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Deal: 16GB Nexus 5 in Black or Red for $329, Plus Free Shipping

nexus 5 deal

A new Nexus phone should be here within the next three months, but if it’s the whale rumors are predicting it to be, you may be better off sticking with last year’s much more manageable Nexus 5. Now isn’t a bad time to consider one either, thanks to a daily eBay deal that has the black or red models with 16GB of storage priced at $329.99.

This is the LG-D820, which is the US-specific variant. It’s also brand new and includes free economy shipping with purchase.

The Nexus 5 with 16GB of storage currently retails for $349 through Google Play, but Google tends to charge an arm and a leg-and-a-half for shipping. If you jump on this deal, you are saving over $20.

eBay Link

  • 213ninja

    “A new Nexus phone should be here within the next three months, but if it’s the whale rumors are predicting it to be, you may be better off sticking with last year’s much more manageable Nexus 5.”

    ^^so you’re recommending that we pass on the Nexus 6 and buy Nexus 5’s because you don’t like big phones? lmao.

    • middlehead

      Your reading comprehension is terrible if you think he’s saying we shouldn’t buy the 6 because HE doesn’t like it.

      • 213ninja

        Stop. My reading comprehension is impeccable, and that’s pretty much what he said.

        • middlehead

          Clearly it is not, because he didn’t.

          • 213ninja

            If you’re going to debate me you’d better present something compelling, otherwise, stepthefukoff.

          • middlehead

            Of course it’s a recommendation, but you’re pinning the idea on him personally not wanting a larger phone. If you can’t understand the difference between “If you don’t want a phone so big that it’s been nicknamed as a whale, buy a 5 soon” and “I don’t want a phone so big that it’s nicknamed as a whale, so you should buy a 5 soon” then you really do need to go back to school.

          • 213ninja

            I can’t believe this is real life right now. He didn’t say “if you don’t like big phones”….he said it’s big so you might wanna stick with the 5. You put words in his mouth.

          • middlehead

            I paraphrased for affect. You’re attempting to put false intent into his words.

          • 213ninja

            you just ruined your argument.

          • middlehead

            You know not of which you speak.

  • halkun

    Purchased my first nexus 5 32gb from Swappa, the original owner maintained it so well even though it’s used! Very well worth it.

    Dat elementalx kernel 😀

  • Joshua Rossi

    Just because it’s rumored to be larger doesn’t mean it’s less manageable. Smaller phones are unmanageable to someone with a larger hand.

  • ClickFire_

    Nexus Moto Maker Anyone?

  • BoozeRob

    I will take a 6 inch Moto Nexus, please. Thank you.

  • Stephen Partington

    20 bux and shipping… im not really that amazed…

    • monkeybutts

      Tax savings might be good enough for some people, puts it closer to $50 savings.

  • undercoverduck

    Fun fact this fucker would cost me 36.25$ to ship to my home country yet I’d still save over a 100$ in doing so, rather than ordering directly from Google because for some reason every single hardware manufacturer just replaces the dollar sign with that of the euro and calls it a day

  • Alex siuda

    Red sold out kellen!

  • P.L.

    I’ll wait till google discounts the nexus 5. The last decently sized phone 🙁

  • Orion

    Oh please Kellen, I rather get the “whale”.

    • jimt

      Go fish!

      • Orion

        I would love to fish. Lol

    • Aaron C

      Yeah — 5.2″ is a whale??

      • Orion

        Its not going to be 5.2….. the moto x+1 is. The recent benchmarks for the Nexus 6 is BS. The new Nexus is going to be huge. That’s coming from a reliable source. 😉

        • Aaron C

          So what phone has a 1440×2560 ppi screen, 3GB RAM and a 2.6Ghz Snapdragon 805? That’s not the X+1, so what is it?

          • Orion

            Like I stated before…its BS. A QHD 5.2 in. screen? Loll

          • Aaron C

            Right — but if it’s BS, what phone appeared in the testing? You’re saying it was *completely* fabricated?

        • ClickFire_

          Nope your wrong 5.2 is the moto Nexus 6 it makes no sense for Google to jump to 5.9

          They have never named their phones by screen size why would they start now?

          • Orion

            Yeah keep thinking that. I rather believe my source than a person hoping. Its going to be big rather you like it or not. And it’s up to Google to determine what makes sense… not you. We’ll see this fall and I’ll make sure to remind you that YOU are wrong. Thanks. 🙂

    • jimt

      This ∆∆∆∆

  • korab84

    For extra $20 this phone can be bought directly from Google Play Store…

    • middlehead

      No, not just $20 extra. Google doesn’t offer free shipping.


    Even though it comes in red, doesn’t mean it’s going to work on Verizon.

    Verizon don’t know what they missed out on!

    • PoisonApple31

      Verizon knows exactly what they missed out on: headache.

      • ªAS|YOUTH|IA

        How so? Headache from everyone trying to switch carriers at the same time?? What a tough spot to be in!

  • jimt

    32 gig is a minimum

  • Tony Byatt

    Off topic but did you receive a shipping notification for your I/O Moto 360?

  • Guest

    I think I’d rather pay a little more and buy directly from Google.

  • Jared Denman

    Remember warranty comes in to play here when buying outside of Google.

  • Billy KingGladfelter

    I have a red 32gb. flawless with screen protector and spigen case for sale. Just bought a One+ don’t need this one anymore if anyone is looking. I’ll sell it for $330 shipped.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Do you smell that? I don’t know about you but I smell Nexus 6 coming 🙂

    • jimt

      To bad the odor is not on Verizon.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Glad I didn’t switch over to them a couple years ago.. Been with AT&T for 8 years now.

    • ClickFire_

      Ready to sell my N5 and Throw my money at the N6!

      • Orion

        Yeah 5.9 in screen of awesomeness. 😉

  • inklenotrump

    hoping the play store drops these agian like the N4 – new phones for the whole family!