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Wednesday Poll: How Often do You Upgrade Your Phone?

With so many great choices out there for phones, it is easy to want to constantly switch up your daily driver. Unfortunately, buying phones is not cheap off contract. Couple that with the fact that carriers have many customers under contract with high termination fees, the process is made even more difficult.

Since the last time we ran a poll asking about your upgrade habits, all sorts of new programs through carriers which help customers upgrade phones more frequently have been introduced. They vary depending on carrier, but most require little down as long as you are willing to split up the cost of the phone over a certain number of monthly payments.

Here at DL, we are pretty content with purchasing phones outright, leaving us with the ability to throw in whatever SIM we choose, which means we don’t have to worry about contracts. This is one of the reasons we love Nexus devices so much – they are so no-contract-friendly.

Regardless of how you do it, we want to know how often you upgrade and/or change your phone out for a new one. Are you a flagship hopper, jumping from the latest of one OEM to another? Or do you stick with a phone for a couple of years at a time.

Once you answer the poll, feel free to go into more detail about the process you go through when upgrading/changing to a new phone.

How often do you upgrade your phone?

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  • JGLives

    Usually, I just wait until my phone is broke. Order of phones:
    Nov 2005 – First cell phone (third year of college)
    July 2007 (lost/stolen, she tried to transfer my number to another account)
    May/June 2012 (flip-phone, broke in half)
    May/June 2014 (first smartphone! The cost of my plan would not change even with a data usage).

    Now that I have a smartphone (Nexus 5), I’m going to wait as long as I can before getting a new one. Though Android L looks good, the longer I wait the more polished the overall features are.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    Stuck with the Galaxy S3 for 2 years now I have the S5, that was the first time I had done that for a long time. I used to upgrade every year but phones weren’t nearly as good as they are now. Depends on what your needs are but unless they come out with some spectacular jump in a years time I’ll probably stick to every 2 years from now on.

  • Aaron C

    I always try to wait two years, but usually can only last one. Galaxy Nexus was my last contract phone, with Verizon. Went to Nexus 4 on T-Mo, then Nexus 5, and will buy the Nexus 6 as soon as I can get it, mostly for the bigger screen and hopefully band 12 for when I travel.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Im on my 3rd phone in like 4 months. I just love new stuff!

  • Disqus_n00b

    Buying phones is MORE expensive on contract!

    Off-Contract you can recoup ~75% of phone value after 1 year, and spend on next phone. Only the first off-contract phone is a lot up front.

    On-Contract, after 1 year you still owe $240+ and after 2 years your phone is close to worthless.

  • Colts5609

    Was not going to upgrade my Nexus 5, that is until I recieved my OnePlus One invitation. I imagine I will have my OPO until the Nexus 6 comes out, and so on and so forth.

  • Simon Belmont

    Tough to say. It used to be every two years when I was on Sprint (contractual obligation, etc), but now I’m on T-Mobile which makes it a breeze for me to pop out the SIM card and throw it in another phone.

    I started on T-Mobile last summer with a mint pre-owned Galaxy Nexus, and then grabbed a Nexus 5 when that came out (it’s my daily driver, which I plan on using for quite a while). But, I’ve also been playing around with WP8.1 on a Lumia 521 here and there, and I even felt super nostalgic and threw my SIM card into a T-Mobile G1 for a week (retro style!). So, I guess the answer is “as often as the spirit moves me” for the article’s question. I like the flexibility.

  • kyle

    how about yearly but without any subsidies. aka nexus comes out or something thats in the $300 – $350 range with good specs I’m in

    • Aaron C

      Exactly what I have done as well. Not intentionally, just worked out that way. Now waiting for N6.

      • kyle

        I dont see why you wouldnt do it yearly because the year old phone sale gets you that new one for 150 – 200.. thats what people pay for their part of the subsidy.. I’m on a tmobile family plan with 7 people and pay 24 a month for my 3b LTE line. What’s getting me now is i kind of want the tmobile version of a phone for wifi calling and better network support but I refuse to pay $600 anything for any kind of phone. Tmobile needs to figure out a way to get our nexus phones officially supported for wifi calling and any other tmobile goodness they roll out.

        • Aaron C

          Totally agree. Upgrading Nexus devices has been easy due to the resale value (as you mention). I briefly had a Note 2, but hated TouchWiz, and the only way you can get WiFi calling is with a TouchWiz-based ROM. Why T-Mobile doesn’t offer WiFi calling on all devices is beyond me. It’s not a cure-all, but it would go a long way toward pleasing customers until they roll out that low-band spectrum.

  • Historically I’ve gone 2 years because of the “discount”, really until the last year (slightly longer for T-Mobile) you did not have a cheaper cell phone bill if you brought your own phone.

    Now I’m on a plan that is cheaper and doesn’t include a phone subsidy. I ran the math and even if I buy a brand new flagship phone every 2 years I should come out about $200 ahead with the new plan but if I can make my phone last longer than that it’s even more money saved.

    My current phone is an AT&T Galaxy S4 running a GPE ROM. The 2 year mark will be up on it next spring but I figure it will be easy to keep it going for longer than that. Depending on what phones come out next year I may hold on to it until 2016.

