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Deal: Amazon Fire TV Discounted to $84 for Limited Time

The Amazon Fire TV has been discounted by $15 for a limited time, dropping the price to an even more reasonable $84.

For those new to the Fire TV, this is Amazon’s media box that connects to your TV to bring you Amazon Prime video, Netflix, and other video services. It plays games (Flappy Bird dual-player mode, anyone?) and has an app ecosystem, since it runs Android apps. It also uses voice controls fairly well, won’t take up much space on a shelf, and used Gary Busey to help promote it. Gary Busey.

Both Tim and I still use ours regularly, even though Amazon’s approach to Android isn’t exactly what we typically enjoy. But as a media box to bring content to life on your TV, it is a solid option, especially at $84.

If you are considering the Fire TV, I would recommend grabbing a controller for it as well, especially for gaming.

Amazon Link ($84) | Fire Controller ($39.99)

fire tv deal

Cheers Jake!
  • tdurden64111

    Damn, I read “life time” 6 times and was like “whatever it is, I want it.”

  • Jeremy Turnley

    This thing is the best Media Center PC ever. Runs XBMC like a dream, and is far more stable than other platforms. A little work to get things working well (there’s a Llama profile that makes things a lot easier) but once you get there, it totally rocks.

    • SJ

      I wish I had the Fire over the Ouya, but that just wasnt meat to be. The ouya still works fine with xbmc and emulators, so I cant justify a new one.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        Yeah, I woudn’t classify the Fire as so much better than the Ouya that it’s worth switching to. It plays HD content smoother, and streams a bit more reliably, but not worth an extra $100.

  • AngryBadger

    Did they finally enable a way to filter items included with prime membership (free stuff)? I heard at launch it did not, which would make browsing this thing to use your ‘prime’ subscription difficult.

  • Media PC for geeks. A lot more functionality.

  • Greyhame

    Chromecast >> Fire TV

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Spoken like someone who has never used one. It’s more hackable, more useful out of the box, and once you factor in the device you need to have in order to even use the CC at all, it’s a lot cheaper as well. Throw XBMC on it, and you can even use your NAS media, DLNA, and AirPlay with it with 10 minutes of work. The Chromecast is a joke compared to this thing.

      • Greyhame

        Hmm, intriguing. Two things. First, who doesn’t have a device to operate a CC? Come on, the CC is cheaper. And second, I’m pretty much over the whole modding experience at this point. I want something that works out of the box and isn’t tied to a forked version of Android. And so do 95% of the rest of the population (regarding ease of use).

        • Jeremy Turnley

          “Out of the box” is not a description of the ChromeCast, because you need something that’s not in the box to make it work….
          95% of the population does not own a ChromeCast compatible Android device (that’s insane), where as 100% of people can just plug a FireTV into the TV and have it work. They aren’t even close to the same thing.

          • Greyhame

            A “compatible Android device” is not necessary to cast shows to a Chromecast. Any computer with Chrome browser installed would work. Even iphone’s work! So although I wasn’t stating that 95% of the population have the ability to cast to a CC, I would argue that’s a true statement.

            What I was saying wasn’t exactly clear, so allow me to clarify. Most people don’t want to mod something just to bring out its full potential. So most of your points, while interesting in themselves, do not necessarily interest the majority of the population. Yes, both devices work out of the box. But Fire TV uses a forked version of Android and pipes everything through Amazon (including the apps it must use). Such a device is not for me, as the time spent modding it to do what I want isn’t worth it. Why do that when I can spend $25 on a device that works just as I intend it straight out of the box?

    • imlip

      I have both. Sorry, but two different use cases here. It’s easy to make a blanket statement without any supporting arguments. Here are mine.

      Fire TV is great for a media PC replacement. Although it is easily to hack, once it is setup you don’t need to constantly tinker with it. Why? Because it works well… As Jeremy stated, this is perfect if you’re trying to use it as a hub for all your content (Plex, XBMC + NAS with NZB setup). It’s just convenient to have a UI.

