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Popcorn Time Beta App Updated to Version 2.1, Intros VPN

A new version of the beta for Popcorn Time, an app which allows users to watch new movies for free, has been released as version 2.1. In this update, Popcorn Time has worked in VPN (virtual private network), which will allow a user’s IP address to go virtually untraceable. 

Not only does the update allow users to feel more secure when streaming brand new movies, Popcorn Time has also opened up device compatibility to users of Android 4.0+ devices, whereas previously the app was only usable by Android 4.2+ users.

A while back, the beta app received support for Chromecast, allowing users to stream their movies directly to an HDTV. If you seriously haven’t given Popcorn Time a whirl, now would be a good time to try it out.

Note: After hearing concern over the application and what it is used for, we have decided to remove the download link. For those who would still like it, it’s not hard to find. For anyone offended that we publicized this app, we apologize.

And on a funny note, if you haven’t already seen it, check out Popcorn Time’s awesome Android introduction video.

Via: BGR | Popcorn Time
  • EnterTheNexus

    Can’t stream to Chromecast!

  • Michael Hammond

    LInk to the link 😉

    If you’re offended, too bad, welcome to the internet


  • BillySuede

    guys, rationalise it all you want but it is stealing. i’m no saint but it is against the law. we all do it but don’t delude yourself into thinking that playing robin hood changes that fact.

  • I’d like to thank you all for posting.

  • Toriano Winston

    I’ve went to the theater and watched alot of these movies on here ..How would you feel if google had you pay for apps all over again when you purchased a new phone ?? Same thing I’m not paying twice for a movie I payed once to see already ..it’s not like it’s new movie like Ninja Turtles it’s like me letting you borrow a dvd..

  • trumpet444

    Come on, Droid Life. Would y’all promote a cracked Play Store? Because thats pretty much what you did right here. Sadly, I’m gonna catch hell for this comment but apparently the feeling here with some readers is that thievery is always cool until it hits your back pocket, or if the person being stolen from “has enough money anyway”. I’m sure some of you here have been stolen from so why would you turn around and do it to someone else? It doesn’t matter if it’s a song, app, movie, video game, car, or a wallet. It’s wrong and you know it. What makes some of you think you are entitled to something you didn’t pay for or work hard to create?

  • Mordecaidrake

    not on Google Play I imagine? Direct from their website?

  • droidify

    Without being flamed….I have a question. How do you know torrent files aren’t full of viruses? I’ve never used them I’ve just heard it is the fastest way to get a virus.

    • Michael Hunt

      These are all pre-screened to make sure they are the movie it says it is. Other than that, use a private site which screens all uploads as opposed to public ones like TPB.

  • Inquizitor

    People are definitely waaaay too butthurt over the nature of Popcorn Time. If there’s one industry that does NOT need respect, it’s the film/tv industry. If there are two, it’s the film/tv industry and the music industry.

    That being said, this isn’t actually considered the “good” open-source Popcorn Time, it’s Time4Popcorn. T4P has received a fair amount of criticism and suspicion from the community due to their closed-source nature and mysterious background, so proceed with caution when using this particular app.

  • Toriano Winston

    Yall butt hurt really ..These movies done made plenty of money and most of them are on cable anyway which by the is raping us when it comes to prices for service. .

  • jonzey231

    I have a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile with the Android L port and Popcorn time never worked on L on this or my Nexus 7 with the official L Preview. With 2.1, it all works flawlessly. Haven’t tried the Chromecast yet, which always crashed before even on KitKat on my N7. But ill give it a shot tonight.

  • Razma

    i borrow movies from my Library all the time, and they’re free

  • Brady Wassam

    Hmmm, I really want to try this, but…..

  • Boblank84

    Unless things recent changes I don’t think this is from the original devs but by time4 popcorn. Many seem skeptical about potentially harmful software. http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/252v16/lifehacker_is_recommending_potentially_unsafe/

    • Jason Kahn

      Should also note Google pulled the App from the playstore within hours of it’s launch.

