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Pushbullet Now Lets You Reply to Text Messages on Your Computer With Any Text App

Thanks to an update that was pushed out this morning, Pushbullet will now let you reply to text messages directly from your computer. Previously, the Pusbullet team enabled this feature if you were using EvolveSMS, but to take it a step further, and to grab all of their users, they have enabled this for all texting apps. 

In order to get the new texting feature to work, all you need to do is install the latest update through Google Play (should be live) and make sure you have the Chrome extension installed. It should just automatically work then.

Once a text message comes in, you will see a pop-up on your computer (like the one below) with a reply button. Hit reply, type your message, and then hit enter to send it off. As a Google Voice user, I can confirm that it does indeed work.


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Via:  Pushbullet

  • Mat

    I’ve used this feature but it seems that if you reply from your PC; you don’t see the messages on the phone..

  • bckpsc

    Now I cannot disable the pushbullet notifications for SMS after this update. It’s disabled on android. On chrome the “Stop using for this notification” doesn’t show anymore. :/

  • Josh

    EndlessJabber + PushBullet + EvolveSms = Best Desktop Experience Ever

  • Soccer Mom Banging Pool Boy

    I think Push Bullet sounds violent. I say ban it.

  • For those looking for a reply button – Just click on the notification on your desktop anyway and a pop-up should show. For a while I thought the option wasn’t working because I didn’t see anyway to reply. Then I randomly just clicked on it and up came a reply box.

    Worth a shot in case you haven’t yet tried.

    • JSo

      Mine just disappears and removes the notification. No reply box pops up.

  • BigBoyStan

    The other problem with MightyText is if you reply to a group text (MMS), it doesn’t record your response on the phone. You get some cryptic notice that due to shortcomingins in android 4.?? the MMS message will be sent but can not be seen in your messaging app. Not sure if Pushbullet solved this or not.

    • scastro87

      Yeah that’s the only flaw i’ve seen with mightytext so far. at least it syncs some messages. using verizon messages doesn’t sync anything with my phone.

  • raysbucsbolts

    Doesn’t work with Textra.

    • Jorge

      yup, this is what i got

    • John


  • monkeybutts

    What this works with iOS too? Man this would be convenient as heck if it could do iMessages from Windows doubt it though.

  • tyguy829

    a bit off topic, but my ‘dismiss’ button under the pushbullet pc notifications has disappeared (using the chrome extension). anyone know how to get it back?

  • jerflash

    working fine with hangouts but not with google voice app. i see the notification but does not give me the reply button

    • JRomeo

      google voice receives sms messages over the internet (not the phone number assigned to your cellphone), this is why.

      • JSo

        Kellex says in the article that Google Voice is working though.

    • imrf

      Works with google voice for me. But it doesn’t work with Handcent.

      • geekgirl

        It wasn’t working for me either with Handcent

  • BeLogical

    Solid update, installed again and keeping it this time!

    • JSo

      Reply from desktop works for you? What SMS app do you use?

      • BeLogical

        Just tested SMS with Hangouts and it worked great on my S5.

        • JSo

          Well I don’t know what the problem is on my side then. 🙁

          • BeLogical

            What are you using? browser? phone? sms app?

          • JSo

            Chrome browser extension. I got an update to that this morning. Nexus 5. Got the app update this morning as well. I have tried with Hangouts, And this messaging app from XDA, which is the SMS app I always use.


            I don’t get a reply button with either of them.

          • BeLogical

            I don’t get a reply button with MMS, but do with SMS.

          • JSo

            Yeah. I guess I’ll just wait and see if something is updated again.

          • picaso86

            I tried this SMS app and its awesome. Thanks.

          • JSo

            The one from XDA? Yeah, it’s the best in my opinion. That’s why I really want this new Pushbullet feature to work with it. I don’t want to use another SMS app.

  • bboyairwreck

    I’ve been loving Motorola Connect with my Droid Maxx to text on my macbook. It’s exciting that there are more apps that allow this on other phones. Texting from a desktop is nothing new but we’re still far from it being widely adopted

    • JSo

      Apple is going to start using this feature. So I’m sure people are going to start looking at it more seriously now.

      • Daniel Maginnis

        Isn’t that how imessage works already?

        • JSo

          I think they announced it at their event. It will happen with their updated software that they are coming out with.

