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Latest Google Search Update Brings Train and Bus Reminders, Flight Delay Alternatives

The latest update for Google Search, already available in Google Play for all to download, brings new bus and train cards for users, as well as an updated card for users of Google Now’s flight reminders. 

After updating, if you utilize Google Now’s ability to pull existing flight data into your feed, Google will notify you of flight alternatives, should your scheduled flight be delayed for whatever reason.

In addition, Google Now will also pull existing Train and Bus reservations from your Gmail, creating cards for those occasions and placing them into your feed.

On top of it all, Google states they have added in a few bug fixes and performance improvements.

Go grab the update.

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  • Jprime

    the app seems faster too

  • turdbogls

    I want to know why the flight info is so delayed in Google now…I seriously get a text message that the flight is delayed, then about an hour later, G-now updates to tell me that. its pretty worthless to keep track of flights. thankfully i signed up for the text messages…it has saved me from leaving early for a flight twice in this year alone….google needs to team up with flight aware or something….telling me an hour before my flight is supposed to leave, that said flight is delayed is worthless to me since I am nearly at the gate by then.

    • James

      Interesting. I haven’t had this experience. Even just yesterday, google now often had information on delays/changes even before some gate agents did. But I’m with you – If the service isn’t going to be consistent, it significantly reduces its usefulness.

    • BAoxymoron

      It’s probably a lot of factors but the primary reason is due to it being illegal in the US to publish the current location or flight statistics of a plane. I can’t remember the exact timing but I believe it has to be either an hour behind or maybe two.. it may also depend on flight length.

      • turdbogls

        hmmm…I guess i could see that, didn’t thinkg about it that way. does this have anything to do with flights that haven’t even left though?

  • ThatBabyAintMine

    Flight alternatives?

    Yeah, I’ll just hop on this other flight because the one I have an actual ticket for is delayed.

    • turdbogls

      for some, this is a legit need. my father travels for work a lot, usually leaving eary in the morning to make it just in time for a business meeting in the afternoon. if its delayed, he can grab another flight that may get him there earlier.

      sure, most of the time, its not necessary, but occationally it is…especially if its cancelled.

    • James

      I could have used this yesterday. Fight got delayed and having information on alternatives immediately and automatically transmitted would have been incredibly helpful. Yes, you can search for the info yourself. But when there are only a few seats available on an alternative flight, every second wasted counts.

    • DanPatrickFlores

      Last year I was flying to SFO, but a plane crash cancelled most of the flights. This would come in very handy for extreme circumstances.