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HD Voice Calls on Verizon Treated Just Like Traditional Calls

Shortly after Verizon announced this morning that it would launch VoLTE and HD Voice over the coming weeks, a number of readers took to the comments with questions. The most common question surrounded HD Voice and minutes, more precisely, if an HD Voice call would count as data or minutes. 

Verizon reached out this afternoon to help clarify, stating that HD Voice calls will be treated the same as traditional voice calls are. If you are on an old grandfathered plan that doesn’t include unlimited talk, you will have to watch your minute usage when on HD Voice calls, just like you do now. If you have a MORE Everything or Single Line plan with unlimited talk and text, then you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

Hope that helps.

  • Kayonesoft

    Can’t I just use Skype?

  • shooter50

    HD voice? Verizon is a little late to the party aren’t they? T-mo has had this for quite some time.

    • feet

      Difference, I believe, is vzw will flip the switch and their entire LTE footprint will have this. Which is close to their entire footprint. So won’t be limited to which market you are in like the others.

  • Dustin Yohe

    Whatever happened to going carriers always bettering the deals? Now it’s all about “let’s see how much we can charge our customers.” I’m still on VZW with unlimited data & monthly minutes. I like the plan I have & it fits my needs. I also just transferred my last upgrade (thanks to Droid-life giving the heads up about VZW pulling that trick) to get the LG G3. If VZW keeps it up, they might lose me & my $250 a month after my contracts are up.

  • thatdroidguy

    This is a post I posted earlier different title same topic ….

    So now do you all see why they really want to get rid of unl data plans?

    ” There is no extra cost to Verizon’s VoLTE service. HD Voice minutes will be deducted from a subscriber’s normal voice minute bucket. Video calling gets deducted from a subscriber’s data bucket. Importantly, Verizon says that a video call using VoLTE will consume around 6-8 MB of data per minute of calling”

    The direction Big Red is going is to achieve maximum money via data and those of us with unl data plans are a pain in their caboose!

  • New_Guy

    For now…

  • WickedToby741

    Now if we could just devise a way to disguise regular data use as HD voice calls…

  • Cant Hear You

    Good, so the same crappy call quality

  • Mr tech guy

    Just to clarify even further, volte calls will use your minutes. So like the article says, if you are on an older plan, you still have to keep an eye on how many minutes you use. Newer plans have unlimited voice so then using volte voice calls is unlimited also.
    Here is where most are confused…
    Whenever you use Volte Video calls, you will use your data. If you have UDP, then you have unlimited volte video calling. For others with tiered data, volte video calls use 6-8 megs of data a minute, so you need to watch out your data usage while on a tiered plan.
    If you are on wifi, volte video calls will go over wifi and not use your data allowance.
    The one thing I am not clear yet is what happens when you make a volte voice call on wifi. Does it take your minutes? Most likely but I still need to get clarification on that


    Does that include the people on your friends not counting against minutes like it does now

    • Mr tech guy

      Yeah, mobile to mobile calls are still unlimited according to your pricing plan

  • Stephen Cox

    Wow… I was expecting them to use the launch of VoLTE as the final blow to push unlimited data people off their plans. I was totally waiting for the “VoLTE phones are not compatible with Nationwide Talk plans. Move to Share Everything if you want to enjoy HD voice!”

    I guess they still can at any future date…

    • monkeybutts

      Eventually they will be VoLTE only like every other carrier will be, would probably not be in their best legal interest to do that.

  • When you say that Verizon reached out to you, for a minute there I thought they were actually listening to what customers had to say and were taking action!

  • yummy

    This is like getting a special batch of bandaid flavor ice cream. I just dont know what to do with myself. I dont talk on the phone anymore

  • It does.

  • EC8CH

    Who talks on the phone anymore?

    • Cael

      People over 35.

      • Bill Mattheis

        Also people under 35 that have any form of professionalism

    • flosserelli

      Women. Especially while driving.

      • Bryan Mills

        This cunnt almost ran me off the road. Make-up and phone.

        • moew

          I saw her, she was also smoking and trying to eat a breakfast sammich at the same time.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            And snap chatting while on face time

  • SA_NYC

    Cue the commenters groaning about how Verizon doesn’t give unlimited voice minutes to the grandfathered plans?

    • Cael

      Verizon gives me the option of getting unlimited minutes with my already unlimited text messages and unlimited data.

  • BloodiedWraith

    Now the real questions is if they’ll allow those of us that have an unlimited data plan to use the VoLTE/HD voice calls.

