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The OnePlus Disaster Continues, Reminds Women to Not Get Naked in “Ladies First” Contest (Updated)

Entrepreneurs, when starting a new company, do whatever you can to not follow the blueprint that OnePlus has laid out publicly in front of us all. Don’t over-promise and under never-deliver. Don’t neglect, question, and ban your early adopters for pointing out your mistakes, which may include serious quality control issues. Don’t introduce your product through the ultimate in gimmicky distribution and sales methods. Don’t hold contests asking for customers to destroy things, especially when those perfectly good products could benefit thousands across the globe.


In the latest OnePlus disaster, OnePlus is holding a contest called “Ladies First.” In the contest rules, OnePlus claims that “chivalry is not dead,” so they are giving “the lovely ladies of OnePlus” a chance to skip the invite line, introduce themselves to the world by posting pictures of themselves with the OnePlus logo, and then watch as the world votes in a popularity contest made up of their pictures. Such thoughtful gentlemen.

Forget the fact that the “lovely ladies of OnePlus” are granting OnePlus “a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, nonexclusive license to publish, reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt, edit, modify, translate, create derivative works based upon, and otherwise use and sublicense your photograph,” it’s the last line of contest rules that takes everything over the top.

“Ladies, no nudity please.”

Because, you know, all of the “lovely ladies of OnePlus” are so ready to rip their clothes off for a chance to walk away with an invite to buy a new smartphone that they need to be reminded not to.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

And of course, the entire contest thread is filled up with half-naked Photoshopped pictures of women, sexist remarks, dirtbags, and has now run over 40 pages. OnePlus is completely oblivious to the shitstorm they have created, but that shouldn’t surprise any of us at this point. Good phone or not, this company is filled with a bunch of idiots.

Here is a screenshot, because I’m sure they will apologize and edit everything out of this intro post. Edit: Yep, they deleted the contest.

oneplus nude ladies

Update:  OnePlus has completed deleted the “Ladies First” contest from their forums. That should surprise no one. On a related note, Cyanogen voiced their displeasure over the contest. Who knows if it had anything to do with the takedown.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.30.01 PM

Update 2:  OnePlus issued a statement to Engadget, saying that the contest was a “misguided effort” by a few isolated employees. Yep, they went with the rogue employee excuse. They do regret any offense caused, though.

OnePlus is thrilled to have a small but growing number of women active in our online community. We want to encourage even more women to get involved with and excited about the amazing things happening in tech right now. The ‘Ladies First’ contest was a very misguided effort by a few isolated employees to do just that, however there is no question the post not only failed to better include our female community but actually perpetuated a stereotype that OnePlus in no way supports or condones. We deeply regret any offense caused by this contest.

Via:  OnePlus | Android Central
  • Brian S.

    This is unbelievable. Link to the forum please.

  • SchwannyT

    The real question here is… did they really think they had ANY girls on their forum? Like actual born females?

  • jamessuperfun

    I think this competition was a bit no (for the rating part) but I also think that the article was much too harsh… I think the idea was to involve women in tech and not degrade them, and they didn’t just delete it, they apologized. This article was very harsh for a mistake that was quickly corrected by a company who had just started and is producing an amazing product.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So stupid. And very sad. Why couldn’t they just sit down and let the supply chain work itself out.

  • SS

    I think it’s a culture thing. I’ve seen things like this a lot before while I was in China and I didn’t give much thought to it — as the contest being “sexist”.

    I was on the forum before and a lot of the members actually host invitation contests themselfs and some of them are as rediculous as this. Some people uses sexually attracted avatars and etc to just to get attentions. While I don’t like the way they sell this phone, which is a great phone btw, I also don’t think that One plus should be blaimed like this.

  • PoodaChuts

    How does a voluntary contest cause women loss of self-respect or humiliation?

    • Poop Chute

      How does voluntary prostitution cause a loss or self respect or humiliation?

      • PoodaChuts

        Your question would best be answered by prostitutes or porn actors or porn watchers. How does a voluntary contest cause women loss of self-respect or humiliation? Examples would be wet t-shirt contests, beauty pageants, and the ladies first contest.

  • tdizzel

    Any publicity is good publicity amirite

    • bob j


      • tdizzel

        Cool. That would put me about 6 levels of intelligence above you

        • Sequence of Sound…


  • paul_cus

    Such a mess. Too bad, because it seems like a really nice phone.

  • Rafter

    “Completed deleted”?

    • tdizzel

      repeated defeated

      • JSo

        Depleted retreated?

  • Tommy Pearson

    This is all over the media damn good thing I got my phone already lol The Heat is real lol

  • Contest has been taken down, LOL!

