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Sprint Says It’s a “New Day for Data” in America, Introduces 20GB $100 Data Package

On Friday, Sprint’s new CEO, Marcelo Claure, said during a company-wide town hall that we should expect major pricing changes for his company’s wireless plans come today. He has delivered by announcing that Sprint will now offer a family share data plan with up to 10 lines and 20GB of data for $100 (line access charges gone through 2015). For that amount of data, you are looking at prices that certainly cut under AT&T and Verizon.

The details in this one are all over the board and include a special 2GB per line bonus for a limited time, so hang with me while I update this post and break it all down. 

Here is the plan.

Starting August 22, for $100, you can jump on over to Sprint, pick up a family shared data package for up to 10 lines and get 20GB of data. Now, the press release for this states that your monthly bill would be $100, which means that Sprint is waiving phone access fees for a limited time. Think about that for a second. From August 22 through September 30, if you switch to Sprint, you can grab a 20GB data plan that can be shared across up to 10 lines and pay just $100 per month. You can have 4 or 5 or 6 lines too, and still just pay $100. Sprint is waiving the $15 line access fees with this deal through 2015.

Once that promo ends and you have to start paying line activation fees, the prices will go up a bit, but Sprint’s data packages are virtually double AT&T and Verizon’s.

For example, if you have a family of 4, all of which have “non-discounted phones,” and choose the 20GB $100 data package, your bill would actually be $160. You are looking at $100 for the 20GB of data, plus $15 per line that isn’t on-contract or is “non-discounted.” If you choose a data plan that isn’t at least 20GB and $100, your “non-discounted” phone line charges jump to $25 per line. If you have a phone on contract or “discounted,” those line charges go up to $40 per line.

Sprint Family  Share Pack2

The rest of the data packages carry around double the data of Verizon and AT&T’s competing plans. For 20GB of data on Verizon or AT&T, you are looking at a data package that costs $150. Even an option like the 12GB $80 data package doubles the offerings of others.

If you were to pick-up a 10GB plan at Verizon and add four lines, you would pay $160 as of today – same deal at AT&T. T-Mobile’s runs $100, but that data is not shared and is instead distributed evenly between lines.


Bonus deal.

To sweeten the deal, Sprint is giving an extra 2GB of data per line on top of the 20GB. If you were to have 4 lines under your 20GB plan, Sprint would hand you an extra 8GB of data per month. If you maxed out at 10 lines, Sprint would give you another 20GB of data to use, bringing your monthly total up to 40GB.

Leaving your carrier.

If you decide that this deal sounds amazing and want to leave your current carrier for Sprint, they will buy you out of your current contracts and pay you with a Visa prepaid card worth up to $350.

Thoughts? Tempted to move on over or do you still not trust Sprint’s network?

Via:  Sprint
  • prisoner223

    I work for the company that provides the outsourced customer service for Verizon, and I have so many people calling in to ask what I can do for them to match this offer.

    The reality is that there isn’t anything I can offer them. The VZW network doesn’t suck. I’m not allowed to bad mouth competitors, but I feel bad that people are getting lured into this.

    20gb of days isn’t worth anything if you can’t use it..

  • T Mobile Desoto mall

    Hahahahahaha Sprint is a joke ..i work for T Mobile and we destroyed sprint this year 😉 nobody can beat our plans and our4G LTE network

  • suicuneisme

    “20 gigs of High Speed Data.”
    When I watch YouTube using the 4g LTE the ads are constantly buffering. Switch at your own risk. It won’t go well.

  • rutgersjaffo

    If they had the service of Verizon, I would be all over this. But they don’t, so…

  • Chris

    Can give all the data in the world but it won’t matter because the service sucks where I live, paying for 4g but only able to use 3g, that’s why I jumped to Verizon. At least now I have coverage everywhere I need it.

  • D Nice

    When your network sucks bad as it does you have to resort to such measures.

  • 213ninja

    i don’t know about anyone else, but tiered data pricing is just offensive to me…

  • Jason Williamson

    they’re out of their mind if they think anyone is going to go back to their network.

  • Ant

    The only issue I have with this is getting the new phones, phones can be expensive and you cannot use any of the discounts. So my family of 6 who has Iphones with AT&T would have to pay a huge amount to make the move over to Sprint. I think its a great rate but it is misleading cause the buy in is not really counted for.

  • Synacks

    You would have to stand underneath a tower for a few hours everyday for a month and download movies to get that kind of data usage with their crap coverage.

