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Cyanogen Inc. Working on “Something Really Cool” With Ex Google, HTC and Apple Employees

“Something really cool” is getting worked on, as announced by Cyanogen Inc. and Nextbit, a not-so-new startup focused entirely on mobile devices and cloud computing. Nextbit’s team is comprised of former Google (original Android team engineers), Dropbox, Amazon, and Apple employees, and last night, the company announced they are to bring on former HTC Senior VP Scott Croyle as Vice President of Design and Product. 

While the something really cool is quite an unknown, Cyanogen posted to Google+ that they are looking for alpha testers, aka people who are willing to wipe their devices to try out whatever it is they are working on.

Purely speculation, but with Nextbit’s heavy focus on hardware and design, coupled with Cyanogen building a custom OS for it, we could be looking at the makings of a new US-based OnePlus-type device.

The only type of explanation or peek into what Nextbit is working on comes from their CEO, Tom Moss. In the press release, he states, “As an industry, we’re really just getting started with mobile. At Nextbit, we are building a world class engineering team to tackle big technical problems. We know Scott [Croyle] is the right person to guarantee that all the technology we build focuses on creating unique mobile experiences for users.”

If down the road we can expect some type of device from this team, would you be looking forward to it?

Via: Engadget | +Cyanogen Inc. | Nextbit
  • Sandesh Damkondwar

    No option for nexus 4 there in form.

    RIP Nexus 4

  • Kris

    Cyanogen is sooo overrated.

    • flosserelli

      Maybe so, but I’ll take CM over just about any OEM skin. Except maybe Sense 6…HTC nailed it this time.

      • Él Big CHRIS

        This. Only thing I want from AOSP is locks creen, and native tether without carrier intrusion. Otherwise sense is great

        • cardi dark

          Get a nexus i tether all the time

    • Chris Hughes

      If Cyanogen was a manufacturer skin everyone would hate it.

      I’ve tried running it on every single device i’ve owned (supported and not) since the Nexus 1. Never had an experience where I could recommend it to people. There always seemed to be something that didn’t work. And if it all did work, then there was they mysterious “Battery Drain.”

      • Aaron C

        Always seemed to work fine for me where others didn’t. To me, it’s a bare-bones replacement OS when the manufacturer’s one doesn’t work or doesn’t work well.

  • j

    I predict it will be something kind of cool than very few people have a need or desire to utilize.

  • Michael Little

    No one is buying phones that aren’t attached to a carrier, period. They’re too expensive.

    • flosserelli

      Michael, meet Nexus.
      Nexus, meet Michael.

      • Michael Little

        Lol ok you got me there.

        • Steve Yobs

          that was pretty good lol

    • Rahul Shah

      and 1+1. If you manage to get invite. I have bought 2. Also the real cost of 2 year contract is way too way.

  • thelolotov

    Not unless it has a keyboard.

  • NYCHitman1

    Rather funny that they chose a sheep in this image considering their fanboys are very much mindless sheep.

  • Joe J

    Cool to see some xda modders come up like this

  • Brady Wassam

    No invites PLEASE!

  • AngryBadger

    a twitter phone. #BandWagon

  • Nick

    Hinting at something cloud based? That sheep body looks like it could be a cloud in the blue sky.

  • Mech_Engr_09

    I want to alpha test this. I don’t care what it is, but I think it’s gonna be something great. How do we go about signing up for the alpha test? I really hope it’s a phone and not some type of service or app or something like that.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Thanks for the link Tim. All signed up.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Cool! Thanks a lot Tim. You think you’ll give it a shot? I’m just concerned that if it’s a phone, that we will need to be with a carrier it works with a.k.a. not Verizon haha.

        • Pretty sure CM is only interested in testing software 🙂

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah, the survey definitely made it seem like it will be software. Asked if we have a nexus 5, 7 and if we would be willing to wipe our phones. So I think it’s definitely going to be software.

          • Kevin

            I feel like this has something to do with app backup. Kinda like Apple does with IOS. I called it!

  • Bryan Mills

    Something to do with invites, probably

    • HR

      These’s a reason they are ex employees. And it’s not because they did a bang up job.

      P.S. Cyanogenmod is ok as long as you don’t want all of your phone functions to work flawlessly.

      • Bryan Mills

        Works great on my One+

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Zero bugs here on my HTC One. Same goes for any other officially supported device I’ve ever ran CM on, save for the very first nightly or two of course.

      • Thomas Wolfe

        so Hugo Barro doesn’t do a good job? He’s an ex-Google employee….

        Your statement is dumb.

    • Droid Ronin

      or smashing phones.

    • Brandon Franklin

      More like pictures of your girlfriends (or sisters will do)