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Verizon Announces 14 Additional XLTE Markets

Verizon announced fourteen new XLTE markets this morning, adding to its already impressive 350 markets currently live in the US. The markets range from Oregon, down to Texas, up to Montana, so a few subscribers among us will definitely be benefiting from this light up.

XLTE is Verizon’s attempt to broaden bandwidth on its existing 4G LTE network, which has seen quite a drop in performance over the past couple of years.

For a peek at the new markets, take a look below. 

New Markets

  • Midland, TX
  • Odessa, TX
  • Great Falls, MT
  • Sheboygan, WI
  • Rome, GA
  • Albany, GA
  • Valdosta, GA
  • Gainesville, GA
  • Mason City, IA
  • Gadsden, AL
  • Hickory-Lenoir, NC
  • Jackson, MI
  • Pendleton, OR
  • Winona, MN
  • BA_Carroll

    I’ve been complaining about this for a while. They told me just use WiFi where ever you go. I said doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a mobile device? I work for the railroad and I travel. Verizon store just keeps saying they are working on it. I live in Vacaville, CA between San Francisco and Sacramento. FML

  • Brady

    I used to enjoy coming on this website to learn and read about everything Android plus more. As of lately however, it seems like this website has become nothing but a bitch fest of that tyrant of a company; aka Verizon. I understand that people might not be happy with their policies, practices, and thriving to make more money. I am one of those impacted by what this community complains of. For once however, I would like to come onto this website (which was recommended to me by a Verizon Wireless Employee) and for once enjoy reading the articles so excellently written. Reading the comments only drives me farther away from this website—I hope it changes


  • Peter Stover

    Another scam!! Thanks Verizon, now I get really fast speeds for $110/mo. up to 2 gigs. Great, I go through 5 gigs in 10 days!

  • BOB Dudek

    Not One in the most densely populated state of All… that’s if you don’t include Atlantic City

  • Famouz Starz

    Xlte in my area yet im only pulling 18mbs FAIL!

  • Verizon Suck!

    And I am still getting 1.5 Mbps in Boise, ID. Come on!

    • PoisonApple31

      Are your walls made of copper?

      • I Want XLTE!

        Nope have window view of a VZW tower. A couple of years ago I could get 15Mbps+ no problem. Now there is just too much congestion I guess.

  • Juan Valenzuela

    *Hell out… Damm iPhone

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Im a unlimited user and yes I’m using at least 18-20th gb a month and people don’t like that?? It’s America bitch if you don’t like it then get the help out. Have a nice day.

    • The reason people don’t like it, is because you are just giving Verizon even more of a reason to kick everyone off this plan.

      • Juan Valenzuela

        Verizon is loosing money by buying spectrum this spectrum that they are great on coverage but speed nope it’s dying besides verizon is fading away little bit and once throttling starts supposely then I will get the hell out of here . happy.

        • Ah, so you just want to ruin it for the rest of us who aren’t or can’t leave. Got it. Thanks bro!

          • Juan Valenzuela

            Hey I wasn’t stupid enough to sign a contract out if you open your eyes they have gb to go around they just want you pay more and trap you. I call it bull shit.verizon they are a multi million dollar company and they say we are the problem dude Verizon are playing you. No disrespect.

          • Juan Valenzuela

            And last thing before I go how do you know if the speeds are slowing you guys down arent you on 2gb data ?? So again how do you know?

  • Colin Huber

    Pendleton, ha. What a random Oregon town. Round-up!

    • Dan

      yeah, but the sheep need the extra bandwidth.. do they still have sheep there? I just visit Prodigal Son brew pub whenever I visit there.

  • Tony Spencer

    Does anyone know if XLTE is exempt from the FCC regs on LTE 700 hz. XLTE is AWS (1700 /2100 MHz).

    • Tony Spencer

      This may be Verizon’s way around the FCC and throttling.

  • pyro74boy .