          • iMessage has always had the ability to send and receive text from tablet/Mac/phone the limitation though was it had to be through an iMessage (iOS to iOS) basically a glorified chat… with the new update though (iOS8) you will be able to send and receive texts that are not iMessages. So an Android text will come through on either device.

        • NickA

          Yes. I can do that now with iMessage using my Macbook and iPhone. There will be more integration with iOS 8 and Yosemite, like making/taking calls from your Macbook or iPad.

    • niuguy

      I ported by google voice number to AT&T and the ONLY thing I miss is being unable to text from my Chrome extension.

  • paticao

    as far as i know this only works for replying and not initiating a text convo

    • JSo

      I think that will work if you know other people that use Pushbullet. I think there is an option to add friends.

      • paticao

        hopefully they’ll add the feature to send a direct text soon

  • YEMan0443

    Will @google please pay big bucks for @pushbullet??? Bake this in to Android and really take over! PS – can someone text me to test this…

    • zephiK

      Theres a test notification in settings.

    • JSo

      Google already has this. They use it for Hangouts. When you get a Hangouts message, it syncs to all devices and when read, it removes it. That’s pretty much the feature that Pushbullet is taking advantage of.

  • paticao

    Works for me!!! with hangouts!!

    • JSo

      Jealous. I can’t get it to work for any SMS app

  • Jay Ward

    No thanks, mightytext is the winner

    • JSo

      The only thing this has over mighty text is that it removes the notification from your device. That makes it a winner for me. I have used Mighty Text for a long time but I hate that it doesnt remove the notification from my device and it keeps on blinking.

      • Jay Ward

        That I did not know… In which case I should try this. I would like that much more. Thanks

      • NickA

        I didn’t know that either. That’s a huge feature.

      • tu3218

        I was just gonna ask why this over mighty text. I switched from my moto x to the G3 and missed texting from my computer. Mighty text works pretty good but I Dont always get the pop up. But now I know what else this does. Thanks for the info.

        • JSo

          I actually use both. I use Pushbullet to remove the notification from my device and Mighty Text to text from. If I can get this new feature to work with the SMS app I use, I may switch to it for good. But like I said, Mighty Text will always be good for texting from my tablet.

      • FD

        Actually Mighty Text does support that feature. You have to enable notification listener access for Mighty Text. It will then let you clear the notification for anything – email, Play Store…whatever

        • JSo

          I think I started getting that after an update and then I started getting notifications for everything, which I didn’t want.

      • Jason

        Being able to leave mightytext.com/app open all day long is a huge win for me, especially in Power View. Makes work much easier, and fantasy football on Sundays far more entertaining.

    • scastro87

      Just started using mightytext and it’s pretty good, but if pushbullet is as good, i’ll just use that probably.

  • Timbo

    If this works with hangouts then goodbye Mighty Text!

  • SteveTheMan

    I love you PushBullet.

  • JSo

    Mine isn’t working. Both my Chrome app and Android app have been updated. I don’t get the reply button. Is this different than before when the dev of the SMS app had to add the feature. Any SMS should work now with no additional work on the devs part?

    • BillySuede

      facing the same issue. was wondering if i was just dumb or if it was an app issue.

      • JSo

        I was wondering if it had to be enabled somewhere but I can’t find anything in the Chrome extention or the Android app settings.

        • Open1Your1Eyes0

          It should be automatic, all you have to do is go to the Pushbullet app > Settings > Android-to-PC notification settings > Turn on or off for specific apps > find your messaging app in the list and turn it on. You should get a notification for your messaging app going forward but if the Reply button doesn’t show that means Pushbullet has not in fact added compatibility for it yet.

          • JSo

            I did that. I’ve been using Pushbullet for a while now. I know some apps have made use of this feature that worked great. But if this update is supposed to allow ANY SMS app to work like that, it’s not working for me.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Many users report not working so it looks like the claim for “any” is not 100% true (at least yet).

          • JSo

            Maybe I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling everything.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            It’s not working for me on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 stock messaging app so I just switched to EvolveSMS and called it a day. 😛

        • BillySuede

          exactly. thought i covered everything but who knows… maybe another update is coming?

  • Kevin

    i don’t like their logo, at first glance i always think i’m going to see some hangouts news.

  • Pretty nifty even though I use the google voice web interface a lot. I could see myself using this.