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Stump Root Will Root the LG G3 on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

Own an LG G3? Want to root it with a 1-click app? Stump Root is for you.

Put together by TeamAndIRC and friends, Stump Root can root your G3 with the touch of a button, followed by a reboot, and then the installation of SuperSU from Google Play. It seriously, is that simple. 

Keep in mind that this root method “makes low level changes to your device,” so you should proceed at your own risk. If you don’t know what it means to root your phone, then you should probably just move on to the next article. Well, either that or you could look into it and decide if rooting is for you. Like to tinker with your phone? Want to take that tinkering to another level? This may be something of interest.

To grab the .APK and root your G3, watch the video below and then hit up the source link.

Via:  XDA
Cheers Charlie!
  • IranMCT
  • Ryan

    I have a Sprint G3 and I rooted it with the stump root but I can’t figure out how to unlock the mobile hotspot feature. I downloaded the superuser app and checked my root and everything is good. I’ve tried foxfi and a couple other tethering apps, on top of the stock version, and I can’t seem to figure it out.. Help me out if you can!

  • clay

    If I root my lg g2 and put the LG g3 Rom on it will the camera work like the g3 camera (laser focus and stuff)

  • بشار العسولي

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  • mishraomi
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  • Nobody

    Dang, should have read this before using Io. Somehow I managed to screw it up before finally getting root after about 30 minutes.

  • XvierX

    Just curious. I have unlimited through Tmobile which grants me 5 geebees of hotspot. Aside from wireless tethering, what are the incentives to rooting?

    • FknTwizted

      I love to call them giggle bits

    • 2001400ex

      Titanium backup, freeze apps, better control with light flow.

    • Marcus Thomas

      Xposed Frameworks + G3 TweaksBox is my number one reason. The G3 is pretty customizable out of the box compared to stock, but there’s so much more you can do. Just Google, “G3 TweaksBox” and look at its features and see if it’s something for you. Also, a number of other Xposed modules are very useful such as App Settings to change the DPI on a per app basis.

      And freezing/removing bloat also should improve battery life and performance.

  • IranMCT

    Hope , working for the verizon 8.3



    For some reason this reminds me of the Power Rangers. “Its morphin time!!”

  • Nought

    Hope they can get it working for the verizon 8.3

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Waiting to reboot so i can jam out to this sweet music

  • Guest

    Welcome to Froyo phone in 2014, laggy even with SD801/3GB Ram,
    washed out colors and dull screen etc.., my LG G2 experience is
    far better than G3 (tried G3 for SD expansion and removable memory card and returned within few days).

    • Xavier_NYC

      Was the Lag that bad? I’m debating between the G3 and the Unicorn (Nexus 6)

      • Same boat. Debating between G3/S5/MotoX+1

        • Xavier_NYC

          I considered the S5 but I’m not a fan of TouchWiz. But the S5 has a great display and amazing camera.. The G3 has always been in my sights because I have the G2 and I like the Moto X but I feel like they always use outdated specs..

          • Famouz Starz

            G2 has a better camera then the s5, fingerprint scanner is a sham and heartbeat sensor really? LG did a good rework with the UI on the G3 far better then the nabi samsung TW expierence

          • The camera debate is neutral IMO. I’ve read way too many conflicting camera comparisons. I do agree with you on the other junk. I dont need FP scanner, heartbeat sensor, magic fairy dust. I turned off all the gimmicks on my S4 the moment it came out of the box. But I do like Samsung’s displays and sleeker form factor.

          • I feel you on that. I’ve wanted to go back to Moto since I had the Droid 3, but they need to make something top notch. I also don’t like touchwiz, but I threw Nova Launcher on it and it’s all but invisible to me except for the settings and camera.

        • Alexander Z Great

          Verizon’s S5 and 16gb of internal is a no go for me. I’m pleased with the g3. I’ll definitely be happy if it gets recovery

      • Charlie

        the only lag i have experienced is using the “recents” button, and selecting an app from the list. other than that, no lag at all.

