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Kiwanuka Puzzler Game Might Remind You of Old School Lemmings, But With More Dubstep

Many years ago, I remember my older brother playing a game where little creatures would fall off a cliff, trying to follow one another. That game was Lemmings. While that game is not available on Android, although it should be, another game called Kiwanuka is mildly reminiscent of that great classic. 

In Kiwanuka, which is a puzzler by nature, you control a wizard-type character who must lead a group of followers to the end of levels. Inside of an interesting world, full of crystal formations, you use your lightning-powered staff to control their fate, while also constructing platforms for them to move around any given level’s structures.

The graphics for Kiwanuka are quite minimal, however, there is excellent use of color in the game, plus an amazing soundtrack.

For the price of $1.69, it’s worth a try.

Play Link ($1.69)

  • chris_johns

    id easily pay $5 for lemmings if it came out for android…somebody make this happen

  • Andrew Sharrow

    This game is nothing like lemmings. The challenge of lemmings was in the time limit and how many minions you could afford to sacrifice. Bought it thinking “Hey, Lemmings was great! I’d love to play that again!” Not to say that this isn’t a great game, but Lemmings it is not.

    • Fozzybare

      “mildly reminiscent” doesnt mean YO THIS IS EXACTLY LEMMINGS

  • miri

    Looks interesting, but oh my goodness that music…

  • Chris King

    I play lemmings at the casino all the time. It made the transaction to slot machine . Really fun game

  • NorCalGuy

    All day

    • Forgive me, but what is this?

      • Collin Chapin


      • JMonkeYJ

        It’s the blocker lemming that you can use to change the direction of the lemmings that will run into it. In addition, the player has decided to kill this particular blocker (I think blockers must be killed to make them stop blocking) so in 5 seconds he will blow himself up.

    • MikeKorby


      HTML recreation of the game. Excuse me while I go change my screensaver to some flying toasters.

      • Finire

        Crap… there just went 2 hours of my night…

      • chris_johns

        omg ur the man…this actually works on my sh*t work comp also woo lol