  • John Friend

    Sprints coverage in illinois is ok but nowhere near as good as verizon. Plus most areas are 3g where vzw is 4g.

  • Bruce

    I don’t care how cheap Sprint’s plans are. I will never sign a contract with Sprint. Sprint’s coverage sucks hard in SoCal.

  • pyro74boy .

    There is no good coverage area for Sprint at least none that I’m aware of. EVERYONE that I know who is on Sprint [I feel very bad for them.] is reporting very slow speeds for data as well.

  • “Paco”

    I had a sweet deal through a Sprint Employee friend that basically had me paying $40/month for unlimited everything (talk, text and data) – that was about all it was worth, too. I live in the metro KC area – home of Sprint’s corporate HQ and struggled to get 4G data most anywhere. Their 4G speeds are about equal to Verizon’s 3G and if you end up on Sprint’s 3G….forget getting any data, it’s not happening.

    I’d love to support Sprint, since they’re based out of here, but the network is a joke. I need my smartphone to work when I’m not on wifi.

  • Chippah

    Merge with T-mobile.
    Build 9000 new badly needed towers for comparable coverage.
    Offer unlimited,talk,txt and data
    UNDERCUT the fawk out of ATT-VZW.

    = Profit.

    Otherwise GTFO..

  • schoat333

    Not interested. Sprints coverage in my area is bad. I honestly don’t know how it can be so bad to be honest. I mean even T-Mobile has great LTE coverage in my area.

    • ToddAwesome

      Same here, bad may even be an understatement. Verizon, AT&T and T-mo are all strong in my area, but when my friend who has Sprint comes to visit, I have to tether him so he can even check email, etc.

  • David Tyler

    I will humbly keep my cricket wireless services until they or ATT can respond to Sprint offer. The thing I hate with this promotion is that my bill will go up $60.00 next year when they add the access fee because I would have 4 LINES.. No thank you.

  • ethelcmcphe

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  • jimt

    By the way, Thank you T-Mobile for whats happening at Sprint. Again. And who knows At&t and Verizon may notice. Nah!

  • jimt

    There is no need for Sprint to bleed, just sell yourself quickly and cheaply to T-mobile. Win Win.

  • Gasaraki

    Wow, shots fired. Too bad their network is weak in rural areas. In the city this should be great.

  • Spaniard85

    Sure is lots of hate. How many of you who bash the coverage actually have Sprint currently? Coverage is just fine here in central Illinois, and LTE data speeds are more than acceptable.

    • monkeybutts

      If they had the coverage or even usability they wouldn’t be bashed as much.

    • jimt

      Would it bother you if Yellow Sprint became Magenta T-Mobile and you got Unlimited data for less money? Basically a name change and cost reduction and speed increase.

  • skinja

    This is great. And I hope it creates some competition with other carriers.

    But I question who is actually going to sign up for this?
    If you are concerned about data and want or have sprint, wouldn’t you have an unlimited plan for $80/month. Am I missing something?

    I don’t see too many folks that would make this new plan cost effective enough to swtich to Sprint.

  • big

    Sorry, but I had unlimited data but was so slow the it was useless!. No thanks happy with T-Mobile !

  • jimt

    Get a clue Sprint. People want unlimited data. And I don’t want to share with anyone.

    • michael arazan

      ‘Murica and share don’t go together, just ask the red states and right wingers.

  • Jonathan Welch

    At the least, it could play out well for everyone else. Understandably I’d get hate because I’m under one of Verizon’s More Everything plans (not UD), but the last time there was price slashing and more data allowance between carriers, my plan was upgraded for free to have more data and other nifty upgrades. I won’t complain if they allot me another few gigs. They have a big enough wallet as it is

  • S. Ali


  • nevermindhoser

    What if I’m already on sprint and want this plan? I want to pay 100 for my 2 existing phones and add another and pay less then what I am now

    • monkeybutts

      If you are already on Sprint you get the luxury of paying $160. Details on their website.

      • nevermindhoser

        Nothing like thanks for being a loyal customer

  • Given that Sprint’s LTE network is even less reliable than T-mobile, I don’t see why someone would want to join this plan unless T-mobile’s coverage in their area is less developed than Sprint. Look, for $80, you can get unlimited data from T-mobile. With Sprint’s new plan, you will get 8Gb for $95. It’s a no-match.