  • Whenever I Think So 🙂

  • XvierX

    I think I’m going to finally make the switch to T-Mobile. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon but the advantages aren’t enough to keep me as a customer anymore. T-Mobiles coverage has become faster than Verizon 4G in my area too. I always planned on selling the line but it’s a hassle. Plus T-Mobile will pay my ETF anyway. This post was just another sign that maybe I should jump ship. Lol

  • BoFiS

    And by “whenever I see a new phone I like” that means I haven’t in over two years since NO ONE has made either a decent sequel to the Droid 4, or a SMALL phone that has good specs that would be worth upgrading to without sacrificing on screen resolution or size since I do not want a huge, giant phone.

  • JRomeo

    The people who sell last year’s nexus, and then buy this year’s nexus (and are on that cycle yearly)….. do not fit into ANY of the poll answers !

  • hkklife

    In the smartphone era, probably the longest I had a phone was a Palm Treo 700p, which I unhappily rocked from June 2006 to April 2008, when it was replaced by the 755p (basically the same phone but with a slightly sleeker design) which was replaced with a launch day OG Droid. Since then I’ve rotated pretty regularly through a combination of swapping upgrades on lines, buying full price and buying used—-Droid 1, Droid X, X2, Bionic, RAZR Maxx, Galaxy S3, Note 3.

  • Jeff

    Upgraded whenever I got tired of my phone and there was a better option. With the Moto X though, I haven’t had a desire to get another phone, and with the news that it’s getting Android L, I’ll likely be using it for quite some times yet.

  • I upgrade my phone when my wife drops hers and I give her mine.

    • Aaron C

      That has happened a couple times in our household as well. 🙂

  • Jim Davis

    Moto Droid -> Galaxy Nexus -> (Left Verizon) -> Nexus 5

    On AIO Cricket wireless and couldn’t be happier with the service and phone.

    • Joshua Rewerts

      Ditto, but won a HTC One M7 GPE (from this site, thanks again Kellex!) or would’ve gotten the Nexus 5. Have some trouble with battery life lately as AIO–>Cricket doesn’t have the strongest of reception in my apartment. Also, I don’t plan on upgrading too soon, as I suspect/hope Android L will come to the M7 GPE. It’s more where “a new stock Android phone that I like” meets “my current phone becomes ‘inconvenient’ (read: slow/broken/no longer getting OS updates)”

    • Aaron C

      Wow. Pretty close to mine too.

      Moto Droid -> Thunderbolt (god help me) -> GNex -> Left Verizon -> Nexus 4 -> Nexus 5 -> Nexus 6, um….

  • Jeff Martin

    Needs to be a “when I need to” option. I went from OG Droid (broke) to a Droid Charge (UGH!) to Galaxy Nexus (Left when it was left behind) to Moto X

  • Cael

    My contract is up with Verizon so now I’m on a whenever I see a phone I like and can afford it.

  • zroid

    every two or more years when Budget allows.

  • Scott

    Based on those poll results, some readers have plenty of money. I can’t and nor do I personally know many who can drop that kind of cash on every new electronic gadget.

    • They probably don’t have it, but they drop it anyway. Lol.

    • Aaron C

      I have been buying outright, just about every year, and usually manage to recoup about 75% of the Nexus phones I’ve purchased once I sell them and get the newest. So it’s not quite as bad as it appears. Of course, the Nexus devices are usually quite a bit cheaper than the brand-name flagship devices.

  • Shadowstare

    Let me start by saying I wish I was not locked into a contract at all. But since I am, I wish the price of my plan would drop after I pay off the phone. But its not, so I might as well use the upgrades the carrier is offering.

    I would say that I upgrade every to years, but not with a “cheap upgrade”. That term makes me think of a phone the carrier is offering for like a dollar or a penny. I upgrade every two years to the best flagship phone that fits my needs, which usually costs somewhere between $150 and $200. Is the price cheaper than an un-subsidized phone, Yes. Is price cheaper than other phones the carrier is offering, not even close.

  • Jason Kahn

    The better option for me on this Poll, would have been when I see a phone that is a significant enough update over my existing phone.

  • Matt

    seems to be about every two years, but not because of any upgrade shenanigans… still have unlimited data on VZW


    Annually off contract.

  • Whenever I fancy something new, but usually 2 or 3 times a year. I’ll get the Nexus device in November and then HTC’s latest in the Spring. However, in the past year I have had four Nexus 5s and two Moto Xs too…. went a bit wild :S

    Being on a £20/month all-you-can-eat-everything from Three means I’m not paying loads for my contract which helps.

  • Higher_Ground

    Droid X in 2010
    Gnex in 2012
    Moto X+1 in 2014
    So far I’ve managed to wait the full 2 years, but both phones got really long in the tooth about 18 months in. It didn’t help that I bought the gnex in summer 2012 so it was already half a year old. Honestly that’s what’s kept me from getting the current moto x… I’m probably not going to buy any phones older than 6 months if I plan to use them for a full 2 years again.

  • Brett

    I’m still using my Droid RAZR MAXX, It’s running CM11 and I’m starting to consider a new phone/carrier. CS guy at AT&T was impressed at how quick it still was.