    • grumpyfuzz

      Cyanogen didn’t seem so happy about it, so that may have been why https://twitter.com/CyanogenInc/status/499254619168452608

    • PoodaChuts

      I’ve lost respect for oneplus for stopping the contest.

      • lou

        who cares?

        • PoodaChuts

          Reasonable people care in healthy ways, like me. Self-righteous, moralizing busybodies care in unhealthy ways and shout about isms.

  • chris125

    They are just a disaster in terms of PR with all of these contests and how they handle things

  • John

    Kinda makes you wonder about the business decision making skills of CM as well. Perhaps the will go bankrupt and go back to their roots. A couple of million dollars isn’t much when royalty fees aren’t rolling in because you chose a bad business partner.

  • Higher_Ground

    uh.. are we sure this isn’t still just a scam where they’ll just disappear overnight with a ton of people’s money?

    This is got to be one of the shadiest companies I’ve seen in some time.

  • Quant

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – Yes, I’m talking to YOU internet folk… or have you missed Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr? Please, there are thousands exhibitionists out there happy to show all they’ve got, and now a company is thrown under the train because they vocalize what everybody already knowes? kThis faux political correctness makes me sick.

    • You realize that most women who put their pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr do so because they simply want to, not so that they can be voted on by a pack of misogynistic idiots as to whether or not they’re deserving of a reward?

      • PoodaChuts

        How do you account for the women that would have willingly entered this contest?

        How do account for women that post their pictures to hot-or-not style sites?

        How do you account for women that enter beauty pageants?

        How does voting for a woman that’s entered a beauty contest display misogyny?

        • I account for the women simply as women who have been heavily influenced by cultural factors that cause them to believe such validation is necessary, or women who understand that but want to do it anyway. Either way it doesn’t matter one bit why they do it, that isn’t the discussion. The discussion is that creating any sort of environment where women are specifically objectified, especially publicly, is misogynistic/sexist/fucking gross. And participating in the objectification (by voting, or promoting, or whatever) makes you part of that grossness.

      • Quant

        Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that OnePlus forced anyone into posting pictures… my mistake…

  • Lucky Armpit

    I really wanted one of these phones. But now… meh. Sigh.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Let’s be honest. Who really cares?

  • enigmaco

    http://youtu.be/z2o9vQwcDa8 It could go like this to

  • Chris


  • nosedive94

    Not only is this degrading to women in an overtly sexist manner, but it marginalizes anybody who doesn’t fall into the gender binary.

    • You’re right, and you’re brave for saying that in a place like this. As much as I like DL, it’s pretty much followed by a bunch of straight white dudes who hate anything that isn’t binary 😉

  • Chris

    Remember the Samsung galaxy s4 launch?

  • AxemRed

    By having a contest where “beautiful female fans” and “lovely ladies” post pictures of themselves for a public vote to win something of value, I think they’re kind of inviting nudity, so I don’t think that request is really that degrading. What part is degrading? Encouraging women to post pictures of themselves to be objectified and voted on in the first place is kind of degrading, as is asking men to step aside let the “lovely ladies” “skip the invite line” “because chivalry is not dead.”

    Despite all of that, this is a phone I don’t want, with limited availability that i don’t want to deal with, having a contest that doesn’t appeal to me, so my outrage factor is nil. People are welcome to degrade themselves with the OnePlus if they choose. I will continue working myself into a frenzy over the X+1. 😉

  • pilot25

    This fledgeling company is a major disaster in the making. I give them 3 years before they are gone.

    • Chris

      I give them a year…

  • rbiddle813

    I’d like to see them push for the RACIST Sexist vote – Why not just invite non-white women?

  • Malcolm Love

    I think this whole thing was way overblown and stupid. If they added the No Nudity rule then clearly that’s not what they were looking for.

  • JSo

    This is basically like waiting in line to get into a night club for an hour and see a bunch of hot girls walk up and the bouncer letting them right in because they need women in the club. lol

  • AxemRed

    The whole contest is pretty stupid. It’s degrading to women to have a phone-related contest that seems to be more interested in their beauty than anything else. (“beautiful female fans” and “lovely ladies?” …) And it’s degrading to men to allow people to skip ahead to get invites for such a scare product just because they’re women. I don’t think the request for no nudity is particularly degrading, because I think that nudity is a real possibility considering the shoddy way that they are conducting the contest.

  • Jared K

    Chivalry Code:
    To fear God and maintain His Church
    To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
    To protect the weak and defenceless
    To give succour to widows and orphans
    To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
    To live by honour and for glory
    To despise pecuniary reward
    To fight for the welfare of all
    To obey those placed in authority
    To guard the honour of fellow knights
    To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
    To keep faith
    At all times to speak the truth
    To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
    To respect the honour of women
    Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
    Never to turn the back upon a foe
    Post a picture of yourself, but not nude

  • Bane

    I think controversy is actually their entire marketing strategy. They’re getting the attention, that’s what matters. Bad publicity is still publicity, after all.

