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The OnePlus Disaster Continues, Reminds Women to Not Get Naked in “Ladies First” Contest (Updated)

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Entrepreneurs, when starting a new company, do whatever you can to not follow the blueprint that OnePlus has laid out publicly in front of us all. Don’t over-promise and under never-deliver. Don’t neglect, question, and ban your early adopters for pointing out your mistakes, which may include serious quality control issues. Don’t introduce your product through the ultimate in gimmicky distribution and sales methods. Don’t hold contests asking for customers to destroy things, especially when those perfectly good products could benefit thousands across the globe.


In the latest OnePlus disaster, OnePlus is holding a contest called “Ladies First.” In the contest rules, OnePlus claims that “chivalry is not dead,” so they are giving “the lovely ladies of OnePlus” a chance to skip the invite line, introduce themselves to the world by posting pictures of themselves with the OnePlus logo, and then watch as the world votes in a popularity contest made up of their pictures. Such thoughtful gentlemen.

Forget the fact that the “lovely ladies of OnePlus” are granting OnePlus “a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, nonexclusive license to publish, reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt, edit, modify, translate, create derivative works based upon, and otherwise use and sublicense your photograph,” it’s the last line of contest rules that takes everything over the top.

“Ladies, no nudity please.”

Because, you know, all of the “lovely ladies of OnePlus” are so ready to rip their clothes off for a chance to walk away with an invite to buy a new smartphone that they need to be reminded not to.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

And of course, the entire contest thread is filled up with half-naked Photoshopped pictures of women, sexist remarks, dirtbags, and has now run over 40 pages. OnePlus is completely oblivious to the shitstorm they have created, but that shouldn’t surprise any of us at this point. Good phone or not, this company is filled with a bunch of idiots.

Here is a screenshot, because I’m sure they will apologize and edit everything out of this intro post. Edit: Yep, they deleted the contest.

oneplus nude ladies

Update:  OnePlus has completed deleted the “Ladies First” contest from their forums. That should surprise no one. On a related note, Cyanogen voiced their displeasure over the contest. Who knows if it had anything to do with the takedown.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.30.01 PM

Update 2:  OnePlus issued a statement to Engadget, saying that the contest was a “misguided effort” by a few isolated employees. Yep, they went with the rogue employee excuse. They do regret any offense caused, though.

OnePlus is thrilled to have a small but growing number of women active in our online community. We want to encourage even more women to get involved with and excited about the amazing things happening in tech right now. The ‘Ladies First’ contest was a very misguided effort by a few isolated employees to do just that, however there is no question the post not only failed to better include our female community but actually perpetuated a stereotype that OnePlus in no way supports or condones. We deeply regret any offense caused by this contest.

Via:  OnePlus | Android Central
  • Brian S.

    This is unbelievable. Link to the forum please.

  • SchwannyT

    The real question here is… did they really think they had ANY girls on their forum? Like actual born females?

  • jamessuperfun

    I think this competition was a bit no (for the rating part) but I also think that the article was much too harsh… I think the idea was to involve women in tech and not degrade them, and they didn’t just delete it, they apologized. This article was very harsh for a mistake that was quickly corrected by a company who had just started and is producing an amazing product.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    So stupid. And very sad. Why couldn’t they just sit down and let the supply chain work itself out.

  • SS

    I think it’s a culture thing. I’ve seen things like this a lot before while I was in China and I didn’t give much thought to it — as the contest being “sexist”.

    I was on the forum before and a lot of the members actually host invitation contests themselfs and some of them are as rediculous as this. Some people uses sexually attracted avatars and etc to just to get attentions. While I don’t like the way they sell this phone, which is a great phone btw, I also don’t think that One plus should be blaimed like this.

  • PoodaChuts

    How does a voluntary contest cause women loss of self-respect or humiliation?

    • Poop Chute

      How does voluntary prostitution cause a loss or self respect or humiliation?

      • PoodaChuts

        Your question would best be answered by prostitutes or porn actors or porn watchers. How does a voluntary contest cause women loss of self-respect or humiliation? Examples would be wet t-shirt contests, beauty pageants, and the ladies first contest.

  • tdizzel

    Any publicity is good publicity amirite

    • bob j


      • tdizzel

        Cool. That would put me about 6 levels of intelligence above you

        • Sequence of Sound…


  • paul_cus

    Such a mess. Too bad, because it seems like a really nice phone.

  • Rafter

    “Completed deleted”?

    • tdizzel

      repeated defeated

      • JSo

        Depleted retreated?

