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Sega-Themed Humble Mobile Bundle Adds Sonic CD, Happy Sonic! Live Wallpaper

Have a penchant for hedgehogs with an inexplicable attraction to gold rings? You will be very interested to learn that the Sega-themed Humble Bundle has gained a few bonus Sonic titles for those who give more than the average amount, currently sitting at $3.85.

Sega has generously donated to the catalog Sonic CD and Happy Sonic! Live Wallpaper, which retail on the Play Store for $2.99 and $.99, respectively. Sonic CD is a remake of the titular game for the Sega Genesis, while Happy Sonic! is a live wallpaper that features a tickleable (seriously) Sonic on a polka-dotted background. Solid additions, I’d say.

If you still have yet to grab this Bundle, go get it.

Humble Bundle Link


  • Rich Jackson

    I didn’t know that the guy from the Twilight series was also a character in Virtua Tennis…

  • Kevin

    What’s the lowest you can pay? Can I pay a penny?

    • T4rd

      Yes, you can pay a penny.. to your charity of choice.. for a charity… I’m sure they’ll cherish your penny for years to come.

  • Marcellus1

    Super Monkey Ball is also newly added.