  • BCoils

    Crazy like a fox!

  • markgbe

    lol, worst phone / marketing ever. Hurry up Nexus 6, so we can bury this once and for all.

  • Jon D.

    free advertisement! none of you heard of the website chive and how popular it is? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… they aren’t asking for sexy photos or saying the best looking woman will win. look at all the hype and drama you guys are wrapped up in…. its just what they wanted lol. since when does a new company need to sell to the masses.

    • Mike

      “The most well liked ladies will receive an invite”, so basically it’s a popularity contest on a forum that is probably consisted of mainly 18 – 30 year old men. Don’t see how that could go wrong.

      And it’s the principal, they didn’t ask for drawings or self made things, they asked for photos (That they can then redistribute as they please) for the chance to PURCHASE a phone.

      I don’t get how people make this seem like it’s no big deal. The whole situation is just ridiculous. Completely side with Droid-Life on this issue. There are better ways to run a contest than basically asking for pics.

  • OF

    Come on Droid-life. Trying way too hard now

  • Jon Parker

    I can’t believe a company holding a contest based on people sending in photos
    would disclose, up front, that they want photos that do not
    contain nudity. I mean, there is no reason you’d want to protect yourself from
    litigation if a underage woman/person were to send in a revealing photo. I’m
    surprised that the tech community here isn’t a little savvier on the need for a
    disclaimer like this and instantly jumping to the “this must be
    sexist” platform.

  • John A

    Ah Jaysus, will ye relax a bit. Yeah it’s not the smartest idea ever for a contest, but I don’t see it as degrading to girls.

    Tbh, what I find ironic, is that the majority of the tech sites that are on their moral high horse about this, haven’t got girls on their prominent team. So come on Kellex, how about addressing that situation first and get a girl on your already “excellent, but terribly man heavy” team…..

    • Tsabhira

      Stunts like this drive women away from tech — and from tech sites. Good on DL for calling them out on it.

    • Blake

      They’re asking women to submit photos of themselves to be judged by others wherein the winners get an invite to buy their phone. What part of this isn’t sexist? It’s not photos taken by women or other works – it’s them holding signs with the one+ logo, to be judged and ranked.

    • Please, mister white dude named John, tell us girls why we shouldn’t feel degraded by being told “line up and get ogled for free stuff!”

      • John A

        Well Ashley, if they had said it like that I could see it being not too fantastic alright.

        • 1) They did say that. They didn’t use those words, or the obviously hate-filled sarcastic tone I used, but that IS what they said.

          2) Let me rephrase: Please, mister white dude named John, tell us girls why we shouldn’t feel degraded.

          Hint: that was sarcasm and men don’t get to decide what is or is not degrading to those of us that are actually affected by that degradation, especially not some stock white dude.

          • John A

            Okay Ashley, I’m not big into the aul ‘hate filled sarcasm’ as you call it nor am I a fan of other people projecting their agenda onto others so I shall leave you to it, to fight the good fight.

  • Turb0wned

    Don’t see anything wrong with this… As far as the rule goes, they would have gotten a bunch of nude pictures otherwise. Probably still are.

    • Chris

      Do you work for them?

      • Turb0wned

        Nope, nothing is wrong with this. Stop being such a sensitive *****.

  • Dave

    I really wish DL and others would stop posting/publicizing this company. So stupid.

  • The Dude

    This is an Android site right? What’s with the constant mocking and snide remarks at One+ ? Last I checked, its still just about the best Android phone in terms of price/performance and pretty much every other are as well.

    So they have major supply issues – is that really a surprise given their status as a small company, the high end specs, and ridiculously low price? Due to this, they had to come up with some scheme for delivery to early adopters, otherwise the preorders would all be taken up in the first 2min of the website going live.

    Their attempts at publicity have been somewhat ill conceived, but so what? Bigger companies have mad far worse gaffes, and they don’t get singled out for this kind of treatment. You are turning people against them and harming one of the best things to happen to Android.

    • LionStone

      Hardly one of the best things to happen to Android…

    • Chris

      If it’s the best thing for android then why can’t you buy it in stores? Sorry but you sir have failed. Failed at sticking up for you r employer that is..

    • Yoo Wong

      You should change your name to “The Dolt”.

  • d0min0

    as smart as the guy may be for creating cyanogenmod, he’s not that bright as far as business goes

  • napes22

    I own the phone and really like it, but good god is their marketing and PR atrocious.