    It’s just a matter of time before Verizon starts making people pay extra money for XLTE who already have unlimited data. Verizon is changing and not for the better. BYE BYE VZW

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Meanwhile, this is a good day in San Francisco…hey Verizon, your network has good coverage but sucks donkey balls.

    • jimt

      That is why I went to Tmo almost a year ago and for the Nexus 5. Oh almost forgot the $1000 I save a year.

      • T-Mobile would cost me $240 more per year than Verizon. These new plans are garbage compared to the old grandfathered plans, even “Un-carrier”.

        • jimt

          I dropped a grandfathered Verizon unlimited account with 2 other lines one smart and one dumb, how come it costs you $240 + $100 more than me a month? Is you grandfathered account paid totally by your employer?

          • $69.99 per month for 450 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data. Plus my 15% employer discount, brings it to $67/mo after tax.

          • jimt

            $80 – 67= $13 13×12= $156/year how is that 240 a year. Most people don’t get 15% from employer. I have to admit in your case I would hang with Verizon. I had the minutes and had to pay for texts and unlimited but it cost more like $150. Your employer isn’t Verizon by any chance? No Nexus for you sir, Sorry. Nobody except Ting could beat your deal. And they don’t have unlimited data. There are not many with your deal i would guess.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Obviously it depends on where you are in SF

    • Did you not see my 57/26 speed test from SF? I also got 55/20 at the airport.

      • Tyler Rynberg

        No offense but who cares about the airport? Almost every airport has strong coverage for all the carriers. I’m sitting near downtown where I work everyday and these are my speeds. Actually, as I said, this is actually better than normal.

        • Maybe because while t-mobile had perfect signal there as well, the download and upload speed was under 1mbps

  • FAL_Fan

    Now I just need them to add VA Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake and all will be good!

  • T4rd

    Source link?

  • master94

    Even with xlte in Brooklyn VZW is so slow here that I just left. I’m sorry but 500kbps isn’t lte to me. I don’t care if I had service in every building its useless if it takes forever to watch YouTube videos. Went to T-Mobile. Worse coverage but speeds blow vzw out of the water. Not quite as good as my att phones though

  • Blue Sun

    Sheboygan, such a fun city name to say out loud.

    • PoisonApple31

      Not as fun as Beaverlick, as in Beaverlick, Kentucky.

      • Blue Sun

        I totally agree! I’ll have to star that city in Google Maps.

      • DanSan

        what about Intercourse, PA and Blue Ball, PA… they’re both 45 minutes west of me, drove through there and couldnt stop laughing.

        • Higher_Ground

          those are probably some of the raunchiest, but I did get a giggle out of blowing rock the few times I went through.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          I like Flushing, OH.

    • BobButtons

      or where I live, 1.5h from Sheboygan… Oconomowoc (Oh-con-oh-moe-wauk)

  • Loving AWS here in NH 🙂

    • Guest

      Holy bandwidth batman

    • jscheffer85

      Nice numbers

    • Jimmy

      Just outside of Los Angeles my speeds are blazing fast……………FML

      • Jimmy


      • Funny, I was in San Francisco 2 days ago and got this:

        • Willie D

          I think you got lucky here. I have no doubts, cause other speed tests are just pathetic. Though, I wont speak of the network I am on. I got told by them today, in a major way. So Im just going to shut my mouth, and swallow my pride and make due with the network I am on, and be happy I am able to use my phone in most places.

          • I will say it was unusable in Fisherman’s Wharf, while T-Mobile was pretty good. Granted it was a very busy area with thousands of tourists packing the streets. This speed test was done between Market, 4th, and Mission, so a pretty populated area.

