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Deal: Expansys Hosting Another Google Play Edition Device Sale, Free Shipping Included

For those among us who can’t get enough of vanilla Android, Expansys is hosting yet another Google Play Edition sale, looking to possibly make room on their shelves for new inventory. Up for grabs, priced much lower than their original price tags, are the HTC One (M7), Sony Xperia Z Ultra, and LG G Pad 8.3 GPE editions. 

The One (M7) is priced at $359.99, Z Ultra at $334.99, and the G Pad 8.3 is listed at just $209.99. For new devices, especially the Z Ultra and G Pad 8.3, that deal can’t be beat. Add in the free shipping and this deal is even better than the last deal they had on GPE devices.

Shoppers, go get ’em.

Update: Free shipping excludes HTC One (M7) GPE device.

Expansys Link

  • jorgemandrews

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  • Ben

    Is free constant monitoring also included?

  • Joelo661

    Help!! What’s a better deal. The Xperia Z Ultra or the HTC ONE M7? Any input is greatly appreciated.

    • UniBroW

      I’m absolutely in love with the Z Ultra, camera isnt so terrible as it is kinda buggy but I can live with it. You really have to live having a huge phone/tablet though. I also have the ability to swap to my Nexus 5 when I don’t feel like toting around such a huge beast

      *edit* get a dbrand skin for the back, if you’re going caseless, and a tempered glass screen protector for the front. I peeled off the film Sony installs on the front and it took a good hour because of the amount of adhesive they use. I’d leave the film but put either a glass protector over it or another screen protector before even using it. The film scratches very easily and the oleophobic coating wears away quite fast. Was a total pain to take off

      This is the glass I bought


  • IMHO that GPE Gpad is the best Android tablet. Perfect size, weight and no bloat. A steal at $209. Too bad I don’t need one.

  • wrklss

    its too bad I’m saving my cash for the next moto x

    • Jake L

      Ditto. Let’s not forget about the Moto 360 either.

  • NSA

    There is not truth to the claim that Google Play spies on users.

  • litobirdy

    Dam that’s a good deal on the lg tablet, but it’s already almost a year old.debating to wait for nexus 8 announcement? Any new rumours on announcement? Or even the new shield tablet? Also, you can’t download and install apps on the sd card can you? All apps would go on the 16 Gb internal?

  • RoboCop

    I got the GPad…touch sensitivity is a little messed up and I have to press links a few times unless my fingers are super dry and just washed but that happens once every maaaybe 10 or 15 times. Other than that the speakers aren’t that great but I still like it

  • M3D1T8R

    Dang, that GPad w/SD slot at $210 is tempting vs my Nexus 7 2013 32GB nearly full.

    • Brandon Giesel

      It’s a great tablet. I bought one full price from Google Play after all the troubles I had with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. I don’t regret the purchase whatsoever. It’s a great tablet, has had timely updates, and performance is definitely there. It’s my daily driver for tablets over the Nexus 7. I highly recommend it and it’s marketed at impulse buy pricing.

  • TeeJay1100

    Which one is better: The Sony Z or Htc M7?

    • Grayson

      M7 converted to Sense would be the best IMO. M7s running Sense have now been updated to Android 4.4 with Sense 6, and as a former M7 owner, I always felt that HTC put a lot more care and effort into optimizing their devices for Sense than for stock Android in the GPE editions, so I think the performance is better in Sense.

      • creed

        Shame on anyone that buys a GPE and puts HTC sense on it.

        • Grayson

          Didn’t buy any GPEs actually. Bought Sense versions and coverted them to GPE, but then converted them back to Sense. Thanks for trying to shame me though. No one should be ashamed of buying a GPE version and converting to Sense. The only ones who should be ashamed are HTC and Google, because the performance of the HTC GPE devices isn’t as buttery as it should be.

  • Grayson

    One M7 GPE and One M8 GPE were disappointing to me. They would both have the occasional stutter, especially in the launcher, that I didn’t expect from those devices running stock Android. The Nexus 4 felt more consistently smooth than the One M7 GPE to me and the Nexus 5 feels more consistently smooth than the One M8 GPE to me. I ended up running Sense on both of my Ones because it seems to perform better, shockingly. Guess HTC just doesn’t invest much time in optimizing their kernel for stock Android on their GPE devices.

  • Mike Aurin

    And just to be clear, these GPE devices only have the radios for AT&T and T-Mobile, correct?

    • will

      They do but the

      • Will

        They do but the S4 doesn’t have LTE for TMobile or support the that speedy HSPA+ I believe but works completely on AT&T.

    • sirmipsalot

      The M7 is missing radios for some (not all) of the hspa+ bands that t-mobile uses, just FYI.

    • Simon Belmont

      Hmm. Pretty sure the GPE M7 lacks the band for LTE on T-Mobile.

      I can’t find the source for that, but I remember seeing that when I was looking into one a while back. Cheers.

  • BAM1789

    The lady friend would kill me if I bought ANOTHER piece of electronics… But its a good price..

    • The G Pad deal is hard to pass up. It’s a good tablet.

      • BAM1789

        That’s the one I’m considering.. Choices.

        • TeeJay1100

          A larger display with a metal back, an SDcard slot and slightly better camera. If I didn’t already have a 2013 Nexus 7 & a Note 12.2 I would grab one myself.

          • litobirdy

            Dam that’s a good deal on the lg tablet, but it’s already almost a year old.debating to wait for nexus 8 announcement? Any new rumours on announcement? Or even the new shield tablet? Also, you can’t download and install apps on the sd card can you? All apps would go on the 16 Gb internal?

          • right, have a ’13 N7 and a Ipad 4 retina (given as a gift) so can’t justify it.

        • MotoRulz

          Bought 2 last month on same deal. Still won’t retire the Xoom though ha ha. Gpad is a great tablet don’t let the deal get away.