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TapPath Allows You to Customize What Happens When You Tap Links

Think about this situation – you are cruising through Twitter or Google+ and see a link to a story that you want to instantly share with a friend via Pushbullet. How would you go about doing that? Normally, it would require you to tap that link, wait as it opens in a browser, and then find the share button, before choosing Pushbullet as the app to share through. TapPath is an app that wants to reduce all of these steps. 

Created by Chris Lacy, the developer behind Linkbubble and Tweet Lanes, TapPath allows you to tell links to open in specific apps or bring up a share menu depending on how many times you tap them. For example, you could have a single tap on a link bring up Google Chrome, since that could be what you typically call for when tapping on a link. But then let’s say you happen upon a time where you want to share something quickly, as I mentioned above. You could then tell a double-tap to bring up Pushbullet and a triple-tap to bring up the standard Android share menu.

Starting to get the idea?

Once installed, you need to open up TapPath and tell it what to do with single, double, and triple taps. My setup, for the moment, is single-tap for Chrome Beta, double-tap for Trello, and triple-tap for the share menu. After setting those up, you will want to get into the app’s settings to establish a tap delay. This is the delay that the app recognizes as it tries to decide how many times you have tapped on a link and which action it should complete.

In my short time with the app, I have to admit that me and TapPath are not getting along. Correct reaction to my taps (even after tweaking the tap delay from each end of its spectrum) have been pretty hit or miss. It could be that I just need to get used to the app, though.

If you want to give it a shot, the app runs $0.99.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • Manny

    I found LinkSwipe to be working better.

  • Linda Mitchell

    I can see myself getting lots of use from this app. I often save articles from Twitter or G+ to read later. Normally, I have to open the article then save it to Pocket or Pushbullet.

  • VC Vinny

    Too confusing. Will fail.

    • cizzlen

      This. Lol @ 99 cents

  • mickey4mice

    Problem is 2x/3x taps don’t register well. I’ve got many instances where both link bubble(1x) and browser(2x) pop up together when I 2x tap, gets annoying after awhile. Hopefully he can get tap accuracy worked out in the next update.

  • How do you use trello? I’d love to see a breakdown of your workflow.

  • Shawn John

    If your app needs another app to function properly, the only only button you should be tapping is the uninstall.

    • saraspeed

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  • 99¢ I’m outraged this should be free..

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is a prime example of why social media is such an utter waste of time. How many apps never do it just right so a new app is needed to do it just right. As if the time vortex of social media is not bad enough, and you have to keep up with keeping up that nonsense, now you need another app to apparently fill in some stupid gap in the others apps function. Ugh, the next thing you know you are managing maybe 4-5-6-7-8 apps just for social media needs. Thank God I never picked up the need or habit of any of that nonsense like twit, FB, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, 4square, blah blah blah. It’s a truly amazing amount of crap to manage.

    • Nathaniel Webb


    • that’s why cable tv is such a waste of time. we already have broadcast tv why do we need more channels?

  • Droid Ronin

    Link Bubble takes care of the sharing pretty well. Tap the link, bubble opens, drag bubble to share.

    • Josh

      This is exactly what I was thinking! Its probably actually easier to share with Link Bubble. Plus more functionality.

  • Josh

    How is this even possible?

  • Jon Leach

    No longer will I to have to choose between Last Pass, Link Bubble and Chrome Beta all the freaking time