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Uber Releases API, Allows Partners Like United or OpenTable to Access Uber Info

Uber, the insanely popular ride requesting service that my hometown of Portland hates (personal problem), released an API this morning that allows partners to build-in Uber support to their apps and services. Through this API, apps can now “pass a destination address to the Uber app, display pickup times, provide fare estimates, access trip history and more.”

What does that mean? Well, it could be that you book a car to pick you up just after you book your restaurant reservation for tonight. Or maybe you need a ride to and from the airport, which you could book through you favorite airline’s app? 

As of today, Uber has already partnered with 11 companies, including Expensify, Hinge, Hyatt, Momento, OpenTable, Starbucks, Tempo Smart Calendar, Time Out, TripAdvisoer, TripCase, and United Airlines.

Here are some other examples of how this new integration could work:

  • Dinner date? Request an Uber to your favorite restaurant right from the OpenTable app. Your driver will arrive already knowing where you are headed.
  • Catching a flight? The United mobile app shows ETAs of the closest drivers and fare estimates, so you can get reliable ride to and from the airport for less.
  • Night out? Time Out shows different Uber options—from low-cost to luxury—so you can be sure to arrive in style to the city’s best nightlife.
  • Need a place to stay? Book a room through the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts app and request a ride to your hotel right from the reservation screen.
  • Want a recap of your journey? Use Momento to view a timeline of your Uber trip history alongside other moments in your life.

At some point down the road, they may give apps the power to request rides, but for now, they want to keep that kind of power to a small group of partners.

To celebrate the launch of this API, Uber and many of its partners are offering $30 off first rides.

Via:  Uber

  • بشار العسولي

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  • Jason Spangler

    I’d like to see airline’s selling their empty seats for last minute flights. I’d use a service like this to say, jump from Kalamazoo to Chicago for $50 if Delta or AA had an empty seat. I could look on Uber and see if there are any empty seats they are willing to sell on the cheap. Then, get a taxi when I land.

    Maybe there is something like this already…..

  • kselby

    Way too expensive, and questionable drivers…don’t see much difference between Uber and the average taxi service.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Most places don’t have the average taxi service.

      • kselby

        Is this the main purpose of Uber? To reach where taxi’s don’t? I have yet to see a city that doesn’t have a taxi service, but I guess a state like kansas wouldn’t have taxi’s going everywhere.

        • jarredsutherland

          Cincinnati. “They” have taxi’s here if you are ready to call one, wait forever and possibly not have one pick you up. That and they are super expensive when they do pick you up.

    • niuguy

      Seriously? It’s way cheaper than a taxi in Chicago and depending on where you are coming from way more convenient too.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Pretty sweet. . . . Just updated my United App with it. Would be great to have care waiting at the click of a finger when my plane lands.

  • Guest

    @Kellex Why does Portland hate Uber?

  • Guest

    @kellex Why does Portland hate Uber?

  • Daniel Russell

    I love Uber and their app is pretty good as well. I find that much cheaper and more reliable than taxis.

  • Blue Sun

    Ugh, those “phones”…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    You forgot one big “what does this mean point”… this means their “partners” can now access your info and data mine you.

    • So can every company that has an app or Web page, your data has already been mined a trillion times over. Lol. I remember telling people in 2008 Data Mining is the future.

  • Kyle Miller

    Uber WILL take over the world. THE WORLD!

    • veRdiKt

      with Google’s Self Driving Cars!