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Dropbox Simplifies Offerings, Reduces Pricing, Introduces New Features

As anyone who has paid for Dropbox storage can tell you, the cloud company has not exactly been competitive when it comes to pricing, at least comparatively. With the abnegation of an incumbent, Dropbox has left its expensive tiers unchanged in recent months, while competitors like Google and Amazon have drastically undercut them.

Historically, the service has defended its pricing, arguing the included features more than justify the added cost. If this morning’s announcement is any indication, though, the 300 million+ user service is starting to feel the heat.

The biggest news is Dropbox’s consolidation of the Pro plan into a single, 1 TB offering for $9.99 a month. That brings the cost in line with a comparable Google Drive plan, and makes it a whole lot cheaper than Amazon, which offers the same amount of storage for $500 a year.

The company also revealed a few new features for Pro users. Refined sharing controls allow users to create passwords for shared links, set shared links to expire after a specified amount of time, and fine-tune viewing permissions for shared folders. Remote wipe, another addition, allows you to delete Dropbox files stored on a stolen device without removing them from cloud storage.

The cheaper Pro plan launches today, with the new features set to go live over the next few days for current subscribers.

If there is a takeaway from today’s news, it’s that competition is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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  • Nicholas L. Medina

    ​ Dropbox free package is still 2 Gb. It’s way too small for this digital era. I used http://dropbox18gb.com make it 18 gb.

    I’ll try this 1 Tb plan for sure!

  • cobalt27

    I actually had to look up what ‘abnegation’ meant: “the act of renouncing or rejecting something; self-denial.”

  • I would’ve stayed with Dropbox, but I needed 1TB of storage more than I could afford to wait.

  • harrydevlin

    Closed my Drop box account when they put undesirable people on their board of directors.

  • monkeybutts

    Finally being competitive but I was swayed by the 5 TB with office 365 for my current subscription that I got for $50 for the whole year.

    • BobButtons

      Same here with the free one I got through Microsoft’s ExpertZone.

  • admmck

    I’ve been waiting for this day…

  • Tsabhira

    Finally the prices are in line with other services! But I still wish Dropbox weren’t all or nothing. I’d really like to upgrade to pro to get a bit more space, but there’s just not a small enough plan. Don’t need 1TB, don’t want to pay for that much either. But Dropbox really does have the best desktop client (mobile, not so much). As it is, I haven’t found much need to pay for cloud storage between the free stuff you can get if you’re willing to use a bunch of different services. (I do pay for Cubby, but it’s primarily for the no-fuss local syncing, and it’s more expensive if all you want is the storage.)

    • Suicide_Note

      I thought about doing the multiple-site free storage thing, but I’d never remember which site has which files. Too confusing for me.

      • JSo

        I get suckered into signing up. So far, I have Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and One Drive. lol

      • DanSan

        Should download an app called Unclouded, it brings all your cloud storage (well the big ones) in 1 app that lets you bounce between them. makes it easier to find items.

        • Suicide_Note

          Oh, nice. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

    • DanSan

      Wish I could get the shared links to expire after a specified amount of time feature but without having a pro account. thats actually something I’d probably use a lot as I keep frequently used files on my website hosting but its a pain to distribute those links without having half the internet sniffing them out.

      would be nice to throw a file up, give them a link and boom its dead after a day or so.

  • Agent 8

    NSA Endorsed

  • Rich Jackson

    Eh.. I’ll take the 1TB of free Drive space that I get with Google Fiber…. Thanks, though

    • JSo

      Well if Google fiber ever expanded to other places….

      • Rich Jackson

        True story… everyone should have access to it.

  • JSo

    Who the heck needs this much cloud space?

    • Suicide_Note

      I’ve got almost 1 TB of music alone, for example, but if I jump on this it would be used as a backup for the roughly 200 GBs of family photos/videos that I currently have on hard drives at home. Having another 800 GBs of free space left would be great, as I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of space for a while, and it would leave plenty of room for additional pictures/videos to be stored.

      • JSo

        1 TB of music? Damn. I use Google+ to back up my photos and Google music for Music. So I guess I’m just in deep with Google to use anything else.

    • antinorm

      If you get into photography, you can start to burn through space very quickly. I shoot in raw+jpeg, which comes out to about 30-35 MB per picture. I also have a way of recording TV shows off of my Slingbox, which is usually 250-300 MB for a half-hour show. The $10/month for 1 TB of Drive space is worth it to back all of this up, and to be able to stream it (Drive transcodes video so you can stream it like it’s on Youtube).

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’m solely using Drive now, more free storage and the service seems to work a bit better.

    • Kevin

      It has definetly improved a lot since it first came out. I have 175 GB of free storage.

      • Kris Cortez

        How do you have 175 GB of free storage for google drive?

        • DanSan

          Thats what I’d like to know too lol. All i have is the free 25GB

          • EdubE24

            I got an extra 50 when I got my One M8. But I think it is only for two years!

          • DanSan

            Same here but I received 50 or 60GB on dropbox that came with my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition i won at work.

          • EdubE24

            Are you enjoying the M8? Got rid of mine shortly after, just wasn’t digging it.

          • DanSan

            M8? Dont have one.

          • EdubE24


        • Kevin

          I have 100gb from a Chromebook promotion and I don’t know where the rest came from lol.

      • NeilGeorge

        How did you get 175 gb of storage? 🙂

        • JSo

          I pay 2 bucks, or something like that, for 125GB. Maybe he got another 50 GB from something. But I don’t know if he’s saying “Free” as in no money spent or “Free” as in extra storage.

        • Kevin

          I got a 100 gb of free Drive storage from a Chromebook I purchased recently. And to be honest, I have no Idea how I got the other 75 gb.

  • I’m not a Microsoft user, but I think their product is the true competitor that is hurting Dropbox. Dropbox better find a business suite quick! (I like Mailbox a lot, and I think they should get Sunrise Calendar and Trello…that’d be a good start…).

    • Jason Spangler

      I agree…for $20/month, Office 365 + Office Apps + Unlmited storage on OneDrive.

      • DanSan

        Even enterprise customers of O365 get 1TB of SkyDrive Pro storage for each user. Looks like they are trying to compete with everything

    • Rich Jackson

      Agreed.. Dropbox is sort of out on their own, can’t see a scenario where they continue to succeed without some sort of collaboration