  • fizdog

    Showbox ftw

  • jimt

    It says on the download link that it has chromecast support.

  • John Davids

    Plex + BTN & TEH is still the best way to go.

    • LaFave07

      I prefer ptp over teh 🙂 either way 99% of people won’t know what we’re talking about.

      • John Davids

        Too true Femputer. Kill them all, I say.

        PTP is good, I just only use trackers powered by Gazelle. I blame my OCD. Either way, always nice to cross a fellow Elite 🙂


        • LaFave07

          Ptp is gazelle 🙂 and same here. TsH just closed today I loved that site.

          • John Davids

            Ah far out, didn’t realize. Well, come the day I can’t find something on TEH or BTN I will have to run over to W.CD and grab an invite

    • Guillaume

      Dude, would you have a BTN invite to share ? I’m desperatly looking for one thanks!

      • Inquizitor


      • John Davids

        Sorry, BTN requires you to be some absurd class before they open up invites.

  • Trevor

    That video is epic.

    • niuguy


  • Prime7

    Setting aside any piracy discussion, have you guys seen the ridiculous permissions requests on this thing? It’s ridiculous!

  • Jared Denman

    Forget this slow app. Download showbox!

    • Big EZ

      Did you have to do anything special to get it working? I use to love it, but it just stopped working one day. I’ve downloaded newer versions, but they don’t load content either.

      • Jared Denman

        nope. Its been working since day 1 for me on my nexus 5 paired with localcast to cast it to my chromecast

      • frhow

        Wipe data, and open the app without using WIFI. Use you data service to download the content. Once you get the shows downloaded then turn wifi back on. It did the same thing to me. I also swapped out routers and it worked. Hopefully this trick works for you also.

        • Big EZ

          I’ve tried it on wifi and Verizon’s network. It may be that both Comcast and Verizon are blocking it. I’ll try again on someone else’s wifi.

          • frhow

            Ok I can tell you that in certain regions Comcast definitely blocks you from downloading the content as I had the same problem when coming from Charter who doesnt block anything to Comcast. So I used my data which is Tmobile and downloaded the content and then I went out and bought a new better router and now it works. While its not as snappy connecting to a movie like I experienced using Charter it works, but you will have to download the content first. F Comcast & Verizon.

  • SeanPlunk

    I still prefer ShowBox. It loads faster and is easier to use: http://twotechgeeks.blogspot.com/2014/06/show-box-movie-and-tv-show-streaming.html

    • Erick Wright

      Did showbox add Chromecast support yet?

      • SeanPlunk

        Localcast, Avia, Twonky Bean and Allcast all allow you to Chromecast media from ShowBox. I personally prefer Allcast but it costs money. Localcast seems to be the best free option.

        • Erick Wright

          Just tested, seams to work pretty nice with LocalCast… would have been better if it was built in but it is what it

          • Steve

            After two weeks of ShowBox with Localcast, None of the movies will play anymore without buffering every 5 seconds, and it’s not my wifi.

          • Josh Martin

            You’re not alone. I use Showbox + AllCast and even Showbox + BubbleUPnP and if I have to stream from Showbox, it buffers every 5 ish seconds. That started about 2 weeks ago like you said. The only workaround I have is to download the video file from Showbox first and then Chromecast it with BubbleUPnP or AllCast.

          • Chris Bryan

            Go into local cast settings and clear the cache. Also make sure your sync is turned off while streaming. Seems to help

          • player911

            Its showbox. Click on an ad first

    • Big EZ

      Did you have to do anything special to get it working? I use to love it, but it just stopped working one day. I’ve downloaded newer versions, but they don’t load content either. I thought it may work on my new phone, but no luck.

      • SeanPlunk

        You have to do your initial setup on WiFi. If you try to do it over Verizon’s network it doesn’t work for some reason. Once the initial setup is done though, then it works on cellular data.