    • Brett

      Not that the CS Guy at AT&T is the gold standard, but if someone who looks at the latest and judges how “quick” it is for a value judgment, then that’s not bad in my opinion.

      • needa

        the cs guy probably uses an iphone. in which case even the ti-omap in the droid would be considered quick with decent animations.

  • chris_johns

    I honestly think two years is a good timeframe for a phone(esp with newer phones 2013+)…gotta love those moto x’s in that pic standing out from the crowd…honestly a big fan of my x i played with a g3 i nkow the specs should blow away my x but the actual usage didnt…and i felt it was far to big for my liking…nice phone though if i didnt have my x id be that phone or the m8 which i actually liked better…i still feel my x can easily hang for another year for the 2015 bad boys…might need a replacement though mine took a dive in a hottub…twice…after being split open blow dried and put in rice open for 12 hours she lived but not without a few bugs lol my vibrate is dunzo and my active notifications are super glitchy lol

    • needa

      next time get a ziploc bag, throw your phone in it and cover it with rubbing alcohol. shake for a few secs. take out of bag. shake out to dry. let sit ten minutes. profit.
      hate to hear that your x is messing up. i just rma’d my x for my camera issues. they are sending me a ‘like new’ phone to replace. i would give it a shot if i were you. it was fairly painless using their chat system. the only pain is getting a refurb rather than an actual repair. no credit card needed blah blah blah. get to keep my phone until the new one arrives.

  • Reficurg

    It’s more like “Every 2 years, what’s the next top of the line?”

  • Mordecaidrake

    I basically upgrade when there’s a phone released that I want and when there’s an upgrade available in my family plan. I have to cheat the system on Verizon in order to keep my unlimited data.

  • mcdonsco


    OG Droid
    Droid X
    Droid X2
    RAZR Maxx
    IPhone 4
    RAZR Maxx HD
    Galaxy S4
    HTC 8X
    Nokia (Something? VZW Win Phone)
    Galaxy Note 2
    Droid Maxx
    Galaxy Note 3
    Moto X
    LG G2
    IPhone 5s
    Galaxy S5
    HTC One M8
    Moto X (again)
    LG G2 (again & current phone)

    • needa

      what is the one you miss using the most?

      • mcdonsco

        None really that’s why I’m back on the g2 (best of currents for me); but I have yet to find the perfect phone.

        I’m wanting to slow my addiction a bit so rather than jumping on the G3 now I’m waiting to see what moto, apple and sammy bring to the table.

        Plus, being the g2 is about a year old now, its not going to be the usual $100+ to swap this time…going to cost me $300+ this time so want to see all options first.

  • Scott Van Maldegiam

    Still have Droid Razr and it still works. I have no plans to replace it now that I limit background processes to no more than 4, turn off WiFi when away from home, removed microSD card and a few other tweaks. Reboot problem is significantly reduced. Only happens once every week or so if I forget to reboot after a few days. I don’t feel like upgrading my phone and paying a ton of money if my current one still works.

  • Joe Zollinger

    T-MO jump is the greatest thing ever… Except they have yet to carry the Motorola phones.

  • redlantern

    A new unlocked flagship phone every year. Have galaxy note 3 just about due to be updated….courtesy of a contract Optus don’t do any more and no way I am letting an unlimited data and untimed contract like this go.

  • malforpresident

    I would usually stick to a 2 year schedule but by chance my last few upgrades were sooner than expected. I upgraded to a galaxy nexus (used off ebay) to keep my unlimited data on verizon. But only a year later I ‘upgraded’ by switching carriers. I got a couple of nexus 4s last summer to switch my 2 lines to T-Mobile. Then in May my wife dropped and cracked her screen on her nexus 4 so, being limited on available cash at the time I got a nexus 5 on JUMP. Come to think of it I got the galaxy nexus before the 2 years were up on my Droid 3…so perhaps I’m just a junkie who upgrades every 10 months.

  • ClickFire_

    I swap phones with people usually every 3 months or so to try out the latest but after getting the Nexus 5 5 months ago and having the most plesant software experience I think I will just start buying a Nexus every year instead.

    • Aaron C

      Every time I try another phone, I end up selling it and back with a Nexus after a month or so.

  • billy

    I don’t think any of those 3 options quite explain it for me. My wife and I have been free from a 2-year contract for about 9 months now, and we’re both still really happy with our phones (Nexus 5 for me and a Moto X for her). I think our goal is to keep our current phones for about 2 years anyway, mainly so we can feel like we got our money’s worth, but we can change our minds whenever we want and we don’t have to worry about contracts or carrier upgrade promotions anymore.

  • 2 years droid x on verizon, then 15 months with Htc DNA , then switched to Edge with a white G2 since they offered it. Will upgrade yearly most likely.

  • paul_cus

    About every six months or so.

  • Mike Kubik

    Buying flagship phones off cycle by 1 year to keep Unlimited VZW. So, this year I sold my S3 for $225, then bought the G2 for $320, so the phone costs a net of $95. Next year I’ll sell the G2 and probably get the G3. If VZW screws any more with the unlimited data, I might jump ship to Cricket. Curious to see if companies like One Plus One can deliver in the next few months.

