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Virgin America Distributing Nexus 7 Tablets Across Entire Fleet for Crew Members

If you fly Virgin America, be prepared to see the Nexus 7 making frequent appearances in the skies, as the company recently announced that they are to outfit their flight attendants with the Google and ASUS-made hardware.

Nicknamed the Crewpad, the device is used to help flight attendants assistant passengers better. For example, whenever you order food or drinks through Virgin’s inflight entertainment system, the attendant will receive a notification on their tablet, then fulfill your request. 

In the company’s blog post covering the news, it states the Nexus 7 will allow Virgin to “constantly enhance the software,” on the device, meaning the service should only get better over time.

The Nexus 7 tablet from Google will replace our existing tablets, providing a thinner, lighter and faster solution and a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen. Our InFlight Teammates took the devices for a 30-day test run and shared great feedback, allowing them to deliver an even more efficient service to our guests. And the best part – the tablets will give us a great foundation for the future, with the ability to constantly enhance the software and make the service even more personalized for our guests…so watch this space!

The next time you are flying Virgin America, see if you can show one of the attendants the Android Easter Egg trick.

Via: Virgin America
  • jorgemandrews

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  • David Parrella

    My parents are pilots for US Air on the 767 and A330 and US Airways gives them custom built iPads with airport/airway charts, sat-nav, and sat-connection that they can use anywhere in the world (and in the sky). Drains the battery in like five minutes though lol. It’s the only product from Apple that I’ve really ever awed over.

  • s23

    I challenge Kellex to take the ALS challenge. He will deliver!

  • AngryBadger

    Mojitos on demand! yes 😀

  • ScoobySnack

    Where can I get one of those cases for my Nexus 7?

  • Just flew to SF this afternoon via Virgin Airlines, loved the flight! Ordering food via the entertainment system is awesome, and their safety video was actually worth watching.

    • TJam

      Thanks for sharing your second rate airline experience.

      • Thanks for your useful comment!

        • Molly H

          Thanks for your useful response!


    I’ll be checking on my way to Seattle for the Packers Seahawks game Sept 4th

  • NastyEmu

    Really impressed with the few VA flights I’ve been on. Best domestic carrier IMO.

  • Craig P

    I flew with Virgin America once, very modern in lots of ways. Can’t wait to fly with them again.

    • Bryan Mills

      Virgins usually fly them a lot.

      • Manny

        You can’t win them all, Bryan Mills.

  • Capt Sum Ting Wong

    I like tablet on my flight.

    • Matt

      I dunno how I feel about my pilot being Captain Sum Ting Wong.

      • niuguy

        Just don’t fly into SFO and you’re fine.

  • Bryan Mills

    Surprised they didn’t get them Surface 2’s.

    • Dave

      That’s because you are a moron

      • Bryan Mills

        Kill yourself.

        • niuguy

          Well that escalated quickly.

    • Asst Manager

      Don’t quit you day job. Just kidding, we know you only work 3rd shift part time.

    • KojiroAK

      Because on the Nexus 7 they can modify things on the base, they aren’t bound to just put stuff on top.

  • Capt Jim

    Beats watching those boring clouds.

    • Justin W

      These are for employees, not for customers.

      • FO Speck

        Isn’t the Captain and employee or does he ride in coach on your flights?

        • Justin W

          Didn’t see the name.

          • Navigator Joe

            Yes, Capt Jim is well known in aviation circles 😉