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The Kellex Classics: 5 Android Games You Can’t Go Wrong With

By no means am I the gaming guru beyond this operation we have here (you already knew that), but that doesn’t mean my boring self can’t get down with some handheld fun from time to time. And even though I leave gaming duties up to DL team members who play all the new hotness with regularity, we still thought I should share the games that have really grabbed my attention over the years.

Tim already gave us his 5 games that you can’t go wrong with, but somehow (unsurprisingly), none of his made it onto my list. You see, I look for games that can be picked up, played instantly without any fuss, and typically don’t involve long, drawn out stories or power-ups or in-app purchases. If I have a minute to game, I need it to be a game that I can pick up and play, and then put down again at a moment’s notice.

Ready to see my five? 

1.  Granny Smith ($0.99)

My addiction to Granny Smith from 2012 until mid-2013 became a running joke around these parts. It was, for a long time, the only game I ever talked about. As new titles came and went, there was Kellen, still re-playing Granny Smith over and over. I haven’t played the game in well over a year now, but it still tops my list. No game in the history of my mobile life has taken up as much time as Granny Smith.

What is Granny Smith? It’s a platformer with solid graphics and physics, all led by a granny chasing a pestering little boy who wants to steal her apples. Seriously, it’s that silly. There are jumps, cane swings and slides, flips, vintage replays of levels, dog characters, space adventures, and more. It’s the most random, yet completely amusing game you will ever play on mobile.

2.  Threes ($1.99)

Is Threes the best puzzler ever created? Maybe. By combining tiles of 1s and 2s to create 3s on a board, to matching up 6s, 12s, 24s, 48s, 96s, and more, you constantly grow a score before that board of tiles fills up and you can no longer make a move. It’s difficult, but easy to pick up. The game has a snazzy soundtrack, mostly obnoxious background voices that can be turned off, cloud syncing, and high scores that you can use to compete against friends.

This game is insanely addictive and will never get old. I think my wife has secretly been playing it for the last six months.

3.  Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99)

I mentioned in my opening that I rarely play games that involve lengthy storylines, game saves, and what seem like never-ending amounts of levels. There is one exception I seem to make, and that’s with tower defense games. Yep, I’m a sucker for a good tower defense title. The Kingdom Rush titles are some of my favorite, with Frontiers topping the list.

In Frontiers, you get classic tower defense features, but they are set in medieval, yet Game of Thrones-like times. You will confront wizardry, flying demons, monsters, aliens, pirates, and more, as you try and defend your maps. To defend, you get to upgrade heroes with special powers, build archery towers that can conquer the world, use your own forms of magic, enlist and power-up soldiers, and create robotic-firing-artillery, to name a few of your forces.

The graphics are solid, characters are memorable, and there are a number of levels and game modes to keep you busy for a while.

4.  Super Stickman Golf (free)

Stickman games, as silly as they seem, are always entertaining. Super Stickman Golf and its sequel are classics, created by respected game studio Noodlecake, makers of popular games like Velocispider, Mikey Shorts, and most recently, Gravity Duck.

The game features you as a stickman, playing rounds of golf in a 2D world filled with obstacles, multiple levels, power-ups, and challenging environments. Stickman Golf is really like a puzzler in disguise. The game is simple to start with, but once you play and realize that there is a sneakier way around each hole, don’t be surprised to find yourself constantly working to improve your scores. This is another game that can be picked up and played without much work, but will grab you for hours if you let it.

5.  Into the Dead (free)

A top 5 games list doesn’t seem legit in 2014 if it doesn’t contain at least one zombie title. Into the Dead is my pick, a game that is all based around how long you can run and survive a zombie apocalypse. As an endless, first-person runner, you are greeted with impressive graphics, in-your-face zombies, creepy shadows and noises, all sorts of weapons to use against the undead, and high-score challenges with friends.

The game is bloody, graphic, and awesome. Seriously, install this on a tablet, turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and tell me you aren’t slightly creeped out. The game has been around for a good year or two, but it remains a solid install if you ever need some quick zombie action.

Earlier, we asked for your five favorite Android games. Be sure to head over to that post and leave your response.

  • Dakota

    I dont get all the attention Threes get. . Don’t like it. Stickman Golf esp is great and free.

  • ronrsargen

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  • Raven

    For me there are basically 2 kinds of games, the long games with complex stories and graphics best played on a tablet and quick time wasters that I can play in a waiting room on my phone. For me the best 2 for just killing a few minutes are a couple oldies but goodies:
    1. Jet Pack Joy Ride
    2. Hill Climb Racing

    It always amazes me that I never see any mention of Hill Climb. Am I really the only person that still plays this extremely fun physics based driving game? Nothing beats pulling back flips in a tank on the moon or jumping from roof top to roof top in various vehicles.

    • rodney11ride

      Hill climb racing beats all!!!!!

  • WAldenIV

    So Three’s is basically just a paid version of 2048, of which there are several free versions.

    • Jimneezy

      Technically they have their differences

  • Shawn John

    I’m a sports fanatic and although I’m allergic to games with in app purchases, Big Win football does it for me.

  • Yaritza M

    Very informative piece, very nice elektronik website

  • JRomeo

    I’m still waiting for a similar game to Replica Island to come along. something new, but same style.

  • Teddy Chen

    For me, there is just one mobile game, Clash of Clans!

    • That’s also my favorite, but I can’t say it’s my one and only 🙂

  • ROR1997

    Crazy Taxi is fun

  • Good picks. I swear this was in Trello 6 months ago, glad you got around to it K. 😉

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Ugh God not this guy. I thought you left

      • El Big CHRIS

        What’s wrong with him?

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Tells people to kill themselves when he’s part of the Droid life staff and is generally arrogant and defensive about everything and anything people say. Just don’t like him.

          • Deez

            To be fair however he wrote some of the better articles while he was writing for DL. He actually put some thought into them and they were interesting. Unlike his peers who just go and scan Android Central and reverberate whatever they see on there…

          • Mech_Engr_09

            That’s beside the point. The only one who is worse is Kyle who intentionally tries to use big words in his articles to come off as intelligent. Smart or not, normal people don’t speak anywhere near the way he writes his articles. It makes them dull and boring to read. I think they overall need some new writers for their site. Tim and Kellen are awesome of course, as well as Ron. I think they should give the rest of them the boot and start fresh.

          • CasperTFG

            “…normal people don’t speak anywhere near the way he writes his articles.” Made me think of:

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Kingdom Rush! I beat 1 & 2 and I’m saddened that 3 probably won’t be out for many years. I should just go replay the second one.

  • Pakmann2k

    Osmos, Eufloria, and Plague are my top 3. God I wish there were more games like Osmos and Eufloria. Happily pay 5$ a pop for either.

  • Aj Bastedo

    slow news day?

    • Franklin Ramsey


    • alberteezy

      Well the moto shamu rumor sure got every one hyped, but it seems more so questionable than real.

    • BigTimmay

      Better than nothing, IMO.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        No, not really. Worse actually.