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Verizon HTC One Max Gets Sense 6.0 Update

If you own an HTC One Max on Verizon, your Sense 6 update is finally here. The update, according to at least one of our readers who received it yesterday, runs 613.5MB and jumps the phone up to software version 3.09.605.2. 

For those new to Sense 6, know that you should expect a revamped Blinkfeed experience, update overall UI with a “vivid color palette,” new camera UI, new gallery app, new music app, tweaked home screen experience, HTC’s Sense TV app, and customizable fonts. The update also addresses a number of bugs, like improved WiFi connectivity, a power-on issue, and a failure for Isis Wallet to work.

To check for the update, head into Settings>About>Software updates.

HTC has yet to update their Sense 6 status page, but Verizon already has the full changelog up as of August 15.

Cheers Doug!
  • teddy

    I’m still on droid DNA (-(@)-)

  • Allen Kowal

    Not sure what this is gonna do to my root so not accepting it.

  • Matt Miskell

    I have the One Max and love it. Mines unlocked and rooted and been running sense 6 since the M8 has been out. It is big no doubt but battery life is insane and feels just as snappy as my gfs G3.

  • Rashad

    Did the Sprint version get this update? I’m just curious…

  • T4rd

    This was actually a pretty cool/decent phone (crazy battery life). It’s just too damn big. I have actually seen one in the wild, owned by a woman too!

    • JSo

      It’s just slightly bigger than the Note 3, which everyone seems to like.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, 6″ vs 5.7″ on the Note 3. I actually had a friend’s wife wanting to trade her Note 3 for one of these because she wanted the bigger screen. But I had to convince her not to because it had older hardware (S600/2GB RAM) than the Note 3 (S800/3GB RAM). Plus she likes the stylus on the Note 3.

        • JSo

          Yeah, but even with the RAM difference, what OS runs better? I’ve never owned an HTC or a Samsung device but I always hear TouchWiz is laggy.

          • Lucky Armpit

            You could put 16GB of high-speed RAM in a phone with TouchWiz and it will still be laggy. Ain’t enough RAM in the world to cure that amount of bloat.

  • bogy25

    Knew there was an HTC One – didn’t know there was an HTC One Maxx….

  • Alec

    This phone was dead the day it came out

    • schoat333

      Perfect. Nice work!

    • SeanPlunk

      Flawless execution of that meme, LOL.

  • Jason Purp

    This is gonna make a few people happy!

    Literally a few