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RootMetrics Ranks Verizon “Overwhelming” Leader in the US for Performance

verizon rootmetrics 2014

RootMetrics pushed out the first of their 2014 semi-annual performance reports for the wireless industry late last night, showing Verizon as the overall winner once again. The report looks at five areas (data performance, call performance, text performance, reliability, and speed), four of which Verizon topped the charts on, including the overall category. 

We included the scores below, which show a small lead for Verizon over AT&T, but in the end, when you win and take four of the five major categories, you get bragging rights. In a breakdown by state, Verizon took 48 states in overall performance, 44 states for reliability, 45 states for speed, 46 states for data performance, and 44 states for call performance. The only category that Verizon did not top was text performance, which AT&T claimed the title for.

T-Mobile edged Sprint in three of the five categories, including overall, for third place. They did, however, take last in reliability.

What is RootMetrics? To take a quote from their own site, RootMetrics says that they “distill thousands of independent, consumer-focused tests into RootScores that let you compare the networks at a glance and make more informed mobile decisions. It’s simple: the higher the RootScore, the better the performance.” They are made up of a team of professional testers and a “consumer-first focus.”

Below, you will find the scores for each category.

rootmetrics 2014

rootmetrics 2014-2

rootmetrics 2014-3

Via:  Verizon | RootMetrics
  • kasper

    I’ve used this app and noticed that when reporting Verizon’s signal strength it was reporting only the 3g CDMA signal strength. Doesn’t seem this is very accurate as most people have more issues with data speed than with voice service

  • Jaden

    Verizon has a very small lead, with ~5% or less in every category, I wouldn’t call that overwhelming.

  • socalrailroader

    Nice, but it looks like they didn’t test outside of larger cities, and they completely skipped Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Vermont and Maine.

  • Maverick_F14

    I agree Verizon is king and is there for the long haul. AT&T will always be trailing BIG RED!

    Now lets get to the far more interesting results of this and that’s Sprint & tmobile.

    Yes Sir it all comes down to the 2 smaller wireless mobile carriers. Now it’s neck and neck and clearly one is not the best over the other so as it is it all comes down to location when taking into consideration coverage and performance. I’ve known first hand people who have the worst coverage with either of these two networks and vice versa so that just says RELIABILITY is crucial when it comes down to it.

    Sprint and tmobile are the carriers to keep an eye on for now and the foreseeable future. These two will dictate how the other two will change it’s strategy if needed as time passes. However for now they’re no direct major threat to the big two no matter how undercut in price wars the smaller two go head to head, it’s nothing more than scraps to Verizon and AT&T. A ripple in the pond yes shaking the industry but make no mistake it’s trivial at best. It hasn’t changed it only made small waves in a larger body of water. Sprint and tmobile are like guppies compared to the real sharks of Verizon and AT&T, simply no contest. Why, it’s clear isn’t it by now. They don’t have SCALE!!

    In conclusion time will tell and the fight goes on between Sprint vs tmobile and Verizon vs AT&T. As it stands now the gap is HUGE between the actual MAJOR wireless carriers in BIG RED and BIG BLUE and the not so major in the Yellow & black attack and the pink carrier. So it takes time and SIGNIFICANT money and red tape to build out it’s network and in years to come down the road we’ll revisit these test and see just how far Sprint and tmobile have expanded coverage and who will overtake the other in the long run.

    My moneys on Sprint simply because they now have two great leadership in it’s mist. Softbank’s Masayoshi son and Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure vs it’s previous regime. With these two power houses it now has the capabilities to take Sprint further and far more effective than ever before. Both have proven to be great leaders and successful business entrepreneurs in their portfolio. Sprint now and it’s future is looking bright!

  • ndog21

    Verizon must pay off Root Metrics their network is horrible in Los Angeles. Their X-LTE is a gimmic since it drops off after a walking a block away from a towet, since they use crap panels for AWS/X-LTE, and i constantly struggle to load webpages and stream music on their network. Meanwhile AT&T, and T-Mobile are faster and more relaible here.

  • stayflyer

    Duh! Verizon is the best, cue the hate!