  • Bill Stebbins

    OnePlus should just go for the knockout and hold a #smashyourboobs contest

  • yummy

    My favorite multiplayer stupid human trick. A company of idiots does something intentionally stupid, then intentionally stupid people run to defend them. Does google do popcorn delivery?

    • PoisonApple31

      Amazon does.

      • T_Dizzle

        Is it Amazon Fire Corn?

  • ElysianF

    The fact that women must post a picture of themselves in order to win a mobile phone is sexist. Chivalry has nothing to do with it. Obviously, women don’t have much say in their marketing department. Next contest should be that men send pictures of themselves to win a mobile phone, also including the nudity disclaimer.

    However, I wouldn’t make fun of the nudity disclaimer: even with it there, people don’t read. I’ve had many an experience where stickies on documents are marked with clear, short instructions listing what to do, including a signature, it doesn’t happen.

    • napes22

      It’s not sexist, it’s just stupid. They’ve done stupid contests like this before requiring pictures and video.

    • Ryan

      There’s nothing sexist about it. They didn’t say they’re singling out women for a sexist reason. You’re ascribing you’re opinion and feelings to it, and insinuating a series agenda for them that’s not their. Quit reading between the lines to find something to be mad about. Beauty is beauty. It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female. He company can do what they want. Silly as it might be, not one thing screams or even hints at anything sexist.

      • sirmeili

        Any one who says “Women, post your picture and people will vote on it, especially this community who we’ve just admitted is majorly men” is basically saying “Yeah, Let’s pick the hottest 50 chicks.”

        Maybe that wasn’t there intention, but the would have to be SERIOUSLY naive to have not 1 person in their company not say “Don’t you think women miiiiiiiiight take this the wrong way?”

  • FAL_Fan

    Wow…this is truly ridiculous…you really can’t make up things this stupid…at least so you would think! And then a company comes up with something this stupid!

  • Dominick White

    Sorry I don’t see how this is a sexist. It was just a Damn half handed joke.. But this is the Internet and a slow news day so all the tech sites will make a bigger news than there is

  • Mario

    they are trying to be like

  • Buck Toof

    Any girl who follows tech is not a girl you want to see naked.

  • LiterofCola

    I lol’d

  • Suicide_Note

    I love the smell of a train wreck in the morning.

  • Denvertoad

    How about all in favor of this contest post a scantily clad picture of the women in their life. Wife, sister, daughter, anyone that you’d like to see get the phone. Let the audience judge their worthiness based on fappability. Next up, show your schlong and win a OnePlus.

  • Cid

    It worked! Everyone is talking about them!! Brilliant marketing strategy.. In the end… OnePlus wins! 🙂 No one cares about if they are being sexist or not, they just care about having an awesome phone for a decent price!!

    • JayMars84

      Um, but no one’s buying the phone.

    • Ching Chong

      What’s one plus?

  • mcdonsco

    They are such a train wreck of a company.

  • Tony Byatt

    Another site gives OnePlus free promotion while trashing it in the same breath…


  • Ryan N

    It’s almost like they’re mocking THEMSELVES at this point…

  • objektiv_one
  • Jeremy Martin

    At this point the only thing that could save one plus one is nudity.

  • bkosh84

    Bahahahahaha, this is going to be a glorious disaster. I am going to bookmark that OnePlus Thread for the lulz.

  • monkeyboyep

    I love that they say “Chivalry is not dead” and yet they are still lining up the women and having people vote for who they think deserves an invite.

    • LiterofCola

      Chivalry’s dead, women killed it.

      • sirmeili

        HA! Women can’t kill Chivalry, nor do I think they want to. I could care less if a woman think’s is stupid that I hold a door for her (which none has ever admitted to me she thinks that way), I will do it till the day I die.

        Having manners and treating women with respect are mutually exclusive things. You can have both. This contest has absolutely nothing to do with Chivalry though.

        • Greyhame

          …are *not* mutually exlusive…

  • Nunya Bizniz

    You guys seem to be laying it on a little too thick…makes me think you’ve got a second tab open checking out porn as you post your faux outrage.

    • LiterofCola


    • BillySuede

      false equivalency alert.

  • Bionicman

    “Ladies, no nudity please.” **WINK** – no but seriously, a little nudity is ok right? RIGHT?!

  • I have the phone and I love it. I have a ton of respect for Steve Kondik and Cyanogen, but I have absolutely zero respect for the clowns behind One+. What a bunch of f*ck ups at every turn. I really hope that Cyanogen moves on and teams up with a different OEM going forward, because quite frankly, they’re the only thing keeping this ship afloat right now.

  • SeanPlunk

    The worst part is that the One Plus One by all accounts is an extremely nice device. It deserved better than a horrible launch and a bunch of ill-advised marketing stunts 🙁

  • Alex Farra

    Wow…this is the first DL article I can remember reading with an actual angry undertone

    • Robert Paulson

      They were mad at HTC for not getting the private jet treatment.

