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Humble Bundle App Receives Refreshed UI, Ability to Download Books and Music Added

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle users, which should be everyone here considering the good cause it is for, can now grab the updated Android app over in Google Play. Included in the update is a completely revamped user interface, which appears to be very navigable, as well as a new feature or two. 

To be specific, users can now download books and music through the app, in addition to the games they purchase. As a refresher, Humble Bundle allows users to pay what they want for a collection of games, then choose where the proceeds go. Usually, there is a charity to select, or you can decide if the developers get the money. The choice is yours.

What’s New

  • You can now download ebooks and music in addition to your games.
  • Visual refresh.
  • Lots of stability and performance improvements.

To start supporting the developers and charities, go grab the latest update from Google Play, then check out their website.

Play Link

  • http://www.freshersworld24.com/ Kishor Gaikwad

    thanx for share.
    sarkari result

  • http://www.scaryuncledevin.com/ Devin Rodriguez

    The app looks good on my N5 but is tragic on my N7. The menu takes up more than half the screen. Also I don’t like that tapping the download button doesn’t actually start the download. I get that there are sub-options on some items, but if there is only one item it should start right away.

  • Bryan D

    Awesome, ebook downloading is great because their web UI didn’t work when trying to download PDFs for me on my Nexus7. Their comic bundles are amazing.

  • Jimmy

    I love humble bundle. I wasn’t really into pc gaming until I found out that you can buy like 8 good games for 16$.

    • HarleyGuy72

      Just paid $5 for HB6, Threes is soooo addicting!