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Question of the Day: What is Your Morning Android Routine?


This morning, the official Android Twitter account posted a question to its followers that we loved so much, we decided to steal it. Well, sort of. They asked, “After you’ve hit snooze for the last time, what’s the first thing you use your #Android phone for in the morning?” Our question has been tweaked slightly, asking for your typical Android routine in the morning, but they are similar. We want to know what apps you use before anything else or how you get ready for the day with technology, that type of thing.

I can tell you that before I get out of bed, I turn off the previous night’s sleep activity tracking on my newly acquired Jawbone UP24 and make sure it syncs. Then, I swipe down the notification pull-down on my phone to see what kind of a mess I have to clean up, which then leads into a jump through to my inbox. From there, I tend to cruise into Feedly to check for news we have yet to be tipped about and then Google Now for weather info or upcoming calendar appointments, before finishing off with non-worked-related Instagram and sports updates. Once that is all done, it’s off to the coffee maker.

So what is yours like? When you wake up in the morning, roll over and grab your smartphone, what is the first thing (or things) you do? What does your morning routine look like on an Android device?

  • JGLives

    I turn off the alarm on my phone, flip the wifi on, see what kind of updates pop nup from facebook, email, etc.

    Then I do my non-Android tasks. As I head out the door, depending on the time, I may turn on Location tracking and flip Waze on so I could find a good route to work. But overall that’s it

  • Tony Tressler

    Turn off alarm.
    Wake girlfriend up for work.
    Go back to sleep for 1.5hrs.
    Turn off alarm.
    unplug phone.
    Set pandora to 90’s summer hits and hop in shower
    Drive to work.
    Check social media etc. while at work and drinking coffee.

    i wait til i get to work to check my notifications. Why not get paid to do it?

  • Vittoria Lampo

    I mostly roll over, grab the phone, and check for updates.

  • Jake L

    Unplug from charging, turn off the alarm, connect my Pebble smartwatch, and connect my headphones and listen to music while I walk to class.

    • Jake L

      Note 3 btw

  • Anil Reddy

    turn off alarm, check for missed calls, turn on wifi, update all apps and rate them if I like something new, read news, check whatsapp messages and game updates with automatic periodic backup of messages to my gmail, evening: take one last backup for the day, turn off wifi, play a game or two on my way home(in a cab), go home and keep the phone aside till the next morning.

  • Wally Olleroch

    Check the notification tray and then I open Google Newsstand read what is happening in the world and than I check Android news before using the navigator to go to work

  • ROR1997

    Wake up at 2 in the afternoon because summer
    Use my phone doing random sh*t for a while untill my battery goes from 100% to 99%
    Go to settings>Battery to see how long that took
    Brag about battery life to my cousin who charges her iPhone every 2-3 hours

    • Now if only you had people to call/call you… You might realize it’s a phone …

      • ROR1997

        1 month late there buddy

  • maniel

    personally I’m checking how much battery has emptied through the night (i’m checking battery level before going to sleep), but i think it’s normal for HTC One X users, which has awful battery life;-)

  • ArthurDBusch

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  • Synacks

    Wake up at random time (body alarm)
    Clear all other notifications
    Kill all tasks
    Turn on Location
    Drive to work using Waze so I know how traffic is and where all cops are
    Check all social/tech/sports news related sites on an actual computer at work

  • Zachary Alles

    Turn off alarm, then play around.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Turn off my alarm in Timely
    Check Notifications (emails, texts, facebook, etc)
    Shower/Brush Teeth/Get Dressed
    Coffee while checking Feedly for Android News
    Then 2 hours of Spotify and BaconReader on the bus to work

  • MKader17

    Snooze wife’s alarm
    Snooze wife’s alarm
    Turn off wife’s alarm
    Turn off my alarm

    Remember it before I leave for work.
    Bluetooth to car
    Podcast or Pandora

  • Six83

    Alarm, check and reply emails and messages, flipboard and local newspapers app with coffee, waze and google nav in car to avoid trafic jams,
    a bit of office, music and social through the day, more messaging and emails, in the evening youtube and similar… weekend is for nature and books without android pleasures … only when someone calls me…

  • Turn of alarm the first time, roll over
    Turn of alarm second time, yawn
    When my bedroom lights go on (Hue) I get up, brush my teeth, shower, get dressed
    Turn off my bedroom lights
    Downstairs read my messages, mails, read news sites, G+ while I drink my coffee

  • ;P

    The first thing I do is spam the snooze button. After I am done with that, I check notifications.

  • Ken Mankowski

    With my Moto x
    Google now for weather and seahawks news
    Fire up my SONOS app and put on some music ( lately its been bat sabbath and Metallica )
    Call my wife at work while driving in to work
    Playing music through BT ( heavy metal )

  • Jordana Lewis

    Get my Android news fix via Feedly.

  • Carlos

    Turn off alarm, slide down notification drawer, swipe away twitter and instagram notifications, click on a hangouts notification, reply good morning, im gonna shower brb, exit the app, click the clear all notifications button if theres nothing else important, and then lock screen

  • Jon Oliver

    What I do when I wake up in the morning is not appropriate for this forum…so yeah

  • Justin Latham

    All I do it throw on a podcast usually Adam Carolla or Joe Rogan. And laugh my way to work.

  • thedonxr

    Turn off the alarm and Tasker automatically starts streaming I’m feeling lucky radio from Play Music All Access.

  • albert heasley


  • Harry balls

    Pooping and reading Droid Life!