  • Verizon Unlimited, Full Retail roughly every 18 months. My aging S4 might get the retirement if Moto X+1 is a hit.

    • hoodieNation

      My S3 power button just crapped out on me two days ago. So now I’m using my wife’s old S3 while she’s playing with her new G3… I’m jealous but I’m waiting to see what Moto has in the next month or so.

  • Haha

    Uhm, where’s my “When the phone is no longer usable” option? Not all of us care about upgrading

  • Nyght

    Someone help me here, since I guess I don’t get this. I’ve always bought subsidized phones. Never considered anything else. I have enough money to buy phones outright. So if I did that, what does that do to the cost of service? Do I have to tell Verizon I bought it? I know the phone itself would supposedly be cheaper overall, but what else happens?

    • jimt

      On verizon you don’t save by buying the phone outright. That is the problem. Verizon includes buying the phone in the service charge for data so you pay for a new phone even after you pay for a phone that is on contract. The price never goes down. On Tmo or At&t the price of the data is less now without a contract because they took buying the phone part out of the data price. Verizon didn’t do that. So with verizon you pay like you are buying a new phone all the time, even if you are not buying a phone. That $600 phone only costs $100 and a 2 year contract. You still pay $600 for the phone but it’s buried in the data costs. and again when the 2 years are up, you keep paying the same for data like you were still buying a new phone, forever.

    • needa

      i buy off contract (gsm) and pay 50 a month with taxes ($101.50 for two lines), have to share 2gb data, and am on at&t themselves. for the last year though, i have been using straighttalk. that was 45 a line ($50.76 after taxes), unlimited data (throttled after 2.5gb), using at&t as the carrier. meaning straighttalk pays att for me to use their towers. the thing i found using straighttalk is that my calls, texts, data, etc all had to run through a separate straighttalk server. thus adding in a second or two for anything i wanted to do. straighttalk also had issues with mms on iphones.

      in a nutshell if you buy a gsm phone, you can take it to att or tmo, or any of the mvnos (such as straighttalk) that run off of those two networks. i get dropped calls on tmo, none on att unless i am talking to those on tmo or sprint. an off contract sprint phone is also an option. it is cheaper than any of the other mvnos. but then again… you are on sprints network. if you are looking to save money… Ditch Verizon Immediately.

      • jimt

        I don’t think you can beat Ting for cheapness (Ting is a sprint mvno also) If you really want CHEAP.

        • needa

          i have looked at ting a bunch. waiting for the day that i can byop my gsm. i literally have one friend in the nashville area that uses sprint. i bet i drop a call with him one out of three times. it sure would be nice though to get those savings. i would go from fifty to thirty five a month. thus paying for my tivo service.

          • jimt

            I have Tmo unlimited and actually think it is cheap enough. I have never had a call drop by the way. The unlimited is truly unlimited with no slow down. It is faster than Verizon.

          • needa

            i did the test drive. i would have much rather done it on an android phone. i did not like how i was always bouncing around from 2g to 4g to lte, and i wanted to use the wifi calling. i did drop one call out of the few that i made. the coverage maps said i had excellent strength… but i ended up being on one to two bars of edge when inside my house. which sits in the middle of my 65k peep nashville suburb. i got blazing speeds when i was on the interstates downtown though.

          • jimt

            Love Tmo but they do need to grow their network. I don’t mind how they are now though. The size of the network is what is holding them back from truly great.

  • Me

    Wherever I find a deal. Haven’t seen the perfect phone for me yet so I’ll bargain shop till that day comes. Hopefully I can get a Moto X for under 300 so I can sell this N4.

    • Higher_Ground

      hmm it’s 299.99 right now, every so slightly under 300!

  • WickedToby741

    Whenever I feel like it. Going contract free is great!

  • 213ninja

    on verizon with a few unlimited data lines and a few dumb lines. i shuffle my smarphone upgrades to my dumbphone lines and manage to keep unlimited. i just order the phone on the dumb line and swap in my smartphone SIM card on arrival. i never activate on the dumb line and the new plans never take affect. been doing it this way since they killed off NE2 and unlimited data. sometimes i get 2 a year, but mostly yearly.

  • Kree Terry

    Where’s the when ever I scrap up the cash, aka once every other blue moon option?

    • Higher_Ground

      lol, that’d be 2 years 🙂

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    Right now I have an S3, S4, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Moto X. I want to get the Moto X +1 and I’ll get the Nexus 6 if it’s around a 5″ screen.

  • Nikos Koufos

    I’ll find out, this is my first year with a smartphone

  • AndrewScottRox

    “Whenever I can afford to pay full retail for a new one”. +1

  • Trysta

    Shouldn’t there be a ‘not until it breaks’ option? I haven’t managed it yet but I’m trying to hold onto my phones longer. Need to save money and since I’m not on a contract the 2 year upgrade cycle is kind of arbitrary for me.

    Realistically though I find I start to get annoyed with a phone right around the 1.5 year mark. We’ll see how the nexus 5 is fairing then.