          • Willie D

            Fisherman’s Wharf is notorious for horrible cell service. I can tell you that straight up. That whole part of town is either a dead zone or just lacks capacity. T-Mobile used to have NO SERVICE at all there, and has made great strides to change that both with HSPA and LTE, while not perfect, it still screams in comparison. Sprint on the other hand denied that area WiMAX, but has been diligent to deploy LTE as well as eCSFB which enables Spark devices (even if Spark is not in that area) to remain on LTE rather than flip back to CDMA like it does in the rest of the city. This is a major step for them and from my experience before I left Sprint, they definitely were pushing the speed up there weekly.
            With regards to Market and 4th, Mission, Metreon, Marriott, Union Square area, Powell Street, etc, all that is the most used BART/MUNI lines of all, the densest retail space in the city, also with the amount of hotel rooms there, all carriers have beefed up spectrum capacity in the last few years. That is never really an issue for me on any carrier, Sprint included. While Verizon is likely going to be fastest there, the other carriers are catching up, but truly it remains one of the best places to test networks in the city, even with the tens of thousands of people on the streets and in buildings, the capacity is so great there, it gives an idea of what a network under strain with the right allocations of spectrum and cell site deployment is capable of. Keeping in mind that both TMo and Sprint are deploying new networks that are not LTE only, but combined CDMA/LTE or HSPA/LTE equipment in one site, I suspect that when they tune them how they should be, they will perform as good as Verizon and AT&T both do there.

        • jimt

          Was that downloaded from someone somewhere else while you were in San Francisco?

          • Nope, read my reply above, it was near Market and 4th.

          • Willie D

            There is a Verizon store right on that corner, next to a Starbucks and Walgreens, across the street from Apple – Id not be surprised if there was a little small cell site in that store to beef up the experience. I mean, why not?

          • DanSan

            of course there is. I can tell you for a fact that when I worked at best buy many years ago we had a small cell put on the building to boost performance. We also had a verizon store that was 2 stores down from us so maybe thats why they did it.

          • Nope, the cell site is on Mission and 4th on a normal office building. A few blocks away from the Verizon store. You are right about carriers putting small cells in many of their stores, but this was several blocks from that just a block from an actual cell site.

        • Mike Sims

          Similar to New Orleans..


      • Darryl Sanchez

        That’s nothing. Check this out lol

        • Pressed


          • Darryl Sanchez

            Wow that’s tuff

          • bassman418

            Tampa, Florida

        • Higher_Ground

          yeah that’s pretty much what I get, if I even get a connection. I blame it on the phone, though.

          • Darryl Sanchez

            What phone do you have? I’m using the g3 not sure if that’s good or bad thing…

          • Higher_Ground

            I’m still using a gnex, so I expect to struggle for connection. I can say from my experience the Motorola phone I owned before had better reception. I’ve never owned an LG smartphone so I can’t say, but I wouldn’t think any of the newer phones would suffer from poor reception.

      • thedonxr

        Wish I had that…

    • Lucky Armpit

      Lemme tell ya, was out to dinner with some friends Friday night. Realized I was in the XLTE area (Raleigh NC, my house is just outside of Raleigh so I don’t get XLTE at home) and quickly downloaded Ookla. Got a 50+ MB download speed. Almost hated to go home. 🙁

      • jimt

        You won’t need to stay long before its slow again.

      • DanSan

        How does one know if you’re in XLTE area? I assume if you do a speed test and it goes over a certain speed?

  • mike

    I get 70+ Mbps just outside of Boston.

    • Chris B.

      Weird, I’m just outside of Boston too and I’m lucky if I hit 5

      • mike

        What phone? G3 here (phone came off charge 8.5 hrs ago if anyone is wondering – 87% left).
        Apparently it’s not as good when I’m inside, only 59.

        • Chris B.

          Old Galaxy S3, got it new right before they put a halt to upgrading and keeping unlimited. Definitely need a new phone soon though, you in the city a lot with your G3? That’s where I work and spend the most of my time, so signal strength is pretty key.

  • duke69111

    Hey. 14 more markets where they will throttle, excuse me, network optimize their new super speeds down to nothing for unlimited customers.

