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Rovio’s Angry Birds Stella Coming September 4

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Rovio announced this week that Angry Birds Stella is set to be released September 4, a new title in the long-running Angry Birds franchise. Rovio released two trailers onto YouTube, which show off a little bit of gameplay and more cartoonish backstory than anything. 

From what we can see, it looks like a generic Angry Birds game, where you will fling a pink-colored bird at mean ol’ piggies. Below, a full cinematic trailer can be seen for the cartoon that will go along with the game.

For more information about Rovio’s newest AB title, be sure to follow the via link below, which will lead you to Rovio’s full blog post about the upcoming game.

Via: Angry Birds
  • One Door Leads To Another

    Did you know that Homestuck is the most popular franchise created by MS Paint Adventures?
    It’s like Harry Potter is more popular created by J.K. Rowling!
    That’s how Angry Birds became more popular created by Rovio Entertainment.

  • John Davids

    This IP needs to die

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes, it does, but honestly, Angry Birds Epic, an RPG, isn’t that bad of a game, probably one of their better, more enjoyable titles.

      But I do agree though. Once everyone stops playing and their many, many games stop making money, the franchise will probably find a nice ‘n quiet place way up in the North to die. Way I picture it. But that will probably never happen because there are far too many kids roaming Earth, so yeah, the franchise will probably continue on for another good 5-10 years.

  • Notus

    Rovio is officially out of ideas.

  • Alexander Munnerlyn

    *My Utters hurt from them milking me*

    • Lucky Armpit

      Lol really, they have milked that poor cow to death. Need a original idea, stat.

  • Michael