      I always assumed some bros from Portland would be SJWs, but involving it in a tech blog is The Verge territory.

  • Robert Paulson

    Perhaps the sexism in a women only competition is degrading, not telling contestants that they don’t want nudity involved in the contest.

  • deskjob

    Yikes. Haven’t been keeping up with this company, thought they were doing pretty well. Guess no point in catching up now since it might not be around much longer at this rate

  • JayMars84

    Before it was “shut up and take my money!”

    Now it’s just “shut up.”

    • Ace Rimmer

      To ONE Plus:

      Keep Calm
      Smeg Off!

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Smeg, haven’t heard that term used anywhere but in Red Dwarf. Love that show!

    • Ralph Bretz

      So basically the response from OnePlus is the the execs have f&cking idea what is going on with the company. They need to just fade away. It’s been nothing but one blunder after another.

  • Edward Smith

    You are taking this way too seriously. Its a simple contest to catch a specific demographic, nothing more. Nothing degrading was implied, but you have to point a simple line of text and judge the whole company because if it, just because a user was stupid and didn’t think. Chill out

    • Would be one thing if this was the first time they did something completely stupid. This is another in what is a growing list.

      • Wayne

        Actually, I think they posted that because some pictures were already sent in with nudity. The contest didn’t just start, thread is over 30 pages long.

      • muhfeminism

        you’ve been on a social network before right?

        furthermore your sjw ranting shows hypocrisy…

        “This video game character is too sexy, I don’t like it, change it!”… “I’m too sexily dressed for you? Stop oppressing me!” – Shoe0nhead’s beautiful YouTube video oppression Olympics

      • DKDigitally

        More importantly they say chivalry isn’t dead and hold a contest where women are to post pictures of themselves for men to objectify and rate on a scale of hotness? That sounds like the exact opposite of chivalry.

        • niuguy

          Boom. Exactly.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Exactly. I’m not voting for some homely looking girl. I’m gonna vote for the hottest/sexiest/nudist picture on there. Chivalry is dead. If there was truly equality, there wouldn’t be stupid shiiit like this. Now turn the table, if this was a guys only contest, everyone would be complaining that they are sexist, but it’s fine because it’s women. I’m waiting for them to announce the blacks only contest.

      • epps720

        The worst part is somebody started a forum on 1+1 doing the same thing, giving away an invite to a girl who posts her picture and 1+1 took down the page. So that is very hypocritical of them

      • Raven

        They say any publicity is good publicity. This may be testing that old adage.

      • AxemRed

        I don’t think that the request for no nudity is as degrading as the contest as a whole. The contest is kind of crappy for everyone.

        Women: Post pictures of yourselves to be objectified in a public vote. In case you didn’t notice we’re interested in the “beauty” angle, so we’re sorry in advance if you’re not photogenic.
        Men: Step aside and let women skip the line for invites. Because they’re women. Please keep waiting for your turn, we should have your phone ready by 2016.

        Meh, no thanks.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Next contest. “Blacks only”….everyone is fine.
          Third contest. “White males only”….everyone is in a damn uproar shouting sexist.

      • HamishEdmondson

        Sorry, but I think you’re wide of the mark with the part about no nudity.

        I completely agree that the contest itself is degrading and ridiculous. It’s offensive insofar as specifically rewarding the self objectification of women, and also by basically telling male users to get to the back of the line because people want to ogle pretty girls.

        But I don’t understand where the offence at the no nudity line comes from. For one, as others have stated, there were nudes posted and that statement was added in response to that. This kind of diminishes your apparent indignation at the mere suggestion that female users might post nudes to get ahead, which really is my main issue with this article.

        This suggestion is not sexist, because it doesn’t paint women as any worse than men. It is not degrading to women to suggest that they might use nudity to get a leg up, especially in a context where it’s pretty apparent how successful it’d be. That’s not an example of female inferiority in any way, it’s simply a contextual demonstrating of HUMAN opportunism. This is something that women are just as capable of and likely to engage in as men. To suggest otherwise seems to fall in to the SJW trap of equating the mere suggestion that a woman might act with any thing less than the utmost integrity as misogyny.

        This instruction was directed explicitly at female users because the contest itself was female only, this much is extremely obvious, so you can’t call the “no nudity” comment in itself a double standard because it would be impossible to apply it to men. Which is the real issue here: the nature of the contest, not this “no nudity” comment that you’re fixating upon.

        So yes, I agree that the contest is not only bumbling PR for OnePlus but also carries some nasty messages. I just think you’re focusing on the wrong issue by zeroing in on this no nudity statement.