  • Tommy Pearson

    This is all over the media damn good thing I got my phone already lol The Heat is real lol

  • Contest has been taken down, LOL!

    • grumpyfuzz

      Cyanogen didn’t seem so happy about it, so that may have been why https://twitter.com/CyanogenInc/status/499254619168452608

    • PoodaChuts

      I’ve lost respect for oneplus for stopping the contest.

      • lou

        who cares?

        • PoodaChuts

          Reasonable people care in healthy ways, like me. Self-righteous, moralizing busybodies care in unhealthy ways and shout about isms.

  • chris125

    They are just a disaster in terms of PR with all of these contests and how they handle things

  • John

    Kinda makes you wonder about the business decision making skills of CM as well. Perhaps the will go bankrupt and go back to their roots. A couple of million dollars isn’t much when royalty fees aren’t rolling in because you chose a bad business partner.

  • Higher_Ground

    uh.. are we sure this isn’t still just a scam where they’ll just disappear overnight with a ton of people’s money?

    This is got to be one of the shadiest companies I’ve seen in some time.

  • Quant

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – Yes, I’m talking to YOU internet folk… or have you missed Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr? Please, there are thousands exhibitionists out there happy to show all they’ve got, and now a company is thrown under the train because they vocalize what everybody already knowes? kThis faux political correctness makes me sick.

    • You realize that most women who put their pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr do so because they simply want to, not so that they can be voted on by a pack of misogynistic idiots as to whether or not they’re deserving of a reward?

      • PoodaChuts

        How do you account for the women that would have willingly entered this contest?

        How do account for women that post their pictures to hot-or-not style sites?

        How do you account for women that enter beauty pageants?

        How does voting for a woman that’s entered a beauty contest display misogyny?

        • I account for the women simply as women who have been heavily influenced by cultural factors that cause them to believe such validation is necessary, or women who understand that but want to do it anyway. Either way it doesn’t matter one bit why they do it, that isn’t the discussion. The discussion is that creating any sort of environment where women are specifically objectified, especially publicly, is misogynistic/sexist/fucking gross. And participating in the objectification (by voting, or promoting, or whatever) makes you part of that grossness.

      • Quant

        Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that OnePlus forced anyone into posting pictures… my mistake…

  • Lucky Armpit

    I really wanted one of these phones. But now… meh. Sigh.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Let’s be honest. Who really cares?

  • enigmaco

    http://youtu.be/z2o9vQwcDa8 It could go like this to

  • Chris


  • nosedive94

    Not only is this degrading to women in an overtly sexist manner, but it marginalizes anybody who doesn’t fall into the gender binary.

    • You’re right, and you’re brave for saying that in a place like this. As much as I like DL, it’s pretty much followed by a bunch of straight white dudes who hate anything that isn’t binary 😉

  • Chris

    Remember the Samsung galaxy s4 launch?

  • AxemRed

    By having a contest where “beautiful female fans” and “lovely ladies” post pictures of themselves for a public vote to win something of value, I think they’re kind of inviting nudity, so I don’t think that request is really that degrading. What part is degrading? Encouraging women to post pictures of themselves to be objectified and voted on in the first place is kind of degrading, as is asking men to step aside let the “lovely ladies” “skip the invite line” “because chivalry is not dead.”

    Despite all of that, this is a phone I don’t want, with limited availability that i don’t want to deal with, having a contest that doesn’t appeal to me, so my outrage factor is nil. People are welcome to degrade themselves with the OnePlus if they choose. I will continue working myself into a frenzy over the X+1. 😉

  • pilot25

    This fledgeling company is a major disaster in the making. I give them 3 years before they are gone.

    • Chris

      I give them a year…

  • rbiddle813

    I’d like to see them push for the RACIST Sexist vote – Why not just invite non-white women?

  • Malcolm Love

    I think this whole thing was way overblown and stupid. If they added the No Nudity rule then clearly that’s not what they were looking for.

  • JSo

    This is basically like waiting in line to get into a night club for an hour and see a bunch of hot girls walk up and the bouncer letting them right in because they need women in the club. lol

  • AxemRed

    The whole contest is pretty stupid. It’s degrading to women to have a phone-related contest that seems to be more interested in their beauty than anything else. (“beautiful female fans” and “lovely ladies?” …) And it’s degrading to men to allow people to skip ahead to get invites for such a scare product just because they’re women. I don’t think the request for no nudity is particularly degrading, because I think that nudity is a real possibility considering the shoddy way that they are conducting the contest.