    • mcdonsco

      Jeez, wish that were me…I start to get annoyed with my current phone around the 1.5 MONTH mark.

  • Since I switched back to ATT last year, I’ve been on a steady two phone diet. When a Nexus device is released and when I see a nice GPE phone. Really wanting the HTC One M8 GPE, but the camera res is to low for what I use it for, and $700 is a little steep even if it is a company phone.

    • LaFave07

      Buy the AT&T model, unlock the bootloader, get S off with sunshine apk ($25 I believe), change your CID and MID to the GPE M8 numbers, flash GPE RUU.

      You now have the GPE M8 with OTA updates for hundreds less. Its what I did a few weeks ago and its amazing.

  • mas4489

    Lately I have updated every 6 months as I’m on t mobile. Didn’t see an option to vote every 6 months

  • WheresAnt?

    this nexus 5 is a godsend…the day it stops working is the day i upgrade…not a day sooner

    • Not even if a Motorola Nexus phone comes to fruition this fall?

      • WheresAnt?

        I’ll check it out but that does make sense…

  • nosedive94

    Ideally whenever I can, but it’s usually about once a year.

  • Franz

    Every Nexus!!!

  • Justin Kos

    Missing option for: when I find a buyer to purchase my old one.

    Pre paid ftw

  • iluvthesoftsoft

    Readers of Droidlife are obviously going to respond to this question much differently than AverageJoe android user. Average Joe lives in a 2 year cycle forced upon him by the carriers.

  • wtd2009

    the real answer: not as often as i would like to.

  • dsDoan

    Whenever I see a new phone I like with hardware providing features my current phone is incapable of. Today’s phones do nothing more than the phones of a few years ago (A possible exception might be superior gaming performance, but I don’t play HD games on my phone).

  • Jprime

    Discussed edge with a Verizon rep today…doesn’t seem that bad. It would be 10 more a month and in 12 months you upgrade

    • Mike

      I actually did the math a couple days ago, and you actually save money in the first year, and only lose $20 if you keep the phone for two years on a 10 GB plan, edge versus two year contract. This was using the Note 3, at the $100 mark, or $30 per month. Not bad considering you get a “Free” upgrade every year.

  • Maxim∑

    I buy a phone then return it. Amazon is so flexible

    I bought and returned:

    2x Moto X’s
    2x Nexus 5’s
    4x iPhone 5S’s
    1 LG G2
    1 GS5
    1 M8

    going to the G3 next week, then probably the iPhone 6 and maybe after the Note 4 and Nexus 6

    • jimt

      So you never actually buy a phone, just use it a couple of weeks and return it?

      • mcdonsco

        Sounds like it

    • mcdonsco

      While I really appreciate, and use, return policies likely far more than most – IMO its really unethical to do what you’re doing; kind of a slime ball used car salesman move.

      • Higher_Ground

        it’s like going to the ice cream store and eating a sample of every flavor – 2x

  • Am79

    I keep it for 2 yrs if it’s a great phone, otherwise, every year.

  • ROR1997

    Every 2 years, so I make it count. When I’m older I will do it more often, but as of now I’m 16

  • Collin Chapin

    I’m so happy I am not in the minority.

  • Xeeros

    Verizon Unlimited. So not very often. Still using a Galaxy Nexus. Do like a few phones this year though so maybe ill justify the $600 upgrade cost for a G3 or something.

  • Orion

    Keeping a phone for 1-2 years is how I do things.

  • djembeman

    It’s really, other. Whenever my phone acts like the innards are covered in molasses and I can’t get anything done on it. Off contract used is the new way for me to buy.

  • jb

    When my phone slows down.

  • Trevor

    I’m on the Nexus upgrade plan, with a hint of Moto if their offering(s) are enticing enough.

  • jimt

    When the next Nexus comes out, Cannot handle an Apple button so no Samsung, don’t care for metal so no HTC, would like a good camera so maybe no Moto we’ll see. The Nexus 5 is good if the Nexus 6 is better, I will have it and the 360 if it ever comes out.

  • BeejRich

    I voted whoever I like a new phone, but it really depends on my finances at the moment. I’ve been with my DROID MAXX since release day because even though I love the G3, I can’t give up this battery.

  • Suicide_Note

    I upgrade each year when the new Nexus comes out. Then I head to Swappa to sell the old Nexus to defray the cost of the new phone.

  • tiev

    Unlimited data. I buy when the phone I want comes out. At this point I’m waiting for the X+1.

    OG Droid -> Droid3 -> Droid4 -> $60 Moto G

  • When my device absolutely dies, currently still rocking the GNex with duct tape holding the back cover and bezel together. 2003 Toyota Camry pushing 230,000miles – GNex pushing 22,640hrs

    • Which will die first?

      • jimt

        It’s a race.

      • phily

        the gnex you cant kill a well maintained camry

        • jimt

          My gnex is as good as the day I bought it.

          • JD

            Likewise. No case and no screen protector either. It’s a solid device, even stock battery still lasts all day with 3.5 hr SoT. I want to upgrade but nothing feels like it’s much more than a sidegrade.

