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Additional Games Added to Humble Bundle 6: Carmageddon, Time Surfer, and Llamas With Hats

Last week, Humble Bundle 6 was made available for Android users, and now, more games have been added for those who donate over the average price, which is currently $4.48.

The games previously available were Threes, Mines of Mars, Duet PremiumJoe Dever’s Lone Wolf (full game), Combo Crew Special Edition, and Eliss Infinity. Added today is Carmageddon, Time Surfer, and Llamas With Hats. 

Again, being able to grab all of these games for under $5, plus to have it go to charity if you so choose should be a no brainer. We have written up most of these apps before, and I can tell you that they are all very good titles, worthy of your donation.

Go check them out right now before they are gone.

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Via: Humble Bundle
  • Lucky Armpit

    I’m sure I’m older than most here, as I played Carmageddon on my DOS 6.22 PC with a 3DFx graphics card and my Sound Blaster Pro back in the day. What a great game. The Android version is faithful to the original game (Fear Factory music tracks are even included) as I jumped on this when it was the Promo a few months back. Highly recommend.

    • Tomek G

      I am so waiting for sequel. Carmageddon 2 was my favorite

  • Jason13L

    I always feel slightly cheated when they add games that were already part of other Humble Bundles. I know I got my money’s worth with that I already have but two of the three “bonus” titles were from other bundles.

  • unknown androider

    Lone Wold crashes on startup on the Nexus 5 / 4.4.4. I’ve informed both the people at HB and the developer and no one seems to care.

    • Imagine That

      I don’t either.

    • Kevin

      Humble Bundle sucks with no support.

    • HarleyGuy72

      Works just fine on my Moto X, N7 2012, and my HP TP running evervolv nightlies…cheers!