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AT&T Offers $100 Bill Credit When Activating New Line Through Next Program

From now until September 30, customers who activate a new line of service through AT&T’s Next program will receive a $100 bill credit. With Next, customers are told that device envy is a thing of the past, as those who are enrolled can upgrade to the newest smartphones without fear of an upgrade fee or activation fee. 

AT&T Next is offered in two different plans, the Next 12 (a 20-month installment plan) or Next 18 (a 24-month installment plan). Each plan offers the same benefits, with no annual contract and zero money down for your device purchases.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, go grab that free $100 credit.

Via: AT&T
  • GamePiece

    If Next is such a great deal like some say, then why is ATT pushing it on us?

    • yankeesusa

      It’s better than edge from verizon. At least with next they lower your monthly dues just like if you bring your device. Other than that it is just like buying a phone outright. With next you just pay a monthly amount till its paid off. Your better of buying on swappa or getting one of those deals on an older device that is brand new.

      • patt

        You do realize Verizon offers Month2Month discount ? One of my lines get 25$ off for being out of contract/or Byod.

        • yankeesusa

          that may be the case for you but its not a plan that is open to the public, its most likely a plan that is offered so you won’t leave.

          • patt

            No its not.. As long as you are out of contract depending on your plan you get 10$ or 25$ discount.

            Every single person can have it.

          • yankeesusa

            I just went on the website to check this out for my brother in law and for 1 line using edge it starts at 2gb for $50 a month plus $40 data add on for a limited time they add 1gb extra for the same price and for a subsidized phone plan it starts at $70 plus 40 data add on a month for 2gb plus an extra of 2gb data for a limited time which makes it 4gb. That’s $90 a month for no contract edge. AT&T for a single line with 2gb of data is $65 with no data add on. Sorry but I’d pick AT&T over Verizon. Imagine if you chose the subsidized phone plan, before taxes it’s $110 a month. That’s outrageous.

          • patt

            Skip edge and check prices on BYOD. Like i said when you mentioned Verizon does not have byod discount, edge is seperate.

            You don’t have to use on byod.

            Or google month2month discount.

            I am leaving verizon myself soon but just pointing some facts here lol.

          • yankeesusa

            Well it was for my brother in law, he’s still on unlimited but his wife is not. He decided to continue paying full price for a phone and keep unlimited. I myself left verizon back when I stopped working for them. Ive had sprint till november of last year when I switched to tmobile which is great where I live and I kept my wife on sprint which is great for when we go on trips. Hopefully things for tmobile keep improving. If I do need to switch because they become stagnant I will choose the 10gb plan from att which I get 23% of the data part from my job.

          • monkeybutts

            unless you have an old plan 😛

            also not 100% sure but I heard individual plans lose the off contract discount too

    • jarredsutherland

      Competition? It’s a good deal for certain uses and if you meet certain criteria. It is good for me .. that’s all I care about.

  • John Malin

    Would be great, but have weird qualifying factors to get it. I have good credit and was denied. My fiance just paid off her car and 2 student loans and was denied. We both had our own separate phone plans with verizon for YEARS prior to switching to AT&T, never missed a payment.

  • yummy

    $100 credits are good evidence of overpriced product

    • Care to explain why NEXT sucks???

      • flosserelli

        He didn’t say it sucks. He said it was overpriced.
        ATT is essentially paying people $100 to sign up. You can be sure ATT is not losing money on this deal, which suggests it is overpriced to begin with.

        • Everything is overpriced. Companies normally double if not triple the profits on most products sold so it has to be a reason worse than that

          • Professor Smith

            “Companies normally double if not triple the profits on most products sold”

            Not exactly sure what that means. AT&T Net Income After Tax is about 10% of revenues. Does not seem outrageous. The best part is in a free market you are free not to buy a product if you don’t like the price. In the long run, the market determines prices, not companies.

          • I was thinking from cost to build vs price sold, but since ATT doesn’t build anything then it probably didn’t make sense to you. Hell the whole comment probably didn’t make sense lol. Oh well it’s Friday

        • monkeyboyep

          Next is a good deal as long as you don’t think about the economics and how much you’re getting screwed.

          Just for sh*ts, take the Amazon Fire. $650 no contract, $32.50 for 20 months, $27.90 for 24 months. Let assume you go with the 20 month plan and upgrade right away at 12 months. You’ve paid $390 for the phone. Then you have to give AT&T that phone back in good working condition before you can get a new phone. AT&T gets to sell your phone as “reconditioned” and you get a new phone. So it is like leasing a car. You get a phone, pay for the time you use it towards the principle, when you want an upgrade, you trade it in for a new one and start over. AT&T makes money from the initial purchase, your new upgrade, and now the guy that bought your reconditioned phone.

          You keep paying $390 for a phone, and AT&T sees the profitability grow exponentially. In reality, it’s a good deal if you go with the 12 month plan and go with something like the iPhone that comes out on a regular schedule.

          • J2K_studios

            While your logic is correct, your only giving half of the picture though. Yes, you do have to trade your phone in at the end of the term, and you are paying $390 for it. BUT, the other half of the picture is that through Next you get a $25 dollar/mo discount on your plan, which over 12 months is $300. So in reality, your really only paying $90 bucks for that phone. I’m ok with paying $90 a year with being able to upgrade every year….

          • monkeyboyep

            That’s a fair point too. If anyone does join, definitely go with the 12 month plan. That’s the better end of the deal for you.

          • Oh ok. I was thinking along the lines of paying the next plan for a year then when the say Note 5 is released I just pay off the remaining balance and upgrade ultimately keeping the phone. At least that’s how the rep explained it to me, I never planned on trading it in. But that plan may not make sense, like I said I’m still researching and asking questions at different ATT stores and calling in. Until I get the same overall answers and understanding of how this would benefit a guy wanting to upgrade every year but keep the phone I had previously leased or in this case Next’d

  • I’m currently looking into the next program. I’ve been told you have the option to upgrade every 12 months as long as you pay the phone off. Doesn’t seem bad. Still researching it….

    • yankeesusa

      What’s the point of that? If you can pay off the phone in a year why not just get a brand new phone on a credit card and pay that off? it’s the same thing except for the interest free part.

      • jarredsutherland

        Because it’s interest free. That tends to be a big thing for people who are going to have to put a device on credit. Few people have a 0% APR on their Visa.

        • yankeesusa

          Yea, that’s why I said except for the interest free part. Its too bad that best buy is no longer offering $100 off the g3 still.

      • I don’t like to put things on credit card I’m not paying off right away. If I do charge something I normally pay it off before the bill hits, so this is different because I can extend it over a year and don’t worry about interest

        • yankeesusa

          I understand that for sure. Interest can be brutal on some cards. The best way to go for me is buy a phone on swappa, use paypal pay later program. No interest for 6 months, by 6 months you can either have it paid off or sell it and get another one on swappa and do it all over again. But the next program is not a bad choice, way better than a credit card.

    • j2kstudios.team

      Not only is it interest free, but you then also get either a $15 or $25 discount on your plan as well.

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    • CasperTFG

      Person above. On fire.