          • jimt

            I still use it even though it doesn’t connect to verizon any more. I use it on wifi. Works great for frostwire so no virus for windows.

          • Hoff16

            Droid Maxx is a hell of an upgrade if you’re on VZW. Moto X is a big upgrade if you’re on another carrier. The battery life plus the better radio are the most noticeable differences aside from OS Version.

          • Reficurg

            Seriously? My battery wouldn’t last more than 6 hours by the time I put that phone to rest. LG G2 best phone I’ve purchased.

          • Anthony

            I bought a replacement extended battery for my GNex in June for like $20 and it is as good as new. The phone works great and I haven’t had a compelling reason to upgrade. I almost bought a Moto X several times, but never did. Maybe the Moto X+1 will do it.

          • OMJ

            That bad huh?

          • jimt

            Cute. 🙂

    • MicroNix

      Hats off to you for actually using what you buy!

      The poll results explains why people here say build quality is based on materials in a phone. No one keeps them long enough to understand what build quality *really* means. Hint: Its not how good the phone feels in your hand!

      • So true peeps do not understand what build quality really is.

        • KMS_Alex

          But the gnex had horrible build quality, yours is falling apart literally! Just because your a financially smart guy doesn’t make it a better device xp.

          P. S. Nexus 5 owner myself.

          • guest

            or he could be financially “Stingy” guy..saying this based on a hint in his post..

          • KMS_Alex

            Well a good rule of thumb is if you don’t need to replace something, don’t.

        • Apparently you don’t either, since you own a GNex lol

      • Josh

        Well “Whenever I see a new phone I like” translates to 2-3 years for me. Of course, I still repurpose my old device (if it’s still working) as WiFi only devices for various purposes.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Why in the hell are you doing that to yourself? lol

    • CasperTFG

      Amen brother. Same here. My GNex SoC is dying.

      • Chyan

        2 years and ongoing. Battery life is paltry. SOC is lagging with PA 4.4.4. Ram usage isn’t at its best. It is time to retire this baby.

    • Razball

      I didnt know gnex owners still existed

      • ClickFire_

        Galaxy s2 owners still exist and they are rocking KitKat. That was actually one of Samsung’s best devices ever. I dropped that thing like 100 times and it never cracked and it never lagged either.

        • Razball

          Yea good point that was a solid device same with droid incredible. So remember that screen being so massive I couldn’t handle it.

        • They are only rocking KitKat if they are running a ROM. The last official update was in Jan 2013 to 4.1.2. Still a good update though.

      • Oh yeah we are still running strong, shoot there are still Droid X users, my pops is still rockin my old Droid X

        • Razball

          Don’t think I could do it. I was gonna wait to see what moto had to offer but for the first time ever I broke my g2 and it was not operable. So I got the g3.

          • jimt

            My OGDroid is still mint and works but I use a Nexus 5 now on Tmo.

      • CS

        Yes they do. I’m one of them.

    • j

      Still using mine too running 4.4.3! Physically it’s in perfect condition. The screen is nearly flawless and it’s never been covered. Slowing down for sure though, even after fresh resets and rom flashes i’ll get periods of significant slowdowns.
      until tomorrow. my G2 is on it’s way.

    • Kevin

      Need an option for D. When My Budget allows me to get a new Phone

      Some of us have to Budget and be wise with money

  • SeanPlunk

    Yearly. I had my Note 2 for 13 months and I’ve had my Dev. Edition Note 3 for 8 months. I’ll sell it and upgrade to a Dev. Edition Note 4 as soon as Samsung allows.

  • Tone

    Whenever I see a phone worth upgrading to. I’ve had the Note 3 since release and haven’t seen a phone that have been worth it (on Verizon).

  • Rodeojones000

    As needed. I don’t buy a new phone just to have the latest if my current one is meeting my needs (as is the case with my G2). At the same time, I won’t hesitate to spend full retail to get exactly what I want.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Upgrading to a new phone is an utter PITA I do it as little as possible: apps, app settings, phone settings, dialing it in, ugh. I, instead, opt to root and ROM and then tweak. So every 2 or so years for me. I am still on an SGS3. 2014 might be the year for something new. If not, I will just keep tweaking the SGS3.

  • nerdydesi

    I buy whenever I see a phone that I like. I just got a Verizon LG G3 to replace my Note 3 for only $465 on Swappa with a case and screen protector installed. Not bad at all and plus I can sell the Note 3. 🙂

  • landon

    I’m perfectly content with my galaxy s3. Will get a new phone when ever the snapdragon 805 phones start to roll out.

    • Mudokon83

      im sitting with my verizon S3, just waiting for something better to come out, waiting and waiting.

  • TeeJay1100

    Whenever a new Nexus device is released

    • Pootis Man

      I second that!

    • Menger40

      That would be awesome. I’m on the every-other Nexus schedule. 🙂

      • hoodieNation

        I’m on the Verizon sucks schedule 🙁

        • Amen

        • Nexus4Life

          I’m on the every time a vanilla device releases on Verizon, so 3 times.

        • Raven

          Yeah, I am on the whenever I really need a new phone and can find a good deal on one to buy so that I can keep my unlimited data plan. Current phone is the Moto X DE from the Cyber Monday deal last year.