    • DirkDigg1er

      I think you missing the point. This is aimed at AT&T/ Verizon family share plans, not T-Mobile’s individual plans.

      Although I can’t judge nationwide reliability, using Sensorly it seems like Sprint has superior coverage and on par reliability as T-Mobile.

      • jimt

        If they haven’t left for Tmo that is cheaper than this plan, why pay more for less at sprint?

        • DirkDigg1er

          You also are missing the point. T-Mobile doesn’t have a comparable family data share plan. They offer a set amount of data per line. Some people are not into downloading apps, google now/siri/cortona, social media, youtube, radio, netflix, etc. Most of those people use less than 300mb per month and would balance out with a heavy data user in this plan.

          T-mobile has great speeds with limited coverage and Sprint has better coverage with limited speed. They both are arguably equal.

          • jimt

            What about Tmo,s $30 plan, not so good for talking but ok for the rest with unlimited though throttled after 5 gigs I think.

          • DirkDigg1er

            It’s a great plan for cost conscious people but not for everyone(no female /single man is going to take 100 min plan regardless of data). I’m not disagreeing with the fact Tmo has great plans. The plans just don’t compare to share plans.

  • Ajmcnicol

    People need to realize you get what you pay for.
    Verizon and ATT has great data speeds, great coverage (verizon specially) but tiered data that is the most expensive.
    Tmobile has AMAZING data speed and an unlimited data deal…but their coverage is the worst.
    Sprint has better coverage then Tmobile but hooorible network speeds in general.

    The issue isnt will Verizon/att match these. NO..they will never. Cause they dont need to. Its about making up for something you dont have. Tmobile and Sprint cant compete on network coverage (tmobile) or speed (sprint) so they compete and attract customers with price.

    Verizon and ATT attract customers not with price but speed and coverage.

    They compensate for something they dont have with something that they do have and have control over. It will always be that way.

    • jimt

      Verizon not so much the speed but coverage yes. Coverage is what they offer, at the moment. If not for coverage they would go out of business.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon has coverage only, their data speeds suck because they never planned on congestion and barely put enough LTE towers to call an area covered, Att has good data speeds and swiss cheese coverage, still.

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    I’ll stick with my sprint unlimited thanks.

  • monkeybutts

    New customers only

    “I’m a current Sprint Customer. Can I get 20GB of high-speed data on up to 10 lines for $100/mo?
    Current customers can get 20GB of high-speed data for up to 10 lines for $160/mo, but the promotional price of $100/mo applies only to lines that are switched from another carrier to Sprint.

    I’m a current Sprint customer. Can I get the 2GB per device bonus data being offered?
    The 2GB per device bonus data is a promotion available only to lines that are switched from another carrier to Sprint.”

    • Ajmcnicol

      Switch to tmobile..have them pay the etf from sprint..then switch back.

      • monkeybutts

        I’m not on Sprint but thats a terrible idea. ETF fee takes about a month just to be approved. Would probably miss out on the deal. Although if someone did switch they’d probably be happier on T-mobile.

  • Jigabytes

    20 GBs??
    Screw my unlimited plans!

  • Duane Westerhaus

    I found one caveat to this otherwise great deal.
    “The Sprint Family Share Pack, offering double the high-speed shareable data(1) for smartphones, basic phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices, will be available starting Aug. 22.”
    (1) To improve the data experience for the majority of users, throughput speeds may be limited, varied or reduced on the network.

  • RaptorOO7

    Talk about gutsy move, I bet Verizon and AT&Tdon’t even attempt to match it, instead they will tout their network quality, coverage and THROTTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      Sprint throttles too. Read the fine print.

    • monkeybutts

      But what about free overages included in every plan can Sprint have those too?

    • hoodieNation

      Throttled Verizon is still faster than Sprint 4G. 🙂

  • DC_Guy

    I’m still on my Verizon unlimited plan but I’ve tested out both Sprint and T-Mobile recently so I’ll know what viable options I have when Big Red finally decides to pull the plug on UD. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by T-Mobile. I got consistent, fast speeds both indoors and out here in the DC Metro area. I didn’t run into an issue steaming Netflix and Hulu on T-Mobile. No buffering but sometimes I couldn’t stream at high quality either. T-Mo was still better than Sprint. In the back of my mind I still want Sprint to get to a place where they have a solid and competitive network. We’ll see.

    • jbworldwide1

      I concur. I’ve been on T-mobile for 8 months now after 12 years with Sprint and the service is like night & day.

