS Google Maps when it comes to offline maps. So much more sensible.

  • ali jawad

    How does Nokia make money off of this just out of curiosity? Do they display ads, or charge a subscription fee of some sort? Do they sell information collected by using the app to 3rd parties? One of these days I’m going to have to read through the fine print. :p

  • TSY87

    I side loaded the APK before and gave it a try but didn’t like it. Everytime it gave an audio command, it would pause my music. It took forever for google nav to stop doing that… I dont want to live through that mess again. Im using spotify btw

    • Hi, I’m Jere from the HERE team. Thanks for the feedback!

  • JeffColorado

    What is it offering that Google Maps does not already do (Not being sarcastic…I really would like to know). I found out that Google actually can do offline maps, so it’s not that.

    • I’ve used the app before on my windows phone.. the cool thing about it is that the map actually knows the speed limit of the road. And it shows your speed and if you are speeding then it gives you a warning on your phone. I use Google maps as my preferred navigation, but according to my knowledge this is what Nokia Maps offers that GMaps doesn’t.

      • athensjohn

        I liked that feature as well when I used it on a Windows phone.

    • T4rd

      Google’s offline maps is half-baked. You can’t navigate using offline maps because it needs an internet connection to find the best route.. so offline it’s literally just a glorified screenshot of the map area. This isn’t the case with Here Maps.

    • We’ve summarized it in this video 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS-Nvlrljjw

  • T4rd

    This is definitely a slick app. Don’t think it’s enough to pull me from Waze though just for speed traps and road hazards. Speaking of Waze, does anyone know how to force Google Now to navigate using Waze (or anything else) instead of Google Maps?

  • Still better than Apple Maps.

  • Jason Downing

    I love new stuff. Chances are I’ll stick with google maps but I like trying new things.

    • Hi, I’m Jere from the HERE team. Thanks for giving it a chance! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

      • Jason Downing

        Right off the bat, I have 4 criticisms

        1. No Google login (only facebook). If it’s on Android, you should be able to sign in via Google … no exceptions there.
        2. The above option should allow importing Google places that are starred.
        3. I tried searching just my street number and name (1234 street ave.) and it says no results found. that was with an internet connection, but GPS not enabled. I exited the app and re entered and was able to search successfully.
        4. Didn’t test this out before downloading your voice/language pack, but will it default to Google TTS if yours isn’t downloaded? I personally see no sense in downloading another 64MB file to my phone if not needed.

        • Guest

          1234 Street Ave sounds like a fake street name, that is probably why its having a hard time finding your locale.

          • Jason Downing

            Well giving all of you my real address wouldn’t be too smart would it? That was an example. I used my real address in the app 😉

        • morgan boyle

          Yeah, Google Sign in should be a given with it on android. there are plenty of people that dont have facebook and plenty of people that want to ween off facebook too.

          • There is an option to create an account with your email address as well. But as said above, we might consider it in the future.

          • Jason Downing

            I think your user base would increase significantly to be honest. What makes any app attractive to use is ease of use and familiarity. I chose to use my email to sign up and even in your setup you call that “the old fashioned way”. Android is based off having a Google account.. not necessarily having a gmail address and Android users have become familiar with signing in this way.

            You’ve already said you’d consider it so I’ll put it to rest. Thanks for the responses.

          • michael arazan

            I don’t use facebook either, and would like to import my list from Google, I’ll give it a try again when this happens

          • IrishSid

            You’re considering considering it?

        • Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on going cross-platform from Windows Phone only by focusing our development on iOS and Android. We might consider Google login in the future and possibly also the possibility to import Google places. Good to hear the search worked. It’s still in beta and there are a few rough edges we are still smoothing out.

          • “might consider Google login” … no thanks, moving on

          • Jason Downing

            Here’s another for you. When navigating, clicking the bar the the top with the next direction takes you to a list of turn by turn which is nice, but I think I prefer Google’s map view that allows you to click through and see where you’re going.

          • usaff22

            Hi Jere, just wanted to let you know that the app doesn’t work on the Android Lollipop Preview. Wanted to say that before Lollipop is released to the masses and it doesn’t work.


      • T4rd

        If you can implement any sort of road hazard and speed trap/police reporting into the app, that is pretty much the only thing keeping me from using HERE over Waze. Not sure how feasible that is with you all though (either with infrastructure for reporting or for legality reasons).

      • 1. Put it on Play Store, that’ll increase your audience and would probably increase the chances of install especially considering many people still don’t like to install apps from external sources.
        2. Google Login
        3. Import from other apps, especially Google Maps.

        • Thanks for the feedback. HERE for Android is still in beta and we look forward to more feedback from everyone.

          • Jared Denman

            Thank you for giving us the speed limit notification! I’ve wanted this forever with Google maps!

          • Grayson

            Is this beta going to expire every couple weeks and make me download another one from the HERE website? If so, kind of a hassle. Hope it shows up in the Play Store soon for easier updating.

          • Don’t worry, it’s not going to expire every few weeks!

      • Kevin Vesga

        I set the download location to my SD card instead of internal memory but when downloading voices, it complains about lack of space because it’s going to my internal storage. Downloading maps works fine and they go straight to my SD card as expected at least.

      • RicoDelicioso

        I got one: When you “star” a location, make it show up on the whole map area like Google maps does. That way you can tap that star and route your trip to it. Naw mean?

        • I feel you 🙂 You can select a specific collection in your favorites to show all those places on the map. After tapping on the collection name, pull down from the top of the screen.

    • Anders Holmfin

      Get it to help support Finland. They blame the Apple for crushing their economy. They did not mention google.