      Chromecast is amazing too, but a different use case. It is easy to be browsing and want to cast something on the TV quick to consume on a larger screen. It is also good to cast something to watch from time to time… but what it lacks is a UI that makes it a media center… And that’s what Android TV will accomplish (speculation from Google i/o).

      • Greyhame

        Good points, thanks for the input. I am, obviously, a Google guy. So yes, I’ll be waiting for Android TV. In fact if you replace “Chromecast” with “Android TV” in my post, it would be much more accurate.

      • JMonkeYJ

        Using PlayOn, my Chromecast is also a hub for all the content on my media server (very similar to the XBMC setup you describe), so there are certainly options if you only have Chromecast. I believe Plex also supports Chromecast, although I don’t use that.

  • BoozeRob

    I have one of these, a roku3, chromecast, and xbox… this thing is legit. Very fast and the voice search is great.

  • dragonflyr

    still not worth it. it’s “crippled” by amazon forcing you to do EVERYTHING their way. not gonna happen. Chromecast ftw.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      So, you are saying that Google isn’t forcing you to do everything THEIR way? You can sideload apps onto the FTV, and it is rooted already so installing whatever you want is super easy.

  • James Hill

    I got an Xbox, it is way better than the fire TV.

    • niuguy

      I have a Ferrari, it is way better than a Fiesta. (Ok I don’t but the point is it doesn’t really make sense to compare the two as if they are equal choices)

  • Guest

    I bought this with my Amazon Fire phone….said no one ever lol.

  • Guest

    For some reason I thought it said discontinued…

  • Defenestratus

    Who needs this when the Chromecast is $30?

    • Sean Lally

      That’s what I was just going to ask. Although I gather there’s some game playing available on the fire?

      • Jacob

        Limited amount of games.

        Android’s box will incorporate a lot more games it seems and from the Play store, that’s what I’m waiting for since I’m already invested in it heavily. Will finally be able to play all the FPS I have purchased over the years from the Play store.

      • Although I haven’t played any games on the Fire TV, I can’t imagine the in-between niche being very useful. I either play casual phone games while commuting or all-out console games. My Chromecast(s) and PS3 handle streaming everything like champs. And I don’t have Prime anymore. No reason to get a Fire TV IMO

    • BCoils


      • Tony Byatt

        Chromecast your browser…

        • BCoils

          Good point. In my situation (desktop in another room) that means moving off the couch though, lol.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Plus the hundred plus dollars for the device you need to have to actually USE the Chromecast. Why does nobody think of that? This is $85 out of the box and needs no other devices.

      • Max

        Plus the several hundred dollars you need for a HD TV to use both of them.
        So what’s your point?

        • Plus the several hundred thousand for the house you’ll need to keep all that stuff in so it doesn’t get wet when it rains! 🙂

          …dang, this is getting expensive.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          My point is that you can’t say the ChromeCast is $30 and does nothing by itself, and compare it to a device that costs more and does everything the ChromeCast does without needing a companion device.
          But you knew that, and were just being a troll, right?

          • archercc

            “A companion device” As in the phone that pretty much 100% of users of either the Prime thing or the Chromecast will already have owned?

          • Jeremy Turnley

            Show me the stats that show a 100% or near 100% attach rate for Android devices capable of streaming to a Chromecast in every home in America. You won’t find any.
            Of course anyone who buys a CC is going to have a device to use it, because it doesn’t work without one. However, you can buy a FireTV and own nothing more than cable Internet and a TV and it will work out of the box. You can’t compare the two without taking that into account.

          • cizzlen

            I can confirm that is indeed, a yes.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I would guess that the number of people interested in either a Chromecast or a Fire TV who don’t already have a smartphone is pretty small. But for that small market then something like the Fire TV would be better, although personally I would suggest that they just get a smartphone and see what they’ve been missing 😉

        • Jeremy Turnley

          I would agree, but the monthly fees are gonna prevent a lot of them from going there still. It’s getting better with the prepaids, so someday soon for a lot of people.

          • joe

            You could also use a laptop. There is no way someone who has WiFi and an JDTV doesn’t have a laptop.