    • Joe O

      The way I see it, this plan is a way for the new CEO to bring in more customers and revenue NOW so that he can have even a little chance at following up on his promise to really work on the network capabilities and quality of Sprint. This could very well be a stepping stone to a truly competitive network (in regards to Verizon and AT&T).

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Even T-Mobile works better in the woods than Sprint does under their own towers

    • michael arazan

      Sprint has amazing coverage compared to T-Mo in the midwest, T-Mo loses any signal out side a city or a 1/4 mile away from a major highway.

  • Nothing for existing customers who have listened to failed promises for years? I still don’t have 4G, and it’s not in their plan to upgrade in my market in the foreseeable future. I’m off contract, a deal would have been nice.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Further proof that the data prices are just an utter arbitrary scam price they (all carriers) make up as they go along.

  • Gr8Ray

    Sprint could offer me Eleventy Billion Gigabytes and it wouldn’t matter, because their coverage area is crap.

  • BrandoKC

    $100 will get you 20GB of data to share and an additional 2GB per line up to 10 lines. For 10 lines you would have 20GB shared and 40GB addittional broken down to 2GB per line. There is no access cost. The phone access cost is the easy pay monthly payment for your device.

    • Andrew Knighton

      Through 2015 then after its 15 a month. So basically if you have 4 lines after Dec 31 2015 its 160 for 28gb shared

    • jimt

      $80 gets you unlimited unlimited at T-mobile. Sprints network is maybe worse then Tmo. How is $100 for 20 gig even worth talking about?

  • guest

    In LA the Sprint voice calling has gotten better but data is horrid. I use about 60 GB a month so this is still too low for me.

  • koopadoop

    Hopefully VZW picks this up, I’m tired of overages.

    • chris125

      Not gonna happen

      • koopadoop

        Even if ATT picks it up?

        • chris125

          You see what AT&T and Verizon did when tmobile did lower plan prices, it wasn’t even close to what tmo offered. This will be the same. Sprint doesn’t have enough presence to make the big two worry

          • TylerCameron

            The difference between Sprint and T-Mobile is that while Sprint bleeds customers, T-Mobile gains customers.

          • chris125

            Exactly. So even more reason Verizon and att won’t care about sprint doing this

          • jimt

            Maybe Tmo won’t need to buy Sprint if all the customers go to Tmo.

    • Willie D

      Really? Cause Sprint has the highest overage cost of all carriers, unlike AT&T and Verizon that charge $15 per 1GB data overage, Sprint still charges $0.03 per kb

      • koopadoop

        What does that have to do with me wanting 20GB on VZW because I currently average 12-15 on my 10GB plan?

        • Willie D

          Saying if VZW picked it up, they would sacrifice one benefit for another. You want more data, okay, great, well, we will charge you per MB for overage instead of GB overage. Thats how they like to offer more, but screw people.

          • jimt

            Lets face it everyone wants unlimited and where can you get that without going to ebay? Answer–> T-mobile.

            Who has the cheapest unlimited unlimited that you can go to a carrier for? Answer —> T-mobile

            Who has the biggest Network and is the most expensive. Answer —>Verizon
            Who saves $100 a month by not using the most expensive network. Answer —-> Me on Tmo
            Who is the happiest camper with his carrier choice. Answer —–> Me and my Nexus 5

        • PoisonApple31

          If you are on a 10GB shared data plan on Verizon, why wouldn’t you up your plan mid month and back date it? If you switched to the 14 GB plan and didn’t go over, you’d only pay $20 extra instead of $60!

          Hell if you upped to the 14GB plan and went over to 15GB, you’d still be $35 instead of paying $75!

          Then just revert the plan back to 10GB the following billing cycle.

          • koopadoop

            Because I have to promo double data from back when you could get 10GB for 5GB price if you bought a 4G phone (which is then 50% discounted due to reasons). I can’t get anymore data for this price point.

          • PoisonApple31

            Well that makes sense then!

      • TylerCameron

        Sprint stopped selling unlimited data?…

  • fauxshizzl

    I challenge anyone using Sprint to use 20GB of data in a month with their speed and coverage. They could offer truly unlimited and not have to worry, their coverage is so terrible no one could do much damage to the network.

    • Frank Baker

      What do I win for beating the challenge lol

      • schoat333

        The internet, of course.

    • TylerCameron

      I have a friend who used to average 200GB/month on Sprint…
      Then he switched to T-Mobile. He has Sprint LTE at his house and it was faster than his home connection, but that was it. Everywhere else sucked lol.

