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The Droid Life Show: Episode 66

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Tonight at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern), the DL crew will gather for Episode 66 of The Droid Life Show. Given the numerical meaning of this show, we shall discuss the devilish amount of rumors and leaks that have been taking place, including those surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, Motorola’s reported “Shamu” Nexus, plus the massive leak for the Moto 360 which took place last week.

In addition to the rumor mill, we will also cover topics which include the ditching of Sprint’s bid for T-Mobile, the possible launch of the next Moto X-type device through Verizon on September 25, plus talk all of our favorite apps and games from the past two weeks. Spoiler alert, there is a lot.

We are live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). 

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  • Walter Partlo

    Man, Ron is the king of whiny hyperbole.

  • XvierX

    Good show guys! Good dialogue and interesting points of view. I’m still stoked for the 360. I hope it’s what I imagine it to be but only time will tell. Even if it’s not, at least I’ll have a new addition to my watch collection. :p

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    These shows are becoming bigger and bigger downers. Just a lot of talking bad about stuff. Not much fun anymore. Kind of bummed.

  • The Gay Magneto

    Good reporting on the Verizon data plan stupidity…rake ’em over the coals!

  • needa

    when the current android wear screens will fit inside of the moto 360 screen… does it really matter that it is round and you will lose text? quite frankly… you will most likely be able to get MOAR text on the 360 vs the other watches.

  • LosttsoL

    Best part of the show is always Ron and Tim arguing over some minutiae.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Kellen cut his hair… Is this a new thing?

  • Hoffman

    For an Android blog, you guys are very ignorant about Android Wear apps. There are relatively few apps on iOS and Android that are really worth using, but that doesn’t mean you demean the operating system. Why would it be any different for Android Wear. Most apps for the watches are not worth downloading but the OS shouldn’t be judged by the bad apps, but by the good ones that are available, like: Music Boss for Wear, Lyft, @here, Wear Buddy, Wear Mini Launcher, Wear Locker, just to name a few. Plus there are some nice watch faces depending on personal taste. As “journalists” you should do your research on this developing operating system.

    By the way, I believe that Ron was correct that the Moto 360’s black bar on the bottom may be an annoyance aesthetically and that pop-up messages will be cut off on the sides (unless Motorola is able to change how text is graphically represented on this watch) because of the curved shape.

    • We’ve covered watch faces at least once and we covered the Mini Launcher. I think our point on the show was that there has yet to be an app that makes any of us (or any normal consumer) think, “Oh, thank makes me want to wear Android Wear every day.” I’m sure there are plenty of neat apps on there (just like there are on Pebble), but I still haven’t seen anything that makes me want to wear an Android Wear device instead of my normal watch. I think that’s the challenge for Google and everyone else: what is the wrist space actually good for, and are those tasks important enough to justify charging and wearing a computer on your wrist?

      • Hoffman

        For me, the ones that I mentioned (especially Music Boss and Google Now) have been extremely useful. Several on a daily basis. The question then becomes, as a daily DL reader, What the heck do you guys want?! What would make the DL staff happy? If none of the above works for you, please tell us what is missing?

        • I can’t speak for the whole staff, but like I’ve said multiple times on the show, I don’t know what the missing thing is. For me (and I think for most people), I don’t want something that does what I can do on my phone. The beauty of the smartphone wasn’t that it could do what a computer did, but rather that it could do what I computer did anywhere. It brought functionality with you that was normally tied to your desk (or if you were wealthy or important enough, a laptop). Smart watches can’t be about closing the gap between your pocket and your wrist – that’s not a big enough jump. I think in order for them to succeed in the mass market they need to do something else. What that is, I don’t know yet. I’ve speculated on it before (http://www.droid-life.com/2013/04/08/the-potential-in-smartwatches-opinion/) but I have yet to think of or see something that makes me personally want to use a smart watch instead of just using my phone.

          • Hoffman

            The thought I always come up with when I have heard you say that is, if you don’t know what is needed, how can you expect others to know what is needed. I feel that the lack of reaching constantly into pocket for every little message important or insignificant is definitely a major plus. Convenience is why we carry cell phones in the first place having extra convenience with the watch is great. It’s similar to owning a laptop and a tablet and a cell phone. They all overlap much more than fill gaps but so many people use all three each day.

          • 1. I don’t expect others to know what is needed unless they are making a product in that category. So far all we have are Pebbles with nicer screens and voice feedback. That’s not good enough for mass market.
            2. If notifications are the big game changer then the Pebble is a superior device to any Android Wear device due to battery life alone.
            3. It’s wildly different from a laptop/tablet/cell phone because its functionality is incredibly crippled to allow for portability. Cell phones have closed that gap over the past 10 years, but smart watched can’t because of the space constraints. If they are going to be mass market then I think they’ll need to be used for something else besides what a cell phone is used for.

          • Hoffman

            3. I loved my Pebble and used it everyday since they shipped it and only gave it up only when Android Wear came out. I definitely see a need for smart watches even in these infant stages. I look at them as tools, adjuncts to my phone, not replacements or alternatives, just as I look at my tablet as an intermediary between my laptop and phone. Smart watches give me access to alerts (which I receive many during a day) without having to constantly check my phone each time it vibrates or rings. I don’t have to remember ringtones for different callers or what appointment did I schedule, but if I want to communicate in a longer form or write down more than a note, I then pull out the phone. Just like why I use the laptop keyboard for writing a long letter not my tablet. The correct tool for the job. I don’t wear watches for aesthetics but as a tool. If it can do more than tell time, I’m in. There is no crippling, in fact it is a great enhancement.

            2. The Pebble was great but limited compared to Android Wear so I upgraded (just like when a better phone comes out). I have not had a problem with battery life. I am charging my phone every night so I do the same with my watch. It’s effortless. Any way, who wears their watch while sleeping. It sounds uncomfortable. I always wish for better battery life on all tech, but have never run out of power at an important time. I plug in my laptop when I am done using it for the day, why not my phone and watch. It just seems sensible.

            1. The people who make products are not omnipotent. They only know what they know, just like you. If you can’t come up with ideas for what is missing, maybe they can’t either. Not having complete foresight doesn’t mean it won’t develop in the future and shouldn’t impede the current implementation of the product. The personal drones that people are using all over lately are very limited in their capabilities right now, but they are gaining in popularity and acceptance. I don’t think we have to wait for a specific drone-only usage (as opposed to other R/C aircraft, or just climbing on a ladder) for them to find mass market appeal.

  • Manbearpig

    Speaking of 6’s…

  • Brady

    Kellex made some excellent points re: VZW unlimited throttling. +1

  • David Stevens