    • cadtek91

      Verizon is done with unlimited data, period.

      • Tony Spencer

        I still have 2 unlimited lines.

        • Bryan Mills

          Obviously people still have them. They aren’t offering it. Pretty simple his statement was.

          • Tony Spencer

            Obviously they can’t be done with them when they still have customers with them!

          • Bryan Mills

            They are, they just can’t legally throw people off. Unless they can and they just won’t do it.

          • Tony Spencer

            Then they are not done with unlimited plans. They may be done making them available to new contracts, but they still have them.

          • moew

            They kill my unlimited and I say bye bye to VZW!

            Even metered, there’s many better options that will be cheaper….. would just have to buy a new phone and that’s an extra expense…. that… would… pay off… in just a few months.

            Thanks +Bryan Mills

          • Ian Case

            They can kick people off. There haven’t been many/any unlimited contracts given out in the past 2 years. Once the existing ones run out and you’re on month to month, they can do whatever they want.

        • Derrick Jefferson

          can you sell one to me, I promise to pay my bill on time every month 😉

          • Tony Spencer


    • Cael

      FCC case…

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      voice calls sure why not. VoLTE only uses 13 kbps

  • Paul

    Fast forward three months: Big Red to begin charging HD voice as data, in an effort to move customers from grandfathered unlimited data plans. Polls show customers preferred the switch.

    • DJ SPY

      If we have unlimited data, why would we care if HD Voice Data counts towards our data and would make us switch?

      • FreedomIsNotFree

        Don’t ask logical questions…

  • red014

    “HD Voice Calls on Verizon Treated Just Like Traditional Calls” …for now.

    (am I doing this right?)

  • John

    What about Video Calling?

    • Cael


  • ThatBabyAintMine

    But if one turns on the video chat, do you have to watch your data? I’m also not liking the fact that on-call video chat is only available on VoLTE, as opposed to literally EVERYTHING ELSE (Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, etc.) working on both Wifi and cellular.

    Gotta love Verizon. Looks out for network congestion. Gives customers more tools to “congest” it.

    • Bryan Mills

      Or don’t use it.

    • T4rd

      Because there is no “network congestion”, or at least nearly as much as they would like you to believe in order to justify their plans and price. If they were truly concerned with network performance, there’s this thing in the network world we call “QoS” that’s easily implemented on any commercial network device. If they used it properly (which they probably do but that goes against their agenda) then there would never be any need to throttle anyone for more than the time the tower they’re on is actually overwhelmed. That’s why I don’t buy into the argument that any carrier can’t offer unlimited data; because a data allowance isn’t remotely the same thing as bandwidth used.

      • thelolotov

        Preach it, brother.

      • hoosiercub88

        Like I’ve said a hundred times over already.. this isn’t about the betterment of their network for everyone, this is about lining their pockets with more money whilst not having to spend any money to do so.

      • Pedro

        You do know that even a dumb pipe has to pay for the data required by the pipe?

        • T4rd

          You do know that your question is worded horribly, obscurely, and holds no water (get it?) when you consider how much Verizon is profiting by exploiting that very idea?

      • Jared K

        daaaaaam you just threw down some hard logic there.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      A) Of course video calls count as data, just as Skype would. Who wants to video call anyways. Seemed fine when the Jetson’s did it. reality is something else. I mean when I’m talking to you when I’m on toilet taking a dump do you REALLY want to see that?
      B) yes I’m sure the whopping 13 kbps codec VoLTE uses will clog up the network. NOT. Let’s have fun with math. A tower sector can handle up to 400 simultaneous users. Even if all 400 were using VoLTE that would be a combined 5 Mbps. A tower sector’s capacity is at least 75 Mbps on those with 700 MHz only and 150 Mbps for those with 700 MHz and AWS. Anymore hyperbolic trolling out of you?

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Try Skyping while taking a leak, need more hands.

      • michael arazan

        There are two different towers, cdma/ 3G Verizon uses and newer LTE towers. 3G towers are everywhere and the LTE towers are barely a fraction of the 3G towers. Which towers are you referring to and to which carriers?

    • tomgillotti

      Exactly what I was thinking… WHY would they be pushing so hard to have VoLTE?? It’s just more draw on LTE when all they keep doing is complaining that unlimited users are taking it all and slowing things down. Verizon, wtf??

  • 213ninja

    Thanks for the confirmation.