        • Famouz Starz

          drop animation time to 0 in dev options definitely helps out

      • Famouz Starz

        G3 FTW, only thing under par compared to the g2 is battery life and its not by much

      • Guest

        Go with HTC M8 same specs (1gb less ram) flies out of the box while G3 crawls and you have to do many tweaks (Nova launcher, disable bloat, adjust animations, throttling adjusting….)

        • Xavier_NYC

          I had an M7 and I wasn’t a fan of the battery life.. Also I hate how big the bezels are on the M8

          • Guest

            M8 battery life is very good, 4+ hours screen on time and 14-16 hours phone time.

          • Shawn Spring

            My G3 shreds these battery life specs, just as a matter of providing full disclosure. My G3 (with Nova and root, animations set to 0.5) would probably make you change your mind about G3s in general. Just came off a charge cycle of 18+ hours and 6 hours SOT. That’s pretty normal.

          • Patrick Crumpler

            Not as good as the G3.

          • grumpyfuzz

            I get 6 hours+ of screen on time on my m8, I’m pretty sure it’s just as good if not better.

        • Ryan Chapman

          My phone has never “Crawled”

        • Don’t go with the M8, unless all you care about are better phone speakers. I had the M8 before the G3, and the device is not ergonomic to hold due to the shear size (height) of the phone, in relation to the width and screen size. The camera sucks, lower specs, not the same (worse camera, smaller battery, less RAM, slower CPU), etc.

        • Trevor

          what are you talking about have no lag at all, better screen, camera, interface, specs in every area are better

        • Mark Mann

          I don’t experience, or don’t think it’s as bad as those making it out to be, any lag or stutters… And mine is stock rooted, only used g3tweaksbox to change the appearance of some things(moved the notification bar clock to center and changed the battery icon) and I disabled most bloat, which wasn’t a performance choice for me but an aesthetic choice…

    • Charlie

      disagree wholeheartedly – that has not been my experience at all. i’m way more satisfied with my G3 as compared to my N5, despite the fact that it’s not a Nexus and isn’t unlocked. but, it’s all about personal preference.

      • Guest

        May be you are ok with all the stutter and laggyness or may you don’t use your phone as much as a power user do..

        • Charlie

          dude, relax. all i said was that hasn’t been my experience. i’m not calling you a liar or anything. maybe you got a bad device, i dunno. all i know is that hasn’t been my experience, and i’ve used a lot of devices, and i use my phone a lot. your experience would certainly seem to be in the minority, so………..

          • Montrale Hammonds

            No he/she’s a liar they can’t even be proper and use a real account. He/she just wants to troll DON’T FEED THE TROLL. Lol

          • Guest
          • Montrale Hammonds

            Lol if you think this link means anything to me you’re sorely mistaken.

          • Carlton Crasher

            i’m just going to say this…when my buddy and i bought an s3 i was unhappy with the stutters and lag i got with it….my buddy was like mine doesn’t at all. so i grabbed his phone and it did the same thing as mine…some people don’t see the stutters…either they can’t perceive them or they don’t care enough to notice.

          • NorCalGuy
          • Haha dude, if you search for “HTC One M8 Lag” you gets tongs of videos and pages about it too: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=htc+one+m8+lag

          • Mark Mann

            How dare you have a different/better experience than someone else?

    • Ryan Chapman

      This is a story about rooting, why do you think anyone cares if you like the phone or not?

  • Xavier_NYC

    So tempted to buy this but I’m holding out for 1) My contract to end October 26. 2) To see what Google has in store October 31st

  • Good opportunity to have called it Groot (guardians of the galaxy)

  • tu3218

    Just picked up a G3 yesterday on craigslist for $400, brand new in box! Loving this phone! Although I will be selling my moto x to make up money, I will definitely miss that phone. I wasn’t able to root my X so nice to know I can get back into it with G3. Just don’t want to screw up anything with getting future updates, but to my knowledge from the past, you can always uninstall SU to get back to stock.