    • Sounds like a jealous T-Mobile user 🙂

      • Kayungjoo

        I hope your trolling, if not then you are stupid and should stay up to date on things. Verizon said they’re going to throttle starting October 1st.

        • duke69111

          I’m pretty sure he’s being funny. But just in case, i’m just an irritated unlimited Verizon user.

        • mike

          And TMO started throttling August 17th.

          • jarredsutherland

            Yeah, throttling things like bittorrent which have no place being on a limited mobile network. Don’t abuse it like a spoiled child and you’ll be alright.

          • guest

            If you tether you’ll get throttled, regardless if you’re torrenting or not.

          • jarredsutherland

            All of which is covered in the legally binding terms and conditions someone would sign when they sign up for service. You guys act as though you’re being pushed randomly when it’s right there in the terms of service. Wireless services are not a right .. so there is no point to acting like it.

          • Thats not true. If you have the correct plan, you get FIVE GBS of Hot Spot for FREE with your plan!

          • TheDrunkenClam

            If I am using entitlement bypass (root) on my Moto X how will they know I’m tethering?

        • Don’t complain about things which aren’t even a reality yet. Verizon claims they will only throttle UL data users if the tower is congested, we have yet to see what they consider congested. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy my unthrottled UL data plan that I can utilize almost anywhere in the US

          • PoisonApple31

            keyword **almost**

          • Compared to T-Mobile or Sprint? Those are the only other two carriers which have unlimited LTE, and their maps are pathetic.

          • Willie D

            Nice to see that Verizon is updating the other carriers maps now with the actual LTE coverage – I think that if they put HSPA+ coverage for T-Mobile and AT&T, it would be a little more accurate of “expected 4G coverage” – I don’t think people care what technology 4G is, more than the speed, reliability, and coverage of it. But that’s just me.

          • Here’s T-Mobile’s entire 2G and 4G coverage area (dark pink is roaming, hot pink is native coverage). Doesn’t even compare still.

          • Justin Kos

            These color coded maps are terrible for people that are color deficient.. like me ugh

          • DanSan

            of course i sit pretty much right near the giant hole in that covers most of PA. right near the delaware border but coverage is still sketchy.

          • Willie D

            For now… But that will change I am sure.

          • And so will all carriers, here in New England Verizon and AT&T have been adding new cell sites every couple months.

          • PoisonApple31

            I knew you’d post the maps after being a little punk with my keyword: “almost” comment! That’s a lot of 2G in the Midwest.

          • Kayungjoo

            I don’t care what happens to any carrier, my phone is unlimited and will never be throttled since I have a Verizon phone with unlimited on a corporate plan.

    • pyro74boy .

      Agreed. They won’t even get the chance to play these games with my unlimited plan because I’m leaving them on October 1st at the very latest. and maybe even sooner then that. Now if I just could use the free one week stand on something other then an iphon5s like maybe a LG G3 I would be very happy. But I know you can’t have it all.

    • throttle this

      True that! I’m at 36 gig used this month so far and I am seeing what I think is throttling on my account already. So slow

      • pyro74boy .

        I was thinking the same thing but to test this I went down the road and was getting much faster speeds like less then 5 miles away so this has to do with the towers in all the different areas and how busy they are

      • duke69111

        I only use about 10 gb’s a month on average, which I personally don’t think is all that much. I’m not doing anything crazy with my phone. I’m just using it for what it was intended for.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Same here. I use about 10 and that is usually from YouTube and Google Play Music.
          Things my phone were intended for.

    • Jon

      Technically VZW hasn’t stated anything about throttling XLTE. Only LTE.

  • Jason Spangler

    That’s great Verizon…at least the inmates at the prison in Jackson, MI will get quick access to the web.

    • Gfunk81

      Don’t forget about the guards.

      • Jason Spangler

        True…didn’t think about them…and the lunch ladies.