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Deal: Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB for $169 From eBay, $100 Off

Once again, eBay is hosting a deal for the Nexus 7 (2013) with 32GB of storage at a price that no one will be able to beat. At $169.99,  you are looking at a $100 discount from the retail price that Google charges. In the end, though, you will save more than $100, since this deal includes free shipping.

The tablet is “manufacturer refurbished,” so no, it is not brand new. But as we have said countless times through posts like this, refurbishing isn’t always a bad thing.

eBay Link

  • TaekOne

    Does the Nexus 7 have an update to Android 4.4? I’m late in the game but am considering picking one up.

  • Kevin Kintner

    I picked up 2 32GB 2013 Nexus 7s at Staples last week for $159 each, they had them on clearance at $259 and they had a $100 off any clearance tablet or laptop coupon. About the same deal after you factor I had to pay tax but mine were new not refurbs like these.

    • CasperTFG

      Dang…I called three local Staples. All are gone from clearance.

    • yankeesusa

      except you ended up with a brand new and 1 year warranty. These are refurbished. You got a better deal. lucky you. I tried but all sold out online and no staples near me.

  • middlehead

    It’s not FROM ebay, it’s ON ebay. ebay isn’t selling anything. “Hosting” is theoretically correct, but the context isn’t right for the word in this usage.

    • guest

      Shut up.

      • middlehead

        You’re ugly and you smell bad.

        • Christopher Moore

          Yo momma!

          Could not resist. Haven’t said that in 30 years.

    • Suicide_Note

      I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

      • middlehead

        You need new material. That’s a terrible retort for this context.

    • Bryan

      Do you also tell people Best Buy isn’t selling anything either, just hosting the products? Best Buy is just “hosting” the products for Sony to sell. Of all the things to try to correct someone on, and you come up with that? Really?

      • middlehead

        You don’t understand the issue. Best Buy actually sells products, eBay doesn’t.

      • tdurden64111

        So Best Buy doesn’t purchase the products and then resell them at a margin? They’re not a reseller, but a broker?

    • MotoRulz

      You come across as a smart azz in your attempt to be smart. Ohh by the way, ebay should have been capitalized to begin your second sentence.

      • middlehead

        I’ve got no problem being an ass if it gets someone to stop doing something wrong when they’ve done it continuously. It may be minor, but it sticks out in my eye every time they do it.

        And it is ass, not azz.

    • Ryan N

      Nexus 7 16GB for only $99 with staples “$100 off any tablet or PC” online coupon.

      I picked up 3.

      Best deal I’ve ever gotten at staples, the cashiers were shocked like “You’d pay $50 more that that for a refurb”.