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LG G Vista Hits AT&T Retail Stores Beginning August 22

The G Vista from LG, which was introduced on Verizon’s network last Wednesday, has received a launch date on AT&T for August 22. At that time, anyone looking to grab 5.7″ device can do so for $49.99 on a new two-year agreement or $355 off contract. 

The G Vista looks just like a G3, however it is quite larger, featuring a 5.7″ HD display, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 3,200mAh battery, 8MP rear-facing camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 8GB of internal storage with microSD which supports up to 32GB of storage, 1.5GB of RAM, and runs Android 4.4+ out of the box.

The device may not come packed with any top tier specifications, but LG has packed in a bunch of software, which brings up the device’s value a bit in our eyes. LG has baked in Mini View, Dual Window, Smart Keyboard, as well as KnockOn and KnockCode.

To check out that software, watch the video below.

Via: AT&T
  • Tell me what does LG stand for

    Think of LG G Vista as an unflexible LG G Flex, but with a .2-inch smaller IPS LCD touchscreen instead of OLED.
    Also, what a ripoff compared to the LG G3! 5.7 inches of 720p HD over 5.5 inches of 1440p Quad HD?! Ballsy!!
    Also, IPS LCD over OLED!!!! There’s no way the new flatter UI can help satisfy decent display specifications!!
    Okay, maybe the new flatter UI is not that bad compared to LG G2. But what the heck.
    Thanks a lot, LG. Lies Galore. Lack of Greatness. Literally Gutsy. Lucky Gropers. Less Goldstar. Like Gooper.

  • Paul

    So, if nothing else, this might be an approximation of the physical size of the mysterious Nexus Shamu.

  • guest

    5.7″ HD display & $355 off contract price with MicoSD expansion, it’s a bargain.

    • Marikel

      It runs surprisingly well. I used it at the Verizon store yesterday and experienced very little stutter and almost no lag.

      • Grayson

        It should… Only a 720p screen. I bet you can see the pixels from space with that resolution on a screen that size. It has lower pixel density than the original Motorola Droid, from like 5 years ago. Original. Motorola. Droid.

        • Eric R.

          I still think the OG Droid has a great screen

          • Grayson

            I don’t doubt it’s better than this screen, but it can’t hold a candle to the modern displays in most phones now.

    • Grayson

      Wut? Only 720p on a screen that large? Snapdragon 400? 8 GB internal storage?

      This has the specs of a Moto G, but with a 5.7 inch screen, and it costs TWICE as much as the Moto G. Terrible deal if you ask me. You would be better off saving money with the G, or waiting for a OnePlus One invite, which would get you infinitely better specs than this at a lower cost still.

      Were you joking? Did I miss the /s?

      • UncleFan

        If the Moto G had a 5.7″ screen, I would buy one.

  • Bryan Mills


    • Robert Paulson

      Why not. Samsung is successful with mid ranged smartphones, so Apple (plastic iphone), Moto (MotoX), and now LG (Vista, named after the best OS ever of course) want to enter that realm. HTC talked about wanting to get into it too, not sure they have or not though.

  • Maxim∑

    This thing sounds like it has good battery life at least….

    • Richard

      I get 3 days with light use. 2 days with heavy use. Not a bad phone

      • Marikel

        From what I saw when I used the G Vista and the G3 side by side it runs considerably well. Basically as smooth as the G3.