      • starnovsky

        Same here. Nexus 4 is still running like new, see no point in buying Nexus 5.

        • malcmilli

          my battery life is kinda wiggity wack.

        • meijin3

          Same with me but I will be getting the 6.

        • ClickFire_

          Nexus 5 is the best Nexus yet IMO I think it was worth buying over the 4.

          • $/G/R !

            Nexus 5 isnt much of a improvement over nexus 4….My nexus 4 is running great….Hopefully they will include bigger battery in next nexus

          • I prefer the 4, it had a nicer feel in the hand, was easier to handle too I think.

          • Justin Kos

            I agree with you, I have the nexus 5 but I should have kept the 4. It only cost me 50 bucks in the end though oh well

          • It’s just a shame the N4 didn’t have euro 4G support. I might have kept it if it had.

        • JRomeo

          the Nexus5 doesnt heat up or warm up nearly as bad as the Nexus4 does with heavy screen usage, that is the only reason why i switched.

    • Slick Ranger Rick

      Galaxy Nexus still performing like a champ with 4.4.4 rom. Don’t see a reason to upgrade. Waiting for Moto X+1 or nexus.

      • CS

        Ram usage is awfully painful though.

  • Ryan Gullett

    My dad never upgrades his dumb phone (non-smartphone) and my mom gets a new iphone every 2-3 years. I get a new phone yearly but using their upgrades and lines. I switch the phone over to my unlimited line when it arrives. Contract price phone and I don’t lose my unlimited plan.

    I hope this never changes. Screw the new VZW throttle.

  • Whenever there’s a new sexy HTC device

  • David Foggia

    I don’t get how people are buying two or three flagship phones a year. How can you afford the contract plan and/or the unlocked phone.

    • Derek Duncan

      Easy. Buy the phone off contract new or from swappa and sell the old one. It actually doesn’t cost as much as you might think

      • David Foggia

        But how are blogs like droid life doing it? They aren’t selling their old phones….at least I don’t think

        • nabooska

          I would assume many units they receive are demo units sent to press

          • mcdonsco

            I bet a good deal of them are, but I know I’ve seen Kellen say many times he “bought” x phone…so, likely a mix.

          • Guest

            Tax write off. You get it all or atleast most of it back. Plus buying a 500-700 dollar phone here and there to stay current and keep getting clicks is worth it. Look how many people complain when they are a day late on stuff lol. Tech is fast paced and you have to stay up to date or get left behind.

        • evltwn

          It’s a tax write-off. DL is Kellens business.

    • emac

      Its simple.

      • Justin Kos

        Good call I’ll work on that one… Tomorrow

      • LOL. This comment is so douchey but I love it.

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

    • mcdonsco

      As Derek said, its not nearly as expensive as you might think and I actually use to MAKE MONEY doing it.

      Before Verizon killed off unlimited data contracts I had 5 unlimited lines, me, wife, mom and wife and I both had data cards in our laptops and both my mom and wife didn’t like getting new phones as they considered it a hassle and of course no need to upgrade the data cards. At that time I MADE MONEY every time I upgraded which was around every 5 months; sell the off contract 5 month old flagship for $500+, buy the new one for $150-$200.

      Divorced now, mom has her own account now too and with the reliability of hotspots these days and ability to use it while on the phone, no more need for data card. So I’m down to just one UD account.

      I usually never have a phone longer than 2-3 months tops. I’ve only recently started buying them on eBay and Swappa though (always sold them there though); but now that I do, I can usually sell a phone for the same as it costs me to buy another one and I only buy them new. I am however patient and only buy when its a deal, but I’m always looking too, hence I find them.

      Really, if I worked hard enough at it, I think I could probably make money doing it, but I have better things to do with my time then make $50 here or there on phones.

    • chris125

      Buy and sell. If you keep the phone in good shape you can do it and when you sell it back to buy a new phone it is like getting it at upgrade price.

      • Justin Kos

        Exactly what I do, upgrades are usually free or less than 100 I do it yearly… I just love trying new devices

    • ClickFire_

      Who said they are buying them? I traded with people on Craigslist a lot last year got to try out every major flagship.

  • Warwick

    Once a year. Only phone that didn’t get changed yearly was the OG Droid.

  • Al-Burrit0

    I’m under contract, but my plan is to be contract free once this one is over!

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I stick with a phone till it no longer does what I need it to do. Hence, I’m still on a Gnex.

  • Alex Boro

    I sell my phones and get new ones for around the same price which is another reason why I stick to the Nexus line of phones.

    • NexusPhan

      Nexus phones hold their value so well. I kept my Nexus 5 in perfect condition. Bought it new for $349 + shipping. Sold it for $335 – $7 to ship. Rocking a G2 now on CM11. What an amazing phone this has been since I got it a couple weeks ago. I’ve done three days between charges on busy work days (light use days). Blazing fast. Great developer support. My only complaint is that my mom’s $180 Moto G LTE has a waaaaaay better signal, particularly T-Mobile indoors. Her phone will be pulling 80 Mpbs down on LTE and I’ll be on two bars HSPA. I should have stuck to my promise of only Moto phones.