  • GPier

    20GB? Pretty hard to use even close to that with little to no coverage!

    • Justin Larmay

      I was going to say the same, I don’t even think it’s possible to use 20GB a month being on sprint.

      • Timothy Cronin

        Actually depends on the area you live in I live in the Philadelphia area in the suburbs and have no issues with coverage or speed I use around 17 to 22gb a month actually

    • jamdev12

      Beat me to it. Good job sir.

    • El Big CHRIS

      That’s why they can get away with that offering. It’s not bad, but service footprint is minimal. Like T-Mobile but worse

      • Chris Hannan

        Sprint has great 3G coverage and decent LTE coverage. Their problem is just their speeds.

    • Yea, there’s no LTE in my area. Given how slow 3G CDMA is, 8 Gb is like unlimited data!

      • Bruce

        Sprint’s definition of unlimited data = takes forever to watch something on Youtube.

    • abqnm

      Yeah for the half of Sprint subscribers that aren’t in an LTE coverage area, and another probably 30% who are in an LTE coverage area but can’t actually use it, it is not possible to use all the data in one month. At the usual Sprint 3g speed of 0.01Mbps, if the data connection remains active 24/7, it is possible for one phone to use ~3.2gb in a month, making it impossible to use all the data with any number of devices. If, by a fluke, you happen to get faster than the usual speed, you might be able to use 4gb in a month.

    • Craig

      Sprint coverage in my area is abysmal. All I can hope for is that this forces other carriers to lower their rates. Also, I wish they would stop with all this bundling and multi-line plans. How many non commercial customers have 10 lines? Why can’t they offer $20 per line access and then 1 cent per megabyte? Keep it simple 🙂

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        It wont. Look at it this way 1st will be Big red saying their network is too good to offer any further price drops then the already rip into your wallet pricing they currently offer. 2nd att actually operates a great network and will lower it a little in response but not significantly, because we live in a world of paying for what you get. Even this new CEO realizes this and realizes that his network is not the plans they had… yet. Hes undercut everyone significantly to equal the quality of his network. This is not actually a dig on sprint but props to the CEO for seeing the light Dan Hesse couldn’t and being quite fair about it.

        Verizon on the other hand needs to loose some more customers before they come to terms with the fact that the gouge customers and even “the best network” isn’t worth what they make people pay for it.

    • John Whitehead

      We typically use about 13 GB as a family of four. Most of it is traveling and Netflix. So, with traveling, we also need coverage. If a company can beat Verizon’s coverage, I will leave VZW in a heart beat.

    • J Smith

      “Marcelo Claure”

      Sounds like fail.

      • GPier

        That’s why on the last Sprint article announcing the new CEO and his plans I said “Wrong, Next CEO please”.

  • mcdonsco

    Didn’t sprint at one point bring unlimited data back? What, were they just kidding about it?

    • Willie D

      They pretty much just killed it with this. So if you want it, get on the old Framily plans NOW. Cause tomorrow, it will be gone.

      • mcdonsco

        LOL, no…I have Verizon UD; I’m good. You couldn’t PAY ME to move to Sprint. Was just curious.

    • DJyoSNOW

      The zombie commercial (that made me crack up every time)… I thought so also. (I bet it’s still in there system there so janky)

    • skinja

      It is still on their website


    • socarwolverine

      But isn’t that for a single line, this 20GB is for a family share.

    • michael arazan

      They were advertising unlimited up until February this year and all through the holidays last year. Non e of these carriers can keep a plan going for a full year without stopping it and starting something else.

  • Willie D

    Really? Thats the best they came up with? “Plus access charges” and only 20GB of data? REALLY!? Cant even offer unlimited or 50GB of data? REALLY!?
    If that is what they call a price war, then I guess they may as well throw in the towel.
    I clicked the link, then it got confusing, for a limited time, through 2015, extra lines get additional 2GB of data… all that wording and a chart, just made it confusing, not simple like they claimed. Jesus Christ Sprint..really?

    • admmck

      I agree. At the rate the big 4 are going, this is going to be a looooong price war. But, hey, at least they’re offering “more” for less gradually…

  • Bryan Mills
    • She_Beast


    • G D A

      Ha ha ha ha….zZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • droidarmy


  • Nathan Borup

    but it’s Sprint…

  • Like….whaaaaaaaaat?