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LG G Watch Round Stops at FCC as Model LG-W110

At the beginning of this week, a new smartwatch from LG with a round face was nothing more than a rumor that was somewhat difficult to believe. Fast forward to today and we have both video and image teasers from LG for a watch that is indeed round and will be officially unveiled at IFA next week. It’s name could be G Watch R or R Watch or something completely different, but it is coming. To make matters even more official, the watch has already stopped by the FCC under model number LG-W110

As can be seen in the image above, the “smartwatch” is round. The actual FCC filing doesn’t tell us much, though, other than that it will support WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

There are mentions of the watch being charged through a charging cradle under model number SDT-330. That should sound familiar, since the charging cradle used to power the current G Watch is SDT-310. The current G Watch’s cradle isn’t exactly wireless charging, but it’s close. The current model powers up via charging pins, although, LG has had some issues with them corroding in some cases.

On a related note, the original G Watch falls under model number LG-W100. This is looking more and more like a quick follow-up!

g watch r bluetooth wifi

Via:  FCC
Cheers Justin!
  • John


  • mcdonsco

    Umm, that’s oval.

  • Guest

    Unless this thing has a better battery in it, round or not pass…

  • jimt

    Why WiFi?

    • AZ

      Chromecast/Android TV? Probably some other stuff that’s over my head?

      • jimt

        I guess the 360 has that too. Does seem like a waste of power most of the time. I would think it could be turned off and on though.

    • Guest

      I’d rather see NFC, for pairing and possibly on the fly Google Wallet payment.

      • Razball

        Great Idea!!!! GW Payment

      • needa

        that really is a good idea. i really would not like to be slapping my glass against anything to pay for something… but it is a feature that i would like.

        • Guest

          They could make the antenna in the wrist, and you don’t have to make physical contact. Would also be interest as a way to exchange contact info, hand shake and send (shrugs)

    • NexusMan

      Because the Moto 360 has it. That’s also why they made it round.

    • blakjakdavy

      I’m hoping for this watch and the 360 that the wifi is to let you use all the functionality of the watch where there’s wifi so you can go out of bluetooth range of your phone. I’d love to be able to put my phone down at home and just wear the watch around to handle messages and google searches etc.

      • jimt

        You would probably lose phone only notifications.