        • ShowBox Not Streaming well

          I only used it via wifi and my app has stopped working as well. Everything shows up, along with updated shows, but the movies will not play anymore without buffering every 5 seconds. Downloaded the movies as well but the downloads will not cast.

          • Big EZ

            That’s what originally happened to me. Then I tried an updated version and I can’t even get anything to show up. I think it may be the ISP blocking it. Who do you have wifi through? I’m trying on Comcast and Verizon.

          • Jared Denman

            I’m on Comcast for my home Internet and it works fine. I’m on Cricket for wireless and it works fine too.

          • Michael Luscher

            I’m on FiOS in NYC and it loads.

  • Jason Kahn

    So basically piracy. If I’m right shame on you droid life for promoting it.

    • Jason Purp

      Grow up

      • Jason Kahn

        Promoting theft and I’m the child ha

        • trixnkix637

          Yea because you’ve never downloaded or pirated ANYTHING ever right? It’s not yours nor DL’s job to police the net. Their job is to write about Android/Google related items. Seems to me they’re doing their jobs and your not.

          • Jason Kahn

            Never ever in my entire life, even walked out of a friends home when he loaded a prayed movie. I have family in the industry who struggle to get by.

          • trixnkix637

            Well in that case I can respect your stance & opinion.

          • Jldleo

            Struggle to get by… Really?

          • I think he was being facetious.

          • Bryan Mills

            Oh cause they’re not making millions. Get over yourself. Expendables 3 was amazing too.

          • Eric

            I hate you so much i am the Eric scmhidt guy who trolled you that day but now I love you because this comment. Welcome back to the community

          • patt

            You sir are a winner hahaha

          • Hypocrisy

            Have you ever picked up money off the street and kept it? Or did you run and take it straight to the police in case anyone reported it missing, no matter the denomination, if not that is taking something not yours as well.

            You are probably one of those corporate stooges that applaud how corporations get away with everything, screwing over customers by changing their own rules, NOT paying their fair share of taxes, and never going to jail no matter how many laws broken.

          • trumpet444

            I don’t like when companies screw over people either. No one does. But if I broke into someone’s house and stole from them I’d sound like a child when my only defense is pointing at another thief and saying, “He did it too!”

          • rick

            Stop being a pussy!

          • Anthony_Armando

            It is not their job to police the internet, however, they are basically encouraging and contributing to piracy by advertising the application.

          • trixnkix637

            One they’re reporting a new update to an app, they’re not encouraging or promoting people to download it. Two They’re reporting news. What you do with it is up to you. But I don’t see the entertainment industry being killed off by an app. So relax. Go Hollywood.

          • Anthony_Armando

            By providing a download link to an application which is used to engage in IP theft/piracy they are no longer just reporting “news.” It does not matter if this one application will kill the movie industry or not; piracy is illegal.

          • Champion1229

            Only because companies that got rich charging outrageous amounts for content were able to lobby their way into protecting their way of life.

          • trumpet444

            $15-25 for a movie. $600 for a brand new phone. Yep, that Blu-Ray is pretty outrageous. I have no other choice but to steal it.

          • trixnkix637

            Common sense tells me you’re not 100% saint 100% of your life, so I’m rendering your argument quite moot.

          • Anthony_Armando

            You can think that if you’d like but there is a reason I chose a career in law enforcement and was hired by a state police department: I live my life, and everything I do for that matter, with integrity and pride.

          • Evan Schulz

            Yeah good for you. Go lock up some more non-violent offenders for the prison industrial complex. And feel pride while you do it.

          • d-rock

            Somehow I doubt you are flawless when it comes to the law….that’s like saying that someone is sinless in religion. You never do anything illegal? You don’t associate with people who do illegal things? Don’t know anyone who smokes pot? Don’t know any who speeds? You don’t speed? Ever? Not even 5 over? I know plenty of cops that say it’s their job, not their life. When the uniform is on, they do their job.

            There is no uniform on this site buddy, so you can’t be on the job.

