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Fragment is My New Favorite Android Wallpaper App

Fragment, a prismatic art wallpaper app that was introduced on iOS some time ago, is now available on Android. To say that this app is “awesome,” is probably not doing it justice. If you like wallpapers, custom ones at that, and prisms, you should probably grab this app.

The app allows you to start with new photos taken from your camera, grab images currently stored on your device, or ask the app for inspiration before creating your own prismatic masterpieces. Once you have an image ready, the app’s all-inclusive set of editing tools are at your fingertips. There are over a dozen frames, shapes, and patterns to get you going, options for rotating/resizing/framing/dragging/zooming/etc., and even sliders that will let you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more. The possibilities for creating a new wallpaper are practically endless.

If that all sounds like too much work, there is a shuffle button that will attempt to pair shapes and color adjustments for you on the fly. Tap it as many times as you would like until you find a combination that looks amazing.

To get a feel for the app, check out the video included below. Then, show us your prismatic works of art.

Play Link ($1.99)

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  • GuestOne

    Who comes up with these “This is my favorite app” non sense? The app has only been downloaded 100 times. I wonder How Much Droid-Life has been paid for this ad?

  • MacNificent

    I downloaded and played with this app for about 4 hours last night. There just so much you can do. I had to stop because I wanted to change every picture in my gallery.
    Great stuff Kellen!

  • Hoff16

    I wish this had a Muzei extension.

  • Guest

    This app is immediately addictive

  • Guest

    This app is addictive

  • Suicide_Note


  • Steveo

    You had me until I read the word prisms

    • OF

      What’s your beef with Prisms?1?

  • 213ninja

    is it a wallpaper app or a photo editor?

  • Kevin

    I’m not artistic enough for apps like this 🙁

    • Derek L.

      I feel your pain.

  • Zac S

    alright, quit making me buy more and more wallpaper apps, I’m still in college I need this money…

    • evol1knobi

      Google Rewards

      • ChuckDz3

        I have not been getting them as much as I used to 🙁

      • Steveo

        What are Google Rewards exactly?

        • Zac S

          its an app that sends you surveys in exchange for google play credit

      • Zac S

        I used that on the last one (fracta pro) haha

      • michael arazan

        Just did two survey’s, I have .25 for both.

    • Chris

      You don’t have to buy any apps you know.

      • Zac S

        this one is too new I couldn’t find it anywhere to try out so I caved and bought it.

    • PoisonApple31

      If you need money, you could always save your liver distress for a night and stay in.

      • Zac S

        orrrrr I could show people at bars this wonderful app

  • Mordecaidrake

    Needs Muzie support!

    • Suicide_Note


    • yochanan

      The pictures you create can be used with Muzei, no additional support needed.

  • Michael

    Installed and already used for an Instagram pic. Love it!

    • You’re using photos from this app to post on Instagram?

      • DanSan

        Gotta get them followers!

      • Michael

        Yeah, I didn’t even think about using this for wallpapers.

        • Guest


          • Michael

            That’s my picture….

      • Michael

        Nope, i’m a designer. I would never ever do that. 🙂