      • PoodaChuts

        How is it degrading? How does a voluntary contest cause women loss of self-respect or humiliation?

    • ultravisitor

      Not degrading? It is sexist to ask women to post pictures of themselves and then only allow the women with the most liked pictures to get an invite.

      • Daniel Thomas

        It didn’t say the women with the biggest boobs….it’s the woman with the most liked pics. This is not degrading in anyway. It does’t say post a picture in something provocative or pose in a compromising position. People need to get over themselves. There is nothing wrong here. Anyone who takes offense to this, and took advantage of Ladies night at a bar is a hypocrite.

        • BeHereNow8484

          Are you being some level of sarcastic I just don’t understand?? Seriously, how is this not a PR nightmare for any company who wants to be taken seriously. Why is the contest photo driven? Pics are about looks, period. I’m not over thinking that, it’s just a fact. They could have had women submit their custom home screens, write an essay, or even show off their pohotography skills with a landscape or cityscape photo contest. But they didn’t. They said we want to know what YOU look like and then we’re going to judge who looks better than the others and sell that good looking woman a phone because she’s hot. Just don’t get naked. It’s unbelievably stupid for them as a company and completely naive and ignorant for you as a consumer to feing oblivious.

          • Daniel Thomas

            It doesn’t say you have to show your face. It is a creative way to engage people. Pictures are not about looks, and if that is all you see then you are very shallow of you. It doesn’t say anything about looks at all. That is your interpretation of it. In fact, the picture i voted for was the picture of the woman that did a henna tattoo of the logo on her arm. I think that is the most creative. You are just way too over sensitive.

          • BeHereNow8484

            Yah… I’m the shallow one. I didn’t support their BS ploy at all. I didn’t vote, period. How shallow of me. I don’t like it, and I would say this forum alone stands as a clear indicator that MOST mobile tech consumers don’t like it. So you can like it and support it all you want, the fact is, from a pure business decision perspective, it was another tragic misstep. I’m pretty sure there will always be at least one voice on either side of any debate. If it’s my company, though, I want to error on the side with 99 voices…

          • Daniel Thomas

            You’re right. It’s not your company.

          • Tsabhira

            Dude, just stop. A “creative way to engage people”? Astroturfing alert.

        • ultravisitor

          The fact that pictures of women are being rated AT ALL and the ratings determine whether or not the women get an invite is the problem, nimrod.

          • Daniel Thomas

            They’re not rating the women, they’re rating the picture. nimrod.

          • cns2007

            Wow, do actually believe that???

          • BillySuede

            apparently he does. he’s lost.

          • ultravisitor

            Right. Rating the picture…of a woman.

            If it’s just about rating a picture, then why does the picture have to feature a woman?

          • Daniel Thomas

            Cause, it’s a marketing scheme to engage women. The same way clubs and bars have Ladies night. Google just did something to engage more girl coders. You are just upset cause it says post a picture.

          • ultravisitor

            That still does not explain why the picture has to feature a woman. If they simply wanted to engage women via marketing, they could have done so without forcing the women to take a picture of themselves which would be rated.

            Again, if this is not about rating the women, then why don’t the rules allow for the women to submit pictures that do not feature any part of their bodies?

          • Daniel Thomas

            It doesn’t say it HAS to be on the body. It says do it on a “piece of paper, or on your hand/face/wherever”. It is to centralize a demographic. You are way too sensitive. At least they are being direct about who they are marketing to. Most companies market household cleaning supplies during talk shows that are watched by women. How degrading is that to market cleaning supplies to women.

          • ultravisitor

            READ THE RULES!

            2. Take a photo of yourself with the OnePlus logo clearly visible.

            The logo does not have to be on the body, but the women clearly have to somehow be in the picture.

            I repeat:

            If they simply wanted to engage women via marketing, they could have done so without forcing the women to take a picture of themselves which would be rated.

            Again, if this is not about rating the women, then why don’t the rules allow for the women to submit pictures that do not feature any part of their bodies?

          • Daniel Thomas

            i did….you didn’t read them before your previous post. You said it had to be on the body. You can take a picture of your arm and write it on there, in fact your face doesn’t even need to be in the picture to be “judged”. For example, the women who did a Henna tattoo of it took a picture of her arm. Still, way too sensitive.

          • ultravisitor

            Are you illiterate? I never posted anything about the logo having to be on the body. Go back and look again. Closely.

            And you still avoid answering my questions about any the pictures have to include any part of the women’s bodies.

          • Daniel Thomas

            You’re right you didn’t. You did say that it had to include their body. That is so demeaning to ask women to post a picture of their hand. The person here summed it up so well. It’s the woman’s choice what they post.