  • Still got unlimited on Verizon. But I still got to wait two years to use wife’s line for the upgrade. I bought a custom moto x so probably won’t get much on swappa for it.

  • duoexo

    The G2 might be the last phone ill have with Verizon. The throttling. The cost. The crummy phones and updates. If i purchase a new phone itll be elsewhere.

    • Mofobles

      I just made the switch to T-Mobile for that exact reason. Was with Verizon for ~20 years.

      • jimt

        Good move.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          I’m thinking about doing the same in a Month. I’m gonna give their test drive a try first to see if their coverage has improved any since last may

          • jimt

            I am in Santa Clara, CA and Tmo is faster, and cheaper, I have a Nexus 5. I hope you are somewhere where it will work for you. I am willing to not have data 1% of the time while traveling to save $1000 a year, I have 3 lines.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah it will just be me on the plan but I hope it works too because I want the next nexus and I’ve given up hope on Verizon not just because of that because of their shady business practices as well.

          • Good logic. That’s what I’m thinking in NYC.

          • Eric R.

            You’ll be stuck using an iPhone for a week, unless it sucks right away.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Ahh I’ve had to put up with worse things in life haha. I’m thinking about jumping when the nexus 6 comes out if the coverage is decent. Probably gonna do the $30 prepaid, but I’m not sure yet.

      • AaronS

        Same here. Apparently there are a lot of us.

        • jonzey231

          Been with T Mobile since last September and haven’t looked back since.

          • hoodieNation

            I’m very jealous of people that actually get service with T-Mobile. They’re just flat out horrible at my house.

          • LiterofCola

            The service is horrible, some people are in denial.

      • nosedive94

        I wish I could jump to TMobile, but I’m on my company’s corporate plan with 60GB of LTE, and I don’t have to pay for it.

        • You don’t have to pay for mobile phone service. Just stop right there. Enjoy your perks man. Looking over the other side of the fence is pointless.

          • picaso86

            I understand Verizon has the best coverage in America however, LTE speeds around my work area and home are just bad. I am rocking the G2 so there’s no performance issues there. My friend has a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and his speeds are ridiculous. Even though I have unlimited data and pay $80 a month (tax included) I might switch to T-Mobile…. : /

          • I don’t have those issues but if I did, I’d be switching too. Still waiting a month after October to assess the throttling impact.

          • picaso86

            That also has me really upset. The fact that I don’t use a lot of data (compared to some of the people here) my average is a little over 6GB a month. the throttle is just BS…

          • Taylor Abrahamson

            That was what was happening with me! I had a verizon unlimited data plan, and yes when I was seriously in the middle of no where I could get service, but when I was at work, in town or god forbid I went into downtown seattle, the data speeds were SO SLOW. I’m talking I could hardly load google.com. So I jumped to T-Mobile and grabbed the Nexus 5! I love device freedom. I can order and use any device I want from anywhere in the world and just slap my T-mobile sim card in. I hated being trapped on verizon only phones!!!

      • Been with them since the 90’s. Before EVDO and before they were Verizon. Bell Atlantic Mobile baby! I throw it in their face whenever they try to get smart with me.

        • Eric R.

          Were you able to get your monthly bill lowered?

    • LiterofCola

      lol @ crummy phones

    • Josh

      The “network optimization” throttling part ocurs with all carriers (including unlimited users). Everything else, yeah Verizon is pretty much the worst when it comes to those.

  • I chose “Whenever I see a new phone I like” even though I tend to upgrade yearly but without upgrades from other lines. I feel like “Whenever I see a new phone I like” implies that I purchase almost every flagship.

    • JD

      I felt like it represented your later sentence too. However, I still chose it even though I am holding out for something beyond my 2 year contract that looks like more than a simple sidegrade.

  • EL Big CHRIS

    I usually like to upgrade thru costco, but I also sell my old phones and by new ones with that cash. Keeping that unlimited data for as long as can

    • jimt

      Costco was good but they only do contracts. They don’t sell a phone at full bore.

  • BassDrive

    Yearly since I copped a Nexus 4 for the first time. When and if the Nexus program ends then I’m SOL…

  • Eric G Canoy

    still looking to upgrade and keep my unlimited plan, DAMN YOU VERIZON

    • El Big CHRIS

      Try doing it thru costco. Theyre awesome, Ive done 4 times now, and they havent given me trouble. Best Buy did it once, but now theyre all scared to do it.

      • Eric G Canoy

        how would i do it through costco?

        • El Big CHRIS

          You need to have a nonsmart phone line to transfer the upgrade from your unlimited data. If you dont, get an old IME # from like a razr or a flip phone, call verizon to add a line for $10 to your plan. Wait a day, go to costco, ask them nicely to do the alternate upgrade, once it’s finished, call verizon to cancel the extra line. I kept mine because i have 4 lines with unlimited, so i’ve been using this trick for about 1.5 yrs.

      • jimt

        Costco is cheaper than Verizon for the phone, you only pay tax on the price you pay for the phone. At verizon you pay tax on the full price of the phone. Costco also gives you extras like car charger and a couple of carriers and screen protectors.