    • Charlie

      that’s not how root works – just uninstalling SU doesn’t unroot your device. i know of an app from last year or so, OTA Root Keeper, allowed you to unroot and re-root after an OTA, but i have no idea as to whether that app, or any other like it, supports the G3.

      • flosserelli

        SuperSU has a “Full unroot/Cleanup for permanent unroot” option.

        • tu3218

          ahh yes. That’s what I was just about to type. I knew there was something that allowed you to unroot, just didn’t remember exactly what it was. It’s been awhile.

          • flosserelli

            Good job picking up a brand new G3 for $400. I am jealous.

          • tu3218

            thanks! pretty pumped about it. Still getting use to the size compared to my moto x lol. But I love it so far.

          • Famouz Starz

            sell me the moto x 😉

          • Marcus Thomas

            The size isn’t too bad coming from the Nexus 5. ^_^ It’s noticeable, but you get used to it. The shape of this phone makes it really easy to use.

        • Charlie

          has anyone tried it on the G3??

    • Steveo

      Lucky. Trying to find that same deal. Already sold my Moto X 🙁

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Just waiting on recovery for my Verizon LG g3.

    • Allen George

      Indeed. WTB Bootloader bypass/unlock. If I knew more about it I would be trying to hack it myself.

    • Charlie

      see my reply to @glimmerman 76, below. bootloader is close to being unlocked – at least according to the devs of Stump Root.

    • New Mexico Patriot Brigade

      I will second you there! Xposed is great, but I want a rom on the G3 that already has custom themes, rooted, tethering built in, Halo, etc. I’m no programmer, I’m limited to minimal command line stuff in linux, and dos, and some simple html and css, but it makes me wonder… does it really take months and months to get an unlock for a modern phone? 6 months is an eternity in the phone world. By the time this phone is unlocked, I won’t want it anymore, the G4 will be out.

  • anon

    jcase and bros are super cool.

  • glimmerman76

    i want a bootloader unlock so I can install a custom recovery

    • Charlie

      @thecubed has been posting pretty regularly in the at&t bounty thread over on xda, and has been working with jcase and autoprime on rooting and unlocking. yesterday he seemed pretty confident that they could get all of the G3 variants unlocked, but that they probably couldn’t get to it until this coming weekend.

    • j

      Yah I dunno. G2 never got unlocked, but workarounds allow for custom recovery. Works flawlessly.

      • Jared Denman

        Uh I think ur mistaken. I had twrp on my Verizon g2

        • Charlie

          no, the BL was never actually unlocked. instead, you were able to get a custom recovery for flashing roms by using the loki bootstrap workaround.

          • Jared Denman

            Not for me.

          • grumpyfuzz

            dude, you could still get twrp without unlocking the bootloader. there was never a way to unlock the bootloader

          • LewisSD

            I used the switch to tmobile workaround to unlock the bootloader…seriously though Verizon sucks when it comes to unlocking bootloaders!

          • New Mexico Patriot Brigade

            You’re correct, the bootloader never was unlocked (I think it is now though) but we did have Safestrap, and that’s good enough for me.

  • Terrell Canute

    What’s the major difference with rooting with this method vs. using towel root? I have rooted my At&t LG G3 and since then have experienced a few issues with wifi. Not sure if this is due to rooting or not. I couldn’t find much info on this but have seen other people with the same experience.

    • evol1knobi

      No difference besides convienience

      • Famouz Starz

        and the lack of needing a towel 🙂

        • Charlie

          there’s a joke in there somewhere – needing a towel for your stump…….or something.

          • Phorce1

            “A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar
            hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap
            it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan
            Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of
            Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapors; you can sleep under it
            beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon;
            use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for
            use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious
            fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a
            mind-boggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can’t see it, it
            can’t see you); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress
            signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be
            clean enough.”