          • ultravisitor

            If they simply wanted to engage women via marketing, they could have done so without forcing the women to take a picture of themselves which would be rated.

            Again, if this is not about rating the women, then why don’t the rules allow for the women to submit pictures that do not feature any part of their bodies?

          • BillySuede

            he’s trolling, dude. don’t feed him. he’s loving this attention.

          • Daniel Thomas
          • Daniel Thomas

            BTW, These are the top two pics so far. How degrading, stop the insanity.

          • Chang Woo

            I think I see nip.

          • Daniel Thomas

            Oh no! Stop everything. I can’t beleive it. lol

          • Chris Hoffman

            It has to feature the woman in some way for identification, I would think. Otherwise, men would be submitting too regardless of what the rules say.

          • vzwuser76

            And the picture is of…a woman. If there are 2 pictures of women, one of a sexy woman, and the other of an OK woman but it shows humor or ingenuity, dollars to doughnuts the sexy one will be rated higher, unless women are the ones rating them. Guys will always go the sexy route.

        • Colin Huber

          Wow wow wow wow wow.

        • truth_cutz

          “it’s the woman with the most liked pics” which will probalby be the women with the biggest boobs

        • Mech_Engr_09


    • Krista

      No, the author is NOT taking it too seriously. As a woman, who already owns a OPO, I doubt I’ll ever buy another product from this company again. It wasn’t the _users_ who started this contest, it was the company.

      • PoodaChuts

        What’s degrading about the contest? Would you find it to be degrading if it were a men’s first contest?

        • yellowflash94

          having women be objectified? Post a picture of yourself with the company logo and have all their male (and female but the males will dominant in numbers) judge them by their looks. hows that not degrading to women? “Hey girls in order for you to win our company’s phone you have to get judged on how hot you are!”

          • PoodaChuts

            You’ve described a beauty contest. Beauty contests are not inherently misogynistic. A misogynist objectifies women in their entirety. Some women are proud of their beauty, enjoy men paying attention to their beauty, and wouldn’t consider a beauty contest to be misogynistic.

        • acras

          Degrading or not, similar promotions in numerous U.S. cities and states have been deemed to violate discrimination laws. You can’t discriminate against someone based on their race, GENDER , religion, etc. Excluding men from the contest is discrimination, and anyone who wants equality should be annoyed with this, men or women.

          • PoodaChuts

            Your perspective is perfectly reasonable, I agree, and I view employment quotas in exactly the same way, considering that filling a quota requires employers to make hiring decisions based upon race and gender, thereby forcing them to discriminate against others based upon race and gender. These contests and quotas should be illegal as neither seem to be constitutionally sound.

    • LiterofCola

      All of the sudden everybody is so PC around here.

      • PC doesn’t exist. It was made up by jerks to give themselves a way to get away with being jerks. Every action has a reaction, no matter if you were just “trying to make a joke” or “trying to have fun.”

        • John A

          You do know, that maybe if you weren’t quite so angry in your responses that your points would come across better. Just a tip.

    • cns2007

      You should look around the internet, Kellex and the DL team are far from the only ones calling this a bonehead move.

    • JayMars84

      He’s judging a whole company because the company was stupid.

    • Sirx

      God, are you always stupid, or just on business days?! I couldn’t believe the rules of this contest even before the “no nudity” part. They could have summed this up in one line: “We’ll give you a chance to buy this phone if you’re pretty enough!” ONLY women are asked to post pictures of themselves, and then be judged by a bunch of misogynistic/a-holish/pervert/loser/etc. guys to determine who is good enough, based SOLELY ON THEIR LOOKS, to get a chance to buy this phone! (as if women don’t get that enough through every other avenue of their lives) What in the holy blue hellfire s**tcakes is this company thinking?!

      • geedee82

        Exactly…the “no nudity” part is not even the main issue here, which some don’t understand. The whole contest was flawed from the beginning, just like their last contest. This company needs to do some serious “restructuring” of their PR department.

    • Colin Huber

      You must not understand how marketing works in this day.

    • Higher_Ground

      No, it’s degrading. It should be embarrasing, but the older I get the more people I meet with absolutely zero shame. It still surprises me, though.

  • John

    I hope this guy wins for being funny lol too many girls thinking naked-ish will win


    • Qboy

      So funny! Not.

      • Sirx

        Yeah, no, it actually is, and it serves OnePlus right for coming up with such a f****** stupid contest idea in the first place!!! I hope every flippin’ entrant is a crossdresser for those sexist imbeciles!!!

        • Won Loo

          Those Chinese commies all have low self esteem due to small peckers. Hence the “perviness” of their contests and disrespect for women.

          • Nothing takes sexism down a peg like blatant racism!

    • JSo
    • Daistaar

      Is that Martin Short?