          • trumpet444

            Calling someone a hypocrite doesn’t mean they aren’t right in their argument. Older guys I work with that, for some reason, can’t quit smoking will tell me that smoking is bad for you and to never start. That would make them quite the hypocrite but it doesn’t necessarily invalidate their argument

          • trixnkix637

            You’re kidding right? Being a hypocrite completely invalidates the argument. Good to know you’re so easily swayed by those who want you to do as they say not as they’ve done.

          • Evan Schulz

            Teaching slaves to read was illegal too, so…I guess you wouldn’t have taught slaves to read. Rule follower.

          • droidify

            That is so ridiculous. So I guess when google provides links to websites they are responsible for your actions after you reach that site? Typical cop logic. Everyone is a criminal.

          • Anthony_Armando

            Two problems with that.

            First, Google does not knowingly post uniquely authored summaries and links to websites which facilitate piracy. Instead, Google mass indexes websites automatically and sticks them into a database. Conversely, DL knowingly posted a summary of a piracy application and the associated website link (which they have since taken down). The application is obviously in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and only has one use: piracy. Second, Google search does remove links to websites when a DMCA takedown request is issued. There is a bureaucratic process, but it will eventually be taken down if/when said request is issued and shown to be a legitimate request from a party with authority to make the request.

            Further, there is a reason this application cannot be found on the Play Store; either the Google Play store screening process realized it serves no legitimate purpose other than to Stream movies via an unauthorized source and BitTorrent movies and rejected it or the application authors didn’t even bother to submit it because they knew it would be rejected.

            GitHub was issued a DMCA takedown request and disabled the repository.

          • droidify

            Cool story bro.
            Google links to popcorn time and all the similar websites that offer the same service. Better report them and see if they can get that taken care of ASAP. God forbid people have the liberty to choose what sites they visit on the internet.
            I’m glad there are people like you out there policing the tech blogs so people won’t be able to read and make decisions for themselves without fear of reprocussion from some government agent or bureaucrat. You’re right DL removed the link, undoubtedly because of your coolness. Congrats.

          • ydrgfargra

            Dude, shut up.

          • So is every other site, and the news for that case.

          • trumpet444

            There is a difference in using Napster as a 12 year old kid (which regretfully, I did) and then being a grown man and STILL stealing.

          • trixnkix637

            Lol yea sure there is. Just like there’s a difference between having a point and bending one to suit your needs.

        • Michael Hammond

          Technically you’re not stealing it – you’re just watching it through a window. The people behind the scenes hosting the content are the ones that stole it.


    • trixnkix637

      You’ll live bro.

    • HarvesterX

      Shame on you Droid Life…thanks for the updated info. I wouldn’t have known there was an update otherwise as I never check their page out.

    • Tim Buchanan

      I’m actually with you. Piracy is almost always people’s way of saying, “I shouldn’t have to pay, because I’m more important than most people.” People can justify it however they want, but it’s theft, it’s not right, and people do suffer as a result. I’ll pay $1.99 at Redbox if it means doing the right thing.

      • nate

        Lol I don’t think anyone uses that reasoning. Most people just straight up don’t want to spend the money when it is so easy to just pirate it.

      • ZacharyTol

        I don’t think that much about it. All I think is “Hey, there’s a free movie I can stream to my Chromecast, why the hell would I want to go to a RedBox?”

      • Scott Zahlmann

        Its actually borrowing, which is different than theft. I have every intention of giving it back when I am done with it.

    • John Smith

      how many times do i have to buy Scarface? VHS, DVD, Digital????????????????/

    • Jones

      Boy bye
      *rolls eyes

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      There’s another side to it as well. Since the MAFIAA doesn’t usually allow for legal ripping of movies you own, this might be a more convenient way of watching them on your tablet.

    • skinja

      Except for the fact that we have bought these movies so many times already. VHS, DVD, amazon on demand, etc.
      It isn’t piracy if you already own a copy of it.

    • Chris Knepper

      Hey, you should stop being so ignorant and understand that piracy is not theft.

    • Jason Kahn

      It Boggles my mind how people justify the things they do.