  • That’s awesome. Now if the dev community can make something that takes advantage of the mobile hotspot without having to manually reset the password every time you want to activate it. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from grabbing this phone via the line upgrade switcharoo workaround before the August 24th deadline. Unless someone knows something I don’t? Chime in.

    • SomeDooD

      On the same boat as you.

    • Famouz Starz

      im sure the work around will come shortly after the bootloader is unlocked, like you i had 2 upgrades to use prior to the 24th. although i do dislike having to reset the password its minor and can live with it for the time being, not being able to upgrade after the 24th was just not doable.

      • Quick question. How do you change your password? My biggest gripe with this caveat is that I don’t want to have to dive into my computer/tablet/PS3 and change the password there every time I enable the hotspot.

        Right now I use my S4 flawlessly with all the devices. the password is “abcdefg…” Could I theoretically initialize the G3 hotspot in the same fashion, then change the last letter in the password for a “burner session”, quit, change back to the original password and have it connect to the devices automatically? (Hope that makes sense)

        Or can you never use the same password twice?

        • Famouz Starz

          hotspot settings for pswd change, just set the password you want and syn all your devices, next go around just take out the password and reenter the one used previously, minimize the resync of all your devices.

          i dont think there is a restriction on password reuse

          • Oh so you go straight to the settings and just manually enter the same exact password every time you initialize? No need to change it to something else. Got it. That makes it a bit easier I guess. Still a bit of a hassle. =/ Decisions, Decisions.

          • Famouz Starz

            pretty sure thats the method ha ha i dont think you would have to reload the modified files everytime

          • MetroGnome711

            Yeah, this is how I’m doing it. Just set same password and SSID every time and devices connect just fine. Might as well do the transfer upgrade trick one last time. I picked up the G3 this past weekend for $99 and kept unlimited data. Even if you just sell the device for $400 its a win. Also it puts you back into contract for two years so that they can’t throttle you.

          • Well, the line that has the upgrade eligibility doesn’t have data attached. It’s my father’s line and he just has a Moto SLVR dumb phone from like 2007. I’m wondering if that’ll be an issue with the cancellation/hardware swap..

          • MetroGnome711

            I transferred my upgrade to a feature phone line, activated the new phone on the feature phone line (this added a 2GB plan), and then immediately re-activated the feature phone which immediately took the data package off the phone. I’ll have to be a prorated amount at the end of the month (like, $1.99) for having data on there for a day. Hope this helps!

            Edit: Then I simply took my sim and placed in the new device and it activated easy peasy.

          • Awesome. Did you do this at a Verizon Store or 3rd Party retailer?

          • MetroGnome711

            Online. Totally online. Even had a chat window up the whole time asking the chat representative “am i losing my unlimited data?!” and printed the response that i wasn’t just in case. Activating smart phone is as simple as turning feature phone off and turning new phone on. Re-activating feature phone is just as simple, turn off smartphone and dial *228 from feature phone. Then pullthe new sim out of new device and put your old sim card into the new phone.

          • mdavila84

            I did the same as u for the upgrade but they took my unlimited even though I had 4 different reps saying it would be taken now I have no unlimited data on my line it sucks but I only used 1.5gigs a month still sucks though

          • MetroGnome711

            Did you use online or store? Did you activate the phone on the feature phone line first? Sorry to hear they messed you up man!

    • tu3218

      Are you using the regular, stock mobile hotspot or a modified version?

      • I’m not using anything on the G3. I don’t own it. I use the rooted (free) hotspot function on my S4 currently.

        • tu3218

          Okay gotcha. I was hoping FoxFi would work on the G3 like I believe it does on Samsung devices, but it didn’t work for me on my G3.

          • 2001400ex

            If it’s like the G2, you need to replace the wireless hotspot provision after you root.