      • BillySuede


        • vzwuser76

          Hey, well, that’s just like, his opinion man. 😉

        • Daistaar

          Honestly lol. Is it from a skit I missed or something?

          • JSo

            Someone in the forums posted that. Don’t know if it was actually that person who dressed up or not. But either way, it’s not Martin Short. It doesn’t even look like him.

          • Pakmann2k

            Its Steve Bouchemy or however you spell it. From Boardwalk Empire. The clip is from a movie. The original board had peoples names on it. Might even be Happy Gilmore that apologized to him and he crossed him off the list of people to kill.

          • JSo

            I think he was asking about the guy dressed in womens clothes in the original post. Not the Gif I posted. Which is from Billy Madison by the way.

          • John
          • trismagestus

            You guys have never seen Little Britain? Woah.

          • BillySuede

            it’s steve buscemi.

          • JSo

            I’m pretty sure he was asking about the photo in the Original Post

          • BillySuede


          • Greyhame

            I can’t he doesn’t know what Martin Short looks like.

          • Tommy Pearson

            I can’t believe he doesn’t know who Steve Buscemi is lol

          • jeremygoldstone

            More to the point, but he does know Martin Short?

          • Daistaar

            I know Buscemi lol. Was asking about the guy dressed as the chick. It helps when you look at who I’m asking instead of having a back and forth about the wrong thing. Points to JSo for reading.

          • David Walliams from the UK. The picture is from a sketch comedy show called Little Britain.

    • ugh

    • Ace Rimmer

      Dear God, Please don’t let them replace it with a Banana Hammock Contest for Dudes

    • Little Britain!!!

  • I believe this falls into the “what could possibly go wrong” catagory.

    • Suicide_Note

      Answer: Everything

  • MistaButters

    Curve Ball: Ashton Kutcher comes out as the CEO.

    • Ace Rimmer

      With Larry Flint in charge of Marketing

  • Michael

    Welp, there goes any consideration I had for this company or their product.

  • reyalP

    I can’t believe that anyone would still want this phone after all the problems this company has had delivering the phone. Imagine what a warranty claim would be like for those people who actually received one. Staying far away from this company and its idiotic marketing strategies.

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Believe me, I’m staying far away from them. At this point, the whole company is a joke.

    • Rahul Shah

      I TOTALLY agree that these gimmicks are nonsense stupid and absurd. BUT the phone is fantastic. I got this phone 3 weeks back, no yellow band and no other issues at all. Many of the software issues have been solved by the later OTA update this week..

    • Andrew

      I know someone who requested a RMA and they sent it off (from UK to USA) and got it back in literally a week, don’t judge them, just because they struggled to meet demand!

      • JoshGroff

        Seriously, do they not remember like every nexus launch ever? Available for minutes, unavailable for months.

      • vzwuser76

        Moto had the same issue when they opened up MotoMaker to all US carriers. But they handled the demand a little better. When they had their contests, the people who wanted in had to be the first to sign up to get their promo code. They didn’t have contests that were wasteful (smash your phone) or sexist (like this one). And their contests were for a promo code that got you a discount, not an invite to purchase the phone. Their limited availability was for the discount, not for the ability to purchase the phone. One+ only has to deal with models differentiated by storage, Motorola was doing almost entirely custom phones (storage, cellular bands, front color, back color, button color, backplate material, engraving, software, etc.)

        One+ could’ve simply opened up orders for a limited amount at a time, and left it at that. Say every few weeks they offer 5000 phones for purchase. Once they reach the 5000 mark, they close orders until the next offering. How is that a bad thing? But they thought they would try to be hip and offbeat, and so far it’s not working out like they hoped.

    • Tomek G

      I actually got a phone. It is nice, but EXTREMELY delicate. It fell from my pocket when I was sitting and landed on gravel (not even 2ft distance). Display cracked and became unusable. Costs a little over $200 to fix. I thought it was my luck, but posts on forums make me think that it happens more often than it should

    • Ramshambo2001

      Pretty much came to the same conclusion you did. I was trying to get an invite for a couple of weeks and then realized that some people were just posting old invite codes and watching other people flock to try and claim them. In the end, i just felt like it wasn’t worth it, and I don’t really trust the company anymore.

  • Christian Trevor Clauss


  • Jonathan Ly


  • sandiegobruin

    Sweet Jesus!!! I love my OPO but some of the things they do are just amazingly dumb!!!

  • monkeyboyep

    Yeah! Keep your clothes on you phone loving wheurs.

  • BillySuede

    you can’t make this stuff up. these guys have done lost their damn minds.

    • Harry Dong

      Chicoms are not known for their marketing stills….